User24 The concept of wealth is interesting to me, what exactly is it? is it limited simply to money, or does it include power, both perceived and real? can one be 'emotionally wealthy'? 040316
HelpSmilesGrow wealth is an ATTITUDE. it is the earnest intentional pushing of the karmic wheel without any attachment to the results yet knowing full well "it goes around". wealth then is "wheel^th".

wealth is courage to understand Flow by giving what little bit you THINK you have (sometimes left) of that very thing you think you need the most. this is essential to Flow.
weird dickheads nothing is worth anything if you don't share it (that includes energy), your not going to take it to your grave are you ?

your unhappiness is the struggle between being to being not the fact that you don't have the latest Nintendo.

are you blind ?

does anyone have a choise ?
only if we make it work together we do.

spend your last cent on a Prada handbang, it is very unlikely that somone might love you more for it. what a despirtate way to try to make someone like you !
what's it to you?
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