deb snow falling just
chills my soul and buries
my dull heart
muffling its beating
purple toes peer forth
while hollow eyes look heavenward
to orange sky and empty glares
of streetlights
and suddenly i realize
this is my life
koti when you turned away from me, when your lips were frozen and your eyes lowered, unable to look at me the way they used to..
when i could no longer come to you and give you kisses. when i had to walk away and forget it all.
vicious bad
nameless dead
sweets bews At times sadness is just what I need; for to be happy all the time is like eating sugar without ceasing. Eventually you will crave for some salt or something sour or even bitter. Kahlil Gibran said that your joy and sorrow comes from the same well. And only when you are empty are you at a standstill. 000212
SomeoneElse Seasonal Adjustment Disorder.
When will summer come..?
daxle I get confused a lot about when I am mad and when I am sad
hurt is a good combination
lisa_is_bionic I can't imagine feeling any other way. 000526
Tank i feel this way because i failed to make you laugh. because i love you and the devil stops me from telling you. because i am afraid there will be no more... 000702
amy i had a boyfriend once, and he said that Portishead reminded him a lot of me. (we were apart at the time) Portishead is very sad. I resented that, but I tried to see how it could be true. I think it is true, sometimes, for long periods of time.
I like Cat Stevens, Tea for the Tillerman, instead.
miniver But, it works, I guess, so far. Psychological painkillers, that is. Or, I could be taking it for granted that people look at my personality and think of it as being functional.

Besides, I'm not actually on any real, medical antidepressants. That says something, right?

I don't even really believe in taking painkillers! Like Tylenol or Aspirin. I think the whole idea is a little scary. Although, I do still use Midol once in a while. I am weak. Menstrual cramps suck.
purple lady Will it always be this difficult?
Perhaps . ..
But last night, in darkness, I felt the despair
Total despair of an empty life
What have I got to live for?
This whole existence is an act
And the actress is tired
The face-paint is smeared with tears
The colours have faded
The audience no-longer applaud
The house is empty and the production is closing
The curtain falls
And I fall with it
snakeyes i'm sad & nothing works anymore
writing this just made me sadder
jackie boyfriends ...arent they suppose to make you happy? if so why do they make me so sad:( 001228
rlzp I'm gonna go with what Jackie said 010331
the one I want to shut the whole world out and pretend that im not real. i wish i could escape. i wish i was different And that i didnt feel the way i do about so many things. Im sad because Im alone again and I have no agression towards him, all i want is for him to come back. Im sad because it wasnt a breakup it was a forced seperation. all the way across the country and here i sit, wondering if i should just forget the way he made me feel, just forget the way we were. I miss him. I miss me. The old me, that wasnt so lost. 010822
lost you know the one you sound like someone i know. whats your first given name? 010823
Fairy Juice My mind groans with secrets
All my little wars marching though the furniture.
All my wounded thoughts
excitable butterflies
Angry smiles
litter my bedroom floor
like coprses on a bomb-swept battlefield.
Folding all of my heartaches into the shape of a bird,
I tear off the wing to use as a bookmark... The Papercut dissection of sadness...

I realise now,
I'll spend forever like this.
I've taken a running jusmp and dived into the rainbow of ecstacy.
I'm floating in a lake of the purest form of heaven.
And yet,
I wont let myself be submerged.
I can't tear myself away from this devine beauty which i call sadness.
I live for beauty.
And if BEAUTY is sadness where am i left?
So i guess this is it.
I still percieve
tears rolling down my cheeks-
sodden like a blur of troubled rain-
as being...
how i want to be.
Im still
by my own toughts,
but i know
that what will always fill this shattering heart,
is the deepest, darkest shade of my passion...
for Life. xXxxxXx
lovechild the darkness opens itself up to accept you under its wing. 011224
taya i could write the book on sadness. sadness is a lot of things. i think mostly, being sad is not trusting. not trusting anthing or anyone in your life to be honest or good or right or true.
being sad is watching things you hate happen daily and never doing anything about it. sadness isn't being weak, its just giving up; giving in. i'm sad. i'm broken. i've given up everything. and got nothing in return
blown cherry I hate being sad.
Being sad entails a sense of helplessness, and that's worse than almost anything.
At least when I'm angry I feel powerful.

