vega write to me softly
and I shall hear the gentle inflections of your warmth
groping for a response
and if you can twist your words into beautiful webs
and if you can elusively dance about your syllables with real rhthym
then I might listen
someday*sam Darling
I can't love you
my God
and your Gods
(and don't forget the Goddesses)
don't play well together
It would never work out
in the long run
if you were
or still Catholic
or even Pentecostal..
I can't even convert you
loves his darling I typed your name in the box without looking I chanced not to glance @ your pants were tenting
My fatal romances are stains on my records my record my permanent record!
I knew you would make things right I sought for your post on the message board but you were just taking a message. I cried like your injured wing can or can't you could be your injured reaction 010602
Tank such a shame that they were dropped before they even came out. i have a strong feeling they would have done well... 010831
bzzmel oh my dear 011218
ClairE If you take dear
and stretch it out
like a light scarf
and also add a sense of wonder

then you may just have darling.
paul mc oh_darling 011218
Paul Mc. oh_darling 011218
paul mc sorry, darling. 011218
Paul Mc. it's quite alright, darling. 011218
MC Paul yo yo yo! 011218
Paul Mc. *gets very enraged and does a crazy dance to try and alleviate his anger* 011218
stupid anal asshole Wouldn't that be to try TO alleviate your anger? 011218
Paul Mc. i never said i was perfect. 011218
stupid anal asshole That's true.

I still love you, darling.
cube that was a very pretty definition ClairE
ClairE Thank you, darling cube. Let us go to sleep ::yawn:: 011218
Bizzar Darling,
I just want to listen to the wind whip the tree branches against the glass of our bedroom window
I want to close my eyes and feel your soul as you pull me close to you
I want to find myself, and then lose it all in the radiance of your eyes.
I want to stay in bed all day, and escape reality for just one day.
I want to wake up to falling into you, my comforter, my blanket.

Oh how you warm my soul.
How the feel of your breath on my cheek lets me rest.
And when I awake to the touch of your lips on my forehead,
oh how the world seems right.

Darling, my pretty baby
Please dont ever leave me.
Because if you were to leave youd take all the good in me
with you.

Darling, oh my Sweet Darling,
If only they could see the beauty of the love we share.
Oh how I love you.
blinky When hands close around anything,
It's never as fragile,
Never as beautiful,
As you,
As the way you make me feel,
I want you to be closer to me,
I want you to be with me,
Yet you ignore me,
Same as always,
How can i go on with this tremendous pain,
Seering though my body,
As I hear the words,
"Darling I love you,
But you know we can never be together"
I fear the pain will envelope me,
I'm just waiting,
Waiting for you.
naive artist Or, as my aunt would say, Dahling! 040702
misstree i rarely use this word in real affection. it usually comes out when i want to be a bit condescending and a bit clockwork_orange, when i'm getting my blade out and settling in for a tussle. incendiary tactic. (someone once tried to use calling me "toots" in the same manner. i giggled for a long, long time.) 040807
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