klairchen Can someone please slap me so that I can get back to studying? 001019
camille a hard realization of the truth
a hard word with sharp edges that stings
Norm I was at this party, true story, and this fat chick not really FAT, you know, but fat enough to be too fat for me, comes up to me and says "Have sex with me." and I'm like "No!" then she lifts up her shirt and shows me her tits and I feel them up, the whole bit you know, and she says "Don't you like my big tits?" and im like "oh your tits are fine I just don't like you bulky arms." Thats when she slaps me, them fat chicks got some power to them too.

later that night one of her freinds tried to beat me up. I held him down with one hand and slaped him while I looked straight at her. I think she got the picture. Then I drank till I couldn't see and then I don't remember.
melvinwang what i want to do to the people who post song lyrics on this site 030430
misstree more intimate than a kiss,
pretty prelude, swing and sting and
return strike, grins spread dangerous
as strumpet's legs with pimp around the corner.
Lemon_Soda I don't have the strength of will to do it to anyone...

...but I wish people would do it to me more often. Hard as they can. Right in the face.
misstree any time, darling.
i'll find you tuesday.
clementine all i want to do to him. slap. hear my hand hit his face. thwack. see the red mark on his cheek.
thats for everything. for nothing. just because. maybe that slap will get you out of my head. for good.
and i know you would just take it. maybe hold on to the hand that just hit you.
what are you doing? you said.
what are you doing? i asked.
what's it to you?
who go