Just as well I'm not sad right now
thanks Softly spoken
The old folks home, where my great grandma died.
Sailor Jupiter Tonight I am just feeling sorry for myself and sad. I apologize. 020706
Micah J. L. the missing of love is the saddest of all...
when one feels alone, remembering the feeling of my love, and having it no more...
I am sad
blaber mouth Sad like the time when you first fall down on your first walk sad like your first cruch sad like your first love sad like your heart before death 020709
Kate I nod my head and read the screen and it's incidents like these that make me want to monitor my every move to make sure of it's acceptedness. I'd hate to watch a video of myself. I can picture you in my head imputed from the wires in my screen and I can see you laughing, smirking. But why does your opinion matter, I ask myself this question. I force a smile and put on my running shoes because it's time for practice with Coach and the girls, who I haven't seen all summer. I'm anticipatorily nervous and sad. I feel like watching my back. 020710
eddie monster maybe it's my problem
one less, god bless
might just be a feeling
messed up, placed on hold
can't find any resolve
flipping out, face the facts
sad excuse
it figures
daj sad is like life...always there but not always a covered emotion of living. other times it is the cover, the sheet thrown over you to protect you, or to detatch you from others, or to distinguish the differences between your experiences and others, between you and others. 020831
we put bootsie to sleep
we KILLED him
my baby
im sad

i feel hurting
inside me
it's heavy

i want to cry and die
and take it back

but we had to
did we?
did we?
question myself over and over
if we had to
why does it feel so wrong

he was sleeping upstairs on the bed
my dad brought him down
put him in the cage
his big yellow eyes looking at me
what have i done
im sorry bootsie

i opened the door and my dad left
and bootsie left forever

i used to come down at night and cuddle with him
id smooth my face into his soft fur
and he would purr and lick my fingers
he'd stretch and i'd rub his tummy

i couldn't even go with him
i couldn't pet him goodbye
i couldn't sit with him when he died

im sad
eddie im sad 021229
Strideo im sad
Strideo well actually im bored and sleep deprived
me "what are you goin' here for?"
"because I'm sad."
ferret sad, does that word have any real meaning anymore? i could just as easily LIE and say that i was sad, i can fake tears, i hear that good actors can too. isn't that what we all are anyway? actors? little puppets on strings? DON'T PULL TOO TIGHT OR YOU MIGHT BREAK ONE!!!!! sitting here thinking of my relationship with god, is that supposed to make you feel sad and empty? needing more? i don't know, maybe this whole thing is all a dream, i wish i could close my eyes and feel. for the first time.

francois sadness has its own beautie. it makes you feel weak in a smooth way. it blows your weak body up till it breaks out in an shattering scream. hate, fear and an shaddow surounding you all the time. 030320
..kyle.. stale_doritos make me sad...

