Q The next time the date on blather will be three of one digit followed by three of the next digit in order from 0 to 9 will be 111222, December 22, 2011, the seventieth anniversary of the Atlanta, Georgia, USA Urban League's securing the right of Black women to be addressed as "Mrs." 000111
oodles Next time I go for a guy I like, remind me not too because it's a waste of time that gives me nothing but disappointment. 001116
jerrym next time
next place
Here and now, who is next?
How do we do this together?

Two are dead in Santana; how do we stop that?
The Prophet Awakes This is an exact recording of how life conducts itself on it's most intelligent levels. You have made it this far, you can make it further. I have yet to understand where I place in this path of travelers. 010307
nocturnal next semester I'll finally get my shit year I'll work test I'll start studying time I'll do my homework like I'm supposed time, next time, next time. 010307
Nola crap shop though.
oh doc, I have this problem,
.... I never recieve a reply from Jimal Fix it.
Ditto Dear Doc,

I'm lost, I have no home, will you help me?
Persona next time I blathe* it will be profound
it will make people think because it's never! been said before
it will ring~~~~ true
i'm not "supposed" to care what people ?think?
phil I want to fastforward to the day I anticipate. I always wish it was morning when I am trying to sleep, so I could get up and hurry through my day and then I would have time for a good day next week. 031024
nomatter ill pull my hair back
and put on some girly clothes
make myself all purty
for no apparent reason
june shut up
i'm leaving and who cares i'll dress how i feel
don't fret

and it won't be me i just drop a line or two
siobhan next week
next month
next year
warn me next time
Panther time you better tell me before you aim that thing near me! 040314
tr Next time I see you, I'll try to smile.
Next time you see me, don't make me freeze please...
what's it to you?
who go