sphinxradio i don't mean to be!
and neither should you, not on purpose, be so negative.
we can't seem to stop thinking about death.
it's sad.
it keeps us from living our lives.
Haley I try not to be, too. But sometimes it is hard.
I dont want to be one of those people though. Who sees things in a dim light, or a pessamistic haze... or whatever. I just want to be happy. Doesnt everybody?
elsa I WANT to be morbid. but at the same time i dont. I like the idea of being depressed, but then i also like the idea of being happy all the time. that is what sucks, i never know what the hell i want ... or if i even want what i think i want. 021025
Haley I think I know what you mean. Sometimes I want to be depressed just so I can feel something. But, after all things are considered, I really envy those who seem to lighten up a room and who laugh at everything. 021112
knot meat what's the point of health if it prolongs an unhappy life? 030623
x YOU 030623
ashmanzhou so dead so hated so fallen my dreams
my feelings lost to silence suffocating
i dont know if we all live now
but give me a moment to die for us all
well live well dream well meander down to death
but i think its a waste
why live
in this cold dark place when deaths oblivion be so near?
thats bloody hard you know. so I live for feelings
I live to dream
silence in this oblivion;
a waste.

so my hated moment be near
fallen dreams lost to death
my suffocating dead so cold .
but give me a place
my deaths to meander
down dark well
dont know if we all live now
but when us all die
well, think why?
inanna A girl once told me that she thought one of my sculptures was morbid. Ah perceptions are many.....and to the simple eye all art can be ambiguous. She did not want to be my friend after that. A fallen pearl on top of a dragon with a naked person hatching out of the opal-like shell. That was it, but too much red paint. Steal it and see what happens. ha ha 030630
uhhuh Birth never happens without a little blood. 030630
uhuh Morbid obesity is dangerous. 030630
bandersnatch is it morbid when ijust want to be upset. i want to be depresed, sad, lonley, or something other than this uncalled for happyness that just go away. 030814
celestias shadow sometimes i'm depressed just for the sake of it. just to be self-absorbed. just to feel something. and i hate myself for it. i've always been so melodramatic. 031012
Eowithien I suppose I am in some way. Though everyone is in some way. Oh well, maybe I'm not. I guess I'm just depressed.

acidshank arr. nothing like a but of nice morbidity with my in a blender.
nice soup
misscherrythief lugubrious one of my fav words! 080917
misscherrythief i must be blind i dont see it. 080917
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