bane sperm is like a fucked up troupe of perverse sea monkeys. 000122
dzd&cnfzd i am constantly made and too often released, with the aid of some pics and some good elbow grease. but when i am needed i swim fast and strong, for theres no second place in this race hard and long. my goal and my prize is that feminine egg that i must fertilize - if i dont- i'm just smeg. now everyone reading this quaint little rhyme was at one stage a sperm for a short space of time, and though only the fastest and strongest survive, i'm amazed at some people who made it alive! 030609
the laughing ascetic two sperm cells swimming along with the rest, one looks at the other after a while and says, "Damn, i'm tired, how long til we reach the uterus?"

the other sperm cell laughs and says "Uterus? hell, we're not even past the esophagus yet."
niska hahaha! i like that one... 030609
the boy in the hallway better sperm than perm 030629
not hippodrome cartography smells like a cat. flaming swine swim through colored doors of tar. my vagina swells with pride and a sofa i found by the roadside. fleas dance with thumbtacks in a soup made from chairs. it tastes like oxygen. sweet from her arm, and wet from his onions, they collide like bats singing the praises of triagular bedframes underwater. masturbating springs of wealth erupt with combs. 040208
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