deb deep within this heart of mine
there is a room for you
you have your things put on the walls
but never seem to be at home

will you sleep with me tonight
so i can hear you breathe
or will you go stay out again

you might as well just leave

or, maybe...

i'll buy a leash and tie you down
just like i always do
and make you stay here with me
and you'll be happy too
wesleann it's funny....once, i thought this was happiness. 000115
girl i miss our old one sometimes

then i think our new one will b so much better
girl okay we ended up moving into an efficency appartment ita 400sqft. we have no bedroom. we have a bed that pulls out of the wall. no bedroom =(
GOD I WANT A BEDROOM!!!! im thinking i might actually want my own bedroom rather than having to share one with him but i dont think i would want to sleep in a bed alone without him there to hold me and elbow me in his sleep and snore in my ear and roll over on top of me and stifel me and heat up and bake me under the covers....hmmm god i need my own bedroom
The_Engineer a room? with a bed?

sounds to me like a bedroom.

i could be wrong though, often am, sometimes i'm not though, its nice when i'm not wrong.
Senor Muerte Undercover in your mattress my eyes burning in the dark i grope for your entrails in the middle of your dreams
always lurking around your bedroom
thinking how nice it will look
as my next crime scene....
Somebody that I used to know I cant do this anymore. It is too painful to be in my bedroom. I sleep there because I must, but avoid it when I can. Now, I must go through everything I have shoved away in the recesses. The letters you wrote me are still there. I dont have the heart to throw them away. I just sit and read them and cry. I should throw them away, forget about you. But I wont. I know that already. I will continue to find more, read them and be further disabilitated. No one can understand why I spend hours upon days cleaning my room, but you would have. 050118
frayedvine they gave my bedroom away but expect me to still call this home. And people wonder why i'm always angry... 060801
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