amy i'm just here to have fun... and that's all, sisters. don't let me not have fun. i can always do something else. i think i hate the internet anyway. 001124
miniver There are many kinds of 'fun'.

Unproductive fun. Addictive fun. Masochistic fun. Procrastinating fun. Too-lazy-to-do-what-you-should-be-doing fun. Or too-scared. Or too-low-self-esteem. Too-existentially-angst-ridden, too-avoiding-the-bigger-issues, too-attention-seeking-in-all-the-wrong-places, too-self-aware-to-make-any-decisions-at-all-anymore. Fun.

But, maybe that's just m--

I mean,...this friend I have...who's like that...

Still, I don't really see why people entirely disregard all of the other emotions, you know? If we were honest with ourselves, we'd accept that we don't really make all of our decisions based on seeking out happiness (for others OR for ouselves). That would be much too productive. We make decisions based on lots of different emotions that I don't think can really be called 'happy'.

Unless you're all like me and want to confuse yourselves with "wants" and "want-nots". Like, say, doing This will make me happy. But, I don't really have the energy for This, so I'm going to do That. And, therefore, That is what -really- makes me happy anyway.


You probably wouldn't believe me, at this point, if I tried to tell you that 'I don't really care, anyway'...right?
amy Nah, Not Caring Anymore is your prerogative. Being Sick N Tired and Not Going to Take it Anymore, that's yours too.

Fun. Back when I dabbled in psychedelic awareness inducing drugs, I used to riddle the crap outta myself with the question "What is fun?" It seemed like an impossible concept, at first. But, the very act of asking the question was extraordinarily funny. To try to interact with the concept of "fun" itself was really really fun. And ironic, or something. It was like in Being John Malkovich when Malkovich went inside his own head and all he saw were Malkoviches singing "Malkovich".

I don't see why we should disregard the other emotions. I just want to be able to do both at once, with the broader primary goal being the "happy", "productive", "funny", "ha-ha, whatever" kind of thing.

My problem is I don't seem to agree with many people on the what's "funny" issue... or something.
miniver That makes sense, then. Yep. That's officially OK-By-Me.

People shouldn't disregard the other emotions. They just do, for some reason. Hmm. But, yeah, happiness, in general -- I think that's a great idea. And, out of all the emotions, why not pick happiness? Well-done, humanity. That's some good decision-making, on our part.

It just takes a lot more focus than we think it does. There are a lot of other emotions pushing for recognition, there. We have great emotional variety -- and, in fact, emotional equality. I don't believe that 'happiness' and 'unhappiness' are the greater or more dominant emotions; or I just don't think the emotions are drawn out so distinctly. I don't think that the 'big emotional issue' is, by nature, between happy and not-happy, and that all the other 'tinier' emotions are left to squabble over the remnants. But, certainly we can decide to seek the happierish feelings over the less happierish ones -- by whatever system each of us has for determining what feels happierish, and what does not. That takes a lot of thought, and extended reasoning, and foresight, doesn't it?

But that's sorta odd, because you'd think that that would mean the really brilliant people have been the really happy ones. Wouldn't you?
miniver That probably means I need to work on this theory -- when the evidence does not coincide with the hypothesis, that's what that means, right?

Or maybe I'll just have to do a little more experimenting. Hehe...
amy hmm. seems like you're well equipped to become a devoted student of this smart-but-happy question! (among other things...)

me too! me too!
miniver Aha. Experimental collaboration? Interesting concept... 001126
highlights for children fun with a purpose 001126
kd arbitrary palliative 030729
mutton dressed as mutton sounding board for sisters 030729
ferret what is the purpose of wood?

Lemon_Soda *blink**blink*


Can't remember what I was going to say.

Guess I should think about what I"m going to do...
Philosophistry oh, this is not the blather
for poirpoises?

*flip flops away*
birdmad i sometimes find myself feeling that it is something i lack 040308
cel is overrated 040710
ofsuch purpose is what you make of yourself
you dont have to find purpose
you are purpose
you become purpose
you make purpose

get up
go purpose yourself
mattie is lacking in the world
and yet we all seem so intent
on finding it.
andru235 if your purpose you do know
in this world you'd best not show;
other people's preferences, ahem
are that you seem as lost as them

if your purpose carries you
far from fame (or money, too)
then you shall inflame the rest
who are sure the dollar's best

wait'll they see what it all builds to!
then they'll be worse off than you
for your purpose is divine
everyone's purpose, including mine

no one, not a single soul
came here merely to bankroll
every quest is rather unique
for some, the purpose is to seek

when we guide our lives by cash
we have donned an ugly sash
try and tell that to your neighbors!
and from they you'll gain no favors
realistic optimist ferret: for transporting water up from the root structure to the leaves of trees. 041229
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