no reason this word is fun to say
it should mean something better than it does
myriadmoods Moods are to me many things, at times my moods have caused me to want to die, and at times my moods have saved me from hurting others, including myself. My moods are myriad, meaning they are never the same, always changing like the weather, and times.Although my moods are called an illness, sometimes i consider them a gift, because i feel more than most people, and that makes me happy knowing i care for things other people don't care about, or maybe have even thought about.rapid mood swings are both brilliant and morbid at many levels, but i wouldn't know what to do if i had no moods, as they are me, myriadmoods. 040112
Joe P here i am 040423
Joe P Just thought, You sound very self interested. More than most. 040423
blythe mood swings are meant to pass; like all things, they are but ephemeral states of being. everything comes and goes, except this feeling of loneliness that remains, that frosts my soul.

it's not fair of me to feel lonely and at the same time desire solitude: it was MY choice not to go out today. and if i had gone out, i would have had company. i have good friends.

but that's not what i'm lonely for. lonelily looking for someone to hold, someone i can share everything with, someone i can be alone with. someone who's there even when they're not around.

hell i don't even know what i'm looking for. i've hardly got the freedom to pick, but i wouldn't take a girlfriend unless she was really clever, funny, musical, poetic, artistic, and an insomniac. in fact, i could scrap all those things if she was just able to communicate at my level. a lot of people are daunted by me because i'm clever, and even of my friends there are few i can tell all my thoughts to and expect them to understand.

just looking for a connection, something real.

it's a lot to ask, but i ask it only because i can give it.

and i don't think i'll ever find it...

no, nevermind, i have nothing to say.
myriadmoods the moods are Gods gift to the bored , those who have to put up with the moods are Gods gift to the moody person, moods will be the death of me and my friends and family will sigh deeply when i am gone. None can ever say i wasn't entertaining and a complete fool, but how drab my life and theirs would be. moods disorders are just a gift from Jesus, he wraps all moods into the warmth of his sacred Heart. 050323
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