nonlucid sometimes I see someone somewhere random and they start talking to me, I have absolutely no clue who they are, just smile and nod, saying neutral things as my mind works frantically to get a name or a place where I should know them from, sometimes it clicks and I suddenly become more conversational

and sometimes it doesn't, and walk away still confused

One day, want to go around talking to random people on the street, starting conversations, pretending to know them and see how many of them admit nonrecognition
Deomis propagnosia 040711
hard kiss in c minor i will recognize you by your kind and strong heart. your love of life. your understanding of the mind, body and soul. your spirituality and creativity. your soulful artistry. i will recognize you by your ability to live life passionately. your brilliance. your touch. your sensitivity, intuition and perception. your honesty. your exceptional mind. your exceptional love. your ambition. i will recognize you by your pioneering spirit. your endearing eccentricity. your light. your dark. your everything in between. i'll recognize you. 041207
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