unhinged a typically conservative midwestern state with a couple pockets of liberalness; constrained liberalness.

contrary to popular belief, midwestern people are not nice. they are narrow_minded and bigoted and selfish and mean. especially and at least the upper middle class to upper class white population.

i was standing outside the movie theater with my roommate smoking a cigarette and a guy walked up to us asking for directions and some money for the bus. he asked us why everyone on the eastside of milwaukee was so mean. he just moved here from michigan. i couldn't tell him and i often wonder that same thing myself.

outside the major cities you have a bunch of redneck farmers. you might have heard of the mung asian guy from minnesota who was on trial for killing a bunch of white guys near their home. the mung guy was up in one of their hideaways hunting and they surrounded him so he started shooting. he killed a lot of people but i have a feeling that he was cornered and scared and did what almost anyone would have done. he ended up in jail for a long time because the poor guy didn't know it was private property and got threatened by a bunch of thugs and was just defending himself. i don't think he spoke much english either.

people up north actually fuck dead deer. (like seriously...what the fuck....i haven't been laid in eight months and i would still not contemplate fucking an animal let alone a dead animal. where do these people come from?)

the lake literally smells like shit in the summer and you can't swim in it because the dumbass city does not have separate storm and waste sewers so everyone's shit goes directly into lake michigan. (which from what i've read is an over simplification and it's not quite that bad but people here make fun of cleveland....at least we have separate shit sewers in cleveland)

the weather sucks. the winters are unbearably long and cold and the summers are unbearably hot and humid.

in general, wisconsin sucks. i_hate_wisconsin. but i make too much money here. damn materialist capitalist grumble grumble bullshit assholes.
? it's a bit too much to read, can you simplify that ? 070620
unhinged no, i can't simplify why i hate wisconsin. there are many complicated reasons as to why i hate wisconsin. 070620
unhinged still sucks

even worse now since the tea party douchebags and capitalist conservative billionaires have taken over

i need a new place
Bubba Down here in the Deep South we keep Our Fornicatin' constrained to Siblings, Cousins and Domesticated Live Stock. Dead Deer! DAMN! You're a bunch O' Sick Puppies! 120813
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