Annie Jennifer Love Hewitt is quite possibly the worst entertainer ever. I will never buy Neutrogena soap again! 990204
dallas But Neutrogena soap is so nice!

And Jennifer Love does have a nice middle name and she does fill out a tiny heart t-shirt with some sort of style all her own...
daxle lost the war today 990515
OTK , i want you to pay close attention. This is QUITE important.

You . . . no, I can't say it.
leslie Neutrogena is yucky, clinical, and tested in a lab. I forget what font they use on their packaging, but someone said it's as clinical [looking]as the product inside. 990528
jennifer she licks her lips with a tenderness all her own 991205
purple tzar time for another tired dialogue. 991219
andrea i know a jennifer who likes rosie o'donnell, object of my affection, and kitties named xerox 991220
deb hogs the bed.. i kept rolling over into her last night
hope i didn't wake her up too much
andrea i remember when i talked to her mom
about cartilege piercing.
it's cool.
not too long after that she got hers.

neat huh?
jennifer doesn't hog the bed, but has been known to breathe funny in the middle of the night. 000103
amy my take is that she *knows* she's beautiful, but doesn't always acknowledge that more importantly, she knows about it, and almost as important, that other people know about it too. laugh hearty, amiga. 000229
BoofPixie always wanted to crush on a girl named jennifer. i'd buy her chocolates and she'd let me eat a few... 000308
aaron I met a girl named jennifer in the summer of '99 from northern ontario.. she is the nicest person i have ever met. we talk still and i like her alot. i'm so glad that i met her.. she's amazing. 000309
daxle makes me jealous and therefore hateful of her 000607
MollyGoLightly blather-jennifer is rad 000706
birdmad yeah, she is. 000706
silentbob OO you are so amazing/great/cool/funny/amazing/neato-compleato/awesome/swank/So Not Bunk. 000828
kate jennifer, uncapitalized.
she has dreams that make her wonder what i smell like,
and i wonder if I should be thinking about her this much.

but jennifer?
she's fucking amazing.
moonshine I definitely think she kicks ass 001014
The Schleiffen Man Jennifer is the cute girl who sits behind me in my Environmental science class. She sits next to Jennifer also. The Jennifer behind me smiles alot when I talk to her. Maybe I should offer her a friendly movie? 001014
jennifer a. call me jennifer. call me jen. call me: jenners, jenbo, jen & tonic, jenna, jennifer lorraine, jennski, jenn, jennifer the one i love...

but don't call me jenni.
((i'm all grown up now))
jennifer a. jennifer? oh. she's the one that likes chuck. 001022
claw has plagued me my entire life

jennifer- the sister who knows me so well, the one that teased me about the girls I liked

jennifer2- my first girlfriend, a bit psychotic. cheated on me after a year and a half.

jennifer3- a girl i liked during college. She didn't feel the same.

jennifer4- second "girlfriend". long distance that cost to much emotionally.

jennifer5, 6, 7, 8, 9....- i'm sure they are out there waiting. I eagerly await them with open arms.
god if the goats are any indication, she rocks! 001229
cynic - 011330 from my experiences, bitchy daddy's girls, but there's nothing like a good bitch.

a name i've accidentally panted whilst in the rut - luckily, i was the since-the-3rd-grade object of this girl's infatuation, so it all worked out well in the end, with hilarious results.

jen (n.): a wet dream/pavlovian stimulus; a girl i've never screwed.

god bless you all, my infatuation.
JENNIFER What's wrong with capitols? 010510
sweetheart of the song tra bong Jennifer Ever.

The Jennifer in my life is a Jenny and will never be anything. She is all Gap all day every day, ribbons in her hair, high breathy laughs, pink cheeks.

Jenny who wants to be going through a crisis right now. Jenny who competes with me. Jenny Jenny, skipping down the hall, singing "867-5309". Maybe tonight, someone will call.
el fagtastico Jenny is a HOMOSEXUAL

This video game is also HOMOSEXUAL

Dijimon: gotta kill 'em all

Persona my name is jennifer.

i say the word ten times, so it doesn't sound like mine anymore. Try it, and you can be someone else until you say that name ten times.

who do YOU want to be?
i want to be someone's jen jenny everything someone's something