marq jennifer
I have been waiting almost three years to hear you say that
(end_of_self part 2)
Ive Gone Incognito You’ve asked me on several occasions why I don’t reply to you or @ the very lest give some sort of indication that I’ve even herd you and the reason for that is bc I don’t think that the things you have to say is worthy of a reply and/or reaction and that if I privileged you w/ such that you would continue w/ your attempts to be crude and shocking so I ignore you hoping that you’ll get the message and shut up, after all I can’t tell you to shut up (or for that matter the truth to as to why I won’t respond or reply to you) bc than you’d make a scene getting all defensive and acting all emotionally wounded, while I admit to being selfish I wish for just one moment you’d realize that not EVERYTHING is about you and that what you do -does- impact others! 020426
suzan- Oh brother, here we go again.

The house of preachers.

This must be the holy roller site.

not incognito
suzan Actually this place makes me want to vomit.

No Matter

Tell the "boss" I'm out of here.

See ya
chris sex yes with your red pantys on ok please 040305
Syrope i'm not sure i enjoyed your sudden decision to become chummy & to try to tickle me...or your repeated references to how laid back we were and how that was something special. we're not something special. you weren't my first or last sexual encounter of that day, much less had you progressed to "something special"'s dangerous for you to start asking questions, and if i answer i'm in almost as much trouble as if i don't reply at all. 040306
I Wonder... why would you think a thing like that? you never tried to reply now did you?
no, unless you were undercover and undetectable under ordinary circumstances. it is not just about you, me, or her it's about everything, and if i can't respond from my own file system of experience no matter how microscopic compared to your vast gathering of data i would have to remain mute, passive, and utterly invisible just because you think you are better, when in actuality, are you really?
Staind_And_Souless Sometimes when I wake from a dream of us together, and cry your name, I can hear a faint reply on the breeze, like you call my name too. 050102
unhinged and your end is silent 050103
what's it to you?
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