hyena someone's got to be the dark half.

someone's got to throw
whatever it is
into sharp relief.

i guess i've been here all along,
but i wonder why i always get
demonized for my nature.

i'll always be here.
i'll just take a day off once in a while
and be nothing.
Just a thought being contrary, creates conflict, considering the connotation. 040908
sab in a cage
of barbed wire
Gabriel just for the heck of it, mostly. 061212
no reason my contrary moods are accompanied by a bit of spunk
which makes it all more fun
yeah. i mean spirit. gumption. feistiness. 090522
In_Bloom I said no when I wanted to say yes
You said okay when you wanted to call me a liar
At least we agreed on tomorrow which this morning, became today

You say you are developing a conscious
I say I believe you
Time and words halt as we lean forward for a few seconds of staredown
We're both such bad liars

Contrary is yet another level of doing wrong with no rulebook, no right way
In_Bloom I do mean conscious and not conscience
Conscience cleared the blast area months ago
what's it to you?
who go