me There is no such thing the American dreams has lead us astray and made people believe that they can achieve more then their station in life. Baby growing up to believe that they matter are will become something more then the clerk at a 24 hour 7/11. Along with pop culture which is telling us that we most conform or be forgottenwhat are we, nothing more then a mindless mass of disorganized drones to be set in motion driving this economy and government forward? Please just abandon all hope at the door like the rest of us. 030109
di luce Just the thought - as far fetched as it may be - of some other guy in her arms is enough to drive me mad. My body seethes with powerful envy and subtle rage with the picture of another's hand in hers. Her eyes wandering lovingly to his, instead of mine. I'm just plain old brown. So much to control. So much to control. 030206
Isaac a bitter question with no answer. a light in the eyes that's beautiful to behold and impossible to hold. a long dark alley with God and a club at the end. endless, unknowing, unknowable, painful, deceitful, useless; death is at the end of every single one. 031103
nom frozen pendulum
copper wire
moist habitat
User24 not yet achieved, but capable of reaching fulfillment; a hidden power, talent or skill waiting to be unmasked, either through necessity or will
Toxic_Kisses I use to hate this word, ppl used it on me to often and now I miss this word dearly, I wish some one would say I have some sort of potential to me and truly mean it 040116
kat you and me, we have potential. its just totally buried behind the bad stuff...you just broke up with my room mate. 040512
nonlucid Sometimes when people argue about abortion, it becomes a mindless debate on when-does-life-really begin, moving onto whether one side'd allow contraception because that's taking away potential kiddies, and if that's bad, then what about all those bajillions of sperm out there who'll never have a chance to be a kid? Unfair to them?

(and then, tangentially, there's the issue of control, we gotta have kiddies to grow up and fit into the consumer machine to take care of the old people, but we don't want overpopulation, and can't force anyone to do anything, so we have programs and suggestions and stuff and bonuses)

Then you could think, maybe if you live in the US and have a kid there, maybe it's unfair because you're taking away the potential to maybe have better "culture" by living in Europe, or maybe said kid would be happier living on a farm and you're depriving the world of every single thing that could happen, all the infinite possible futures that'll never happen

But, see, if you like the multiple universes theory, it doesn't /matter what you choose, because somewhere else "you" did the right thing (or wrong thing) so somewhere it happened that way and this is just one of the choices, everything exists in the universe

But that's depressing because it means what I do doesn't matter and maybe I should just kill myself so another me doesn't - and anyway, there's another one out there who never thought of that and is perfectly well-balanced and happy and brilliant...

Does it matter?
Syrope ...and I said, "The thing is, Joe, we never do fly off to Rome on a moment's notice."

And the kitchen floor?

[sadly] Not once. It's this very cold, hard Mexican ceramic tile.
gt I'm brick-chafing the fuck out of my potential
fuck out
unhinged waste 090325
unhinged i know who i really am

my smell is in his nose
that's who i really am
jio jio 100215
what's it to you?
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