not as sad as other things, but pretty darn sad.
unhinged how am i supposed to leave them?
god how am i supposed....
wednesday sad is the slow, tear that slips, so softly down my cheek when i think about good times, for me it is true to say that good times make the bad seem more real,looming over head, waiting patiently for your gaurd to be withdrawn, and when it is, the sadness will come. 030517
a thimble in time depression 030623
Mom of teenagers Children who were friends
Loom tall
And act like strangers.
I miss these friends who were
my children.
Will they return when
they having finished pulling away
just to show they can?
Look down on Mom
But my love is taller than you,,
realize when i try to tell you how i feel and you tell me to get the fuck out of your house..... 031030
Mahayana *hugs realize*
Dont give up on expressing your feelings, they have great importance, no matter others poor reactions.
sad one I have everything but yet nothing at all
From the outside things always look much more pretty.
My life.... is perfect.....right?
I should win an oscar for the way I can make everything look so perfect.
Most people are jealous of me...
there is no need to be.
I have so much but I have nothing at all.
My wedding ring 1.65 cts.(solitare)
A huge house for just me and my husband.
One room with nothing but my clothes.
Hell, I even have breast implants.
But none of it matters.
My husband doesn't even see me.
Sometimes I swear he looks right though me.
I was just a prize to be won and later forgetten.
Sadness surrounds me.
I pray for a release that will never come.........
******** i'm tired of feeling this way
i just want to be normal for a while
or maybe not be here at all
this is my life
theres no end to it
just tears that will go on forever
it never gets better and it won't go away
i don't even know whats wrong with me
was i always this way?
i can't even remember being truly happy
so i guess i never was
passed I am sad that you died, my love. I am sad that I am not with you. I am sad that you were right when you told me that you would die before me. I am sad that I have a life with only your memory. I am sad knowing that there is a virus called HIV that will kill me too,like you, but I will no longer be sad when once again I am with you. but for now, I remain sad, sad, sad... 040106
hy so empty and grey
more than wondering why,
i wonder
if i will pull out of it in time.

it would be a good day to sleep, but
all my comforters are
cast aside, too stifling
for most moments.

right now,
i could really use one.

too listless
to resent that fact.

i'll indulge it until i need to throw myself into high gear, and then i'll hope for the best.
love & hate Sadness surrounds me,
day in, day out.
When i had you, sadness surrounded both of us and it wasn't so bad.
Now the tears keep flowing, without ever giving me a break.
I could break out if i wanted to,
i could break this continuous cycle,
but i made a promise,
a promise that is so hard to keep,
so hard to keep without you being mine,
without your love,
without your hate,
nothing, nothing at all,
i want to break it,
i want to slash it,
i want to cut it,
i want to bleed,
i want to see the darkness,
the darkness that death brings,
the darkness that comes from both of us,
the darkness that will surely come,
but when? when will it come?
without you, it is now.
yo LSD PCP 040426
kookaburra im not sad!!!
im overjoyed with a cruel twist of fate...
EbilSporkMonkey I don't remember a time I wasn't sad I don't remember a time I wasn't lonely I don't remember a time I wasn't awake 040430
arisu That feeling of emptiness... like when you're a kid and you accidentally let go of your balloon string, so it floats away.
I'm sad...
noname Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
Life is but an empty dream!
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
and things are not what they seem.
Life is real! Life is earnest!
And the grave is not its goal;
Dust thou art; to dust returnest,
Was not spoken of the soul.
just me its all ive been as far
back as i can remember and
the world just worsens it
and keeps me blathering incessantly
at 3 in the morning
SA Friends who are to busy...
A hard day at work...
Not seeing my boyfriend all week...
My best friend who nevr calls...
She is too busy...
She will never read Fuck You...
I have done so much for you. i call you and sorry call me back..sorry call me back..sorry call me back...
SA Friends who are to busy...
A hard day at work...
Not seeing my boyfriend all week...
My best friend who never calls...
She is too busy...
She will never read Fuck You...
I have done so much for you. i call you and sorry call me back..sorry call me back..sorry call me back...
clementine i don't know why i am blue today. sometimes that just happens huh? i miss him alot. and then he was too busy. i miss sarah. i miss my mom. i miss my brothers. i miss being out of the city. i miss simpler things. i miss school out for the summer. i miss carefree days. i miss no bills to pay. i miss getting high. i miss the zoo. i miss my friends being happy. when i didn't have to take care of everyone. when i could be the one to break sometimes. i miss the sunshine and not computer screens. "you're mean"
"you already knew that about me"
that doesn't make me feel any better. i just want to go to sleep.
and maybe tomorrow i will go to the zoo and see the polar bears.
mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm 040824
Chrity I am sad - my dad is dead. The man who killed him will not be held responsible - the jury acquitted him. there is no justice in this life. 041217
Saddled Crooks this is what i am on sundays when i wake up
i was up till 3:30 i called you too late? i'm sorry....
i just wanted to hear
your voice.
i miss you oh so much and you mean oh so much
to me
is that a crime?
stray i run alot. some might even call mea runner. i was on a college team once, but i quit because i didn't like th teams attitude anymore. anyway, i've been so long, and its done something peculiar to me. i can't feel emotions anymore. well, i can, but i never know what i'm feeling. my emotions are calloused too. thanks to running. becaus ei have to be able to shove all the pain, misery, and suffering back and away when i run, i can't let it out, and it just sort of ran over into my everyday life. so i shove everything back wihtout letting it out by habit. but i cant tell what i'm feeling anymore. and it makes life very very difficult indeed. 050207
Lex I was nosing around the other day and I found my dead brother's birth certificate. And then I saw his little foot prints and I began to cry. I never met him. He died the day he was born. It hurts to know he could've been here right now and it hurts to know my parents once felt such great pain. I think they still do. 050320
*Amy* I`m sad 050320
dandy why? 050320
dandy how?
anything we can do?
dandy Did it pass right through you, in an out like breath? Feelings pass. It rachets stress to try to make restless gypsy feelings stay. A few settle, a few return but none are permanent as breath. 050320
dandy about Nick? That's tough. The body has memory of arms around you. Other arms will come. Different but the sadness will change. 050320
*Amy* it`s not nick, I`ve left him...I don`t know how to put my feelings in words, it`s difficult to me, that`s one of the reason blather is so important to me, here I can found words that reflects myself, it`s like a breathe after being a long time under the water 050321
? maybe paint a picture then? 070907
no reason i no longer have anything tangible from when i was younger
things just gradually got lost, i guess, or thrown out
no reason losing the possibility 080107
Gus Ball-licking cunt-whore jesus! 080108
auburn It doesn't matter who you are, or where you are. Or when.

