typhoid why are other people's always so much more interesting than your own? 000502
fairydust considering the people around me, i have heard some of the most mundane, pathetic ones imaginable. i've told these people that i would like to slap them. now they just call me mean and evil. hahaha, an evil fairy! 000502
miniver I grin too much, too easily.
It's hard to get rid of one, once it's there,
and it's impossible to hold a grudge.
Other people get offended, sometimes
because, of course,
they have no idea what I'm grinning about.
I rarely do, myself.
Brad Many classical musicians and theoreticians often try to assign serious jazz music a place somewhere below their own chosen music. They claim that if the music is not strictly composed, it cannot be equal to something that someone has taken time to rigorously perfect. What they do not account for, however, is the interplay and communication between jazz musicians, the instant recognition and response, and the ability to take something somewhere that seems so logical, and is yet so far removed from the original idea. Jazz is making the illogical logical. Jazz is the sound of surprise. Jazz is communication, conversations, musically, with oneself and with the other musicians. The greatest musicians in the world could play together, and unless there is empathy and musical conversation, it will sound as lifeless and contrived as one can imagine. Jazz musicians must know all of the standard tunes and be able to interpret them in fresh ways instantly, without prior discussion, in a manner compatible with their bandmates. I love all of the music unfortunately termed "classical" (impressionism, twentieth century, etc.) but with this type of music, it's very easy for a non-musician to pass off as a musician just because he can play the notes. In jazz, that's nearly impossible. One must really have something to say. I leave with a question posed by pianist Brad Meldhau: "If all of the printed music in the world burned up in a flash, who could play a gig that same night, with total strangers and no rehearsals?" 000503
silentbob the truly great ones are the ones that have no ending. though you FINALLY quit talking with somebody at 5 am, you eventually come back to it later to discuss how you feel now, or still feel. 000911
uow they don't happen
only pieces
Symphonic little 040914
god coversations with god, conversations with goats, conversations with girls, conversations over oats

o, meet me in ol' virginny an' we'll have us a high ol' time. we'll eat lots of oatmeal and talk about it while we're doing it. when they ask us what we're doing, i'll say "i'm using the chicken to measure it".

oatmeal is healthy. eat more oatmeal.
goooooo oatmeal!!
psst... thats right the ones about sex are the best! 050105
oatmeal hater I hate oatmeal, so I hate you, go die, in a hole 050302
pSyche i grasp for words
they are not there again
they have fled from my lips
and as the chasm between us grows
all I manage to do
is nod my head
and say "mmhmm"
to everything you say
you stare at me a moment
before we part ways
aren't these conversations fun?
kelc my best friend and i don't really like each other, but if we didn't have each other we'd have no one. we always fight. But we're going to highschool on different sides of the city next year. 050303
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