brian excuse me
i apologize
he likes your attitude
he tries it on for size
he spends the afternoon
between your thighs
how's that for gratitude
i apologize
Joana It seemed to last for hours...
It seemed to last for days...
This lady of the flowers...
And her hypnotic gaze...
bren person-of attitude
persona-of myself
personal-to me
in my own minds personel office
troy "Snap!-Snap!-Snap!"
-You GO Girl!!!
troy [Well; -someone *had* to say it!]... 991220
amy a belief in complete fortuitousness in life leads invariably to a depression of the self. 000112
eclecticsynesthesia free cookies do nothing to soothe the soul
if the soul wants not to be soothed
it seeks the sour or just the bittersweet
phil Excuse me I apologize
She's got vacuum cleaner eyes
Suck you in
She's got magazines filled with pear pies
Excuse me I apologize
daxle you got some fuckin attitude
i can't believe what yer sayin to me
daxle Inside your feeble brain there's probably a whore
If you don't shut your mouth you're gonna feel the floor
god yup. 040915
absoloot attitude
a mask of oblivion
a kill of sentiment
break it up
so i break
like bread crumps
and swept underneath
far from the blood that you draw
amy in need of weed cbd or the indigenous the key to getting out of here:

make a new friend.

first assumption: new friend will not want me to be far so i need to lose 30 pounds first.

first step: exercise looks like i can join a gym

(joins gym)

goes to gym: bad music iron and too many tv screens

god i hate the gym!

(never goes to the gym again)

(starts running)

i do like running. i'm kind of good at it. sure i'm a little more injured than i used to be but it's fine.

(continues running wow this is going well)

(the neighborhood sets in)

the people in the neighborhood, i hear from the ethers, don't want me running there because i don't exactly pay property taxes. it's true. my mom won't accept my rent check. some belief in saving for retirement.

(i think i might die before retirement something about these thirty pounds)

ok i'm not running anymore. i think they probably would scare up some story about cat people who won't get a dog and make everybody feel better about everything. you can't beat them. to them, it's a dog eat dog world and they need one supergroup rushing another supergroup to avoid their hatred of a woman, now talking a walk, ontheir tax dollars in a street (sorry we're too scrappy here for sidewalks) without a dog to accompany her.

ok. now it turns out these people who support the gyms? they see no point in supporting the libraries. they are not seeing their tax dollars at work. when i go to the library it's all about the murder mysteries and keeping everything else on the downlow. I think the libraries are sending their regrets patriot act won't allow them to buy good books.

so it turns out that people can't picture what they are reading they can't build the scene anymore. it seems silicon valley started building the scenes for money. '

these people are thieves!

except they are not the Wisconsin style theif where there's an intruder in your house in the middle of the night and you have literally no choice but to shoot them

they have bled you dry. what was easily yours is there's keep paying them maybe you'll get it back! they have kids! maybe you can get the kids on board with understanding their parents robbed you of your happiness!

you evangelizer.... and jezebel as well. you are not going to win over anybody's kids. video games rule. some day they will get paid for building something.

walking down the street as a woman wondering what can happen next is complete nonsense.

anyway i send you my regrets about the thirty pounds.

i MIGHT be able to get on a zoom call and neglect to mention at the first moment how very sorry i am for being crazy.

i guess the next central question is therapy. is online therapy a better bet than in person therapy? has anybody tried? what's your luck? i had two miracle in person therapists show up to my area but then the one is associated with an untrustable shrink office and the other grows marijuana both probably bad bets but reasonable it's just you don't want set your heart on either one exactly. you might lose your soul or something. i still might go with either one. anybody here try any kind of online therapy? this might seem ironic but i am quite serious. thank you because it seems like you would know. sorry for being rude or even rudhyar he's too brahma for me (as well)
unhinged 'don't give me your attitude'

'you are so naieve'
what's it to you?
who go