It's just a feeling that blankets you.

Sometimes, if it's been on you for long enough, the blanket can feel like home--almost warm.

But right now. I don't feel at home.

I feel sad. Like a blanket of ice is demanding my attention--of the sadness in my toes, and my ankles, my knees, hips, curves, and shoulders.

My thoughts are stone-cold. And my vision obscured by the sad look in my eyes.
no reason yeah. more than anything else, i guess.

i am. and it is.
no reason i really want to cry but i really really don't want to waste tears on you 081006
no reason we just resent in silence
i wouldn't be surprised if it eventually led to estrangement
no reason that i blather so much on this page 090318
no reason i really want to go but i really don't want to spend time with you 090318
no reason about natasha richardson
ungreat I'm sad because I finally think I really know what I want to do with my life. I'm sad because I'll never have the money. Because I have all the potential and I've squandered it all. Because she's still jealous. Because I can't say what I think. Because I have this really great thing and sometimes every one makes me think I shouldn't have nice things. I have nice simple things and sometimes they make me sad but I just Dont show it, because overreacting is a choice not a disease. I'm sad because she thinks I'm defective, and can't see past it-that I'm ok. I'm sad because I have the rest of my life and it only ever feels like now. Like I'm drowning or in the desert. 090528
unhinged home
all alone
blown cherry 7 or so years since I've blathed on here.

I keep thinking of things that made me unhappy to be with you, but it doesn't in the least bit lessen how sad I am that we are apart.

I just want to fix what's broken inside of me so I can be what you deserve to have.

I feel so low inside today.
hsg still
go by that i don't think about her...

loves come and go buthisunothe same..

must. shine. on.

i'm trying.. i am. i justillove you.
no reason it's like losing oxygen 100312
no reason i can't concentrate on anything i'm supposed to and i'm getting worse at putting on a happy/normal front 100608
no reason how can i be sad about something i never even had or expected to have?
i guess hope is a different story
what's it to you?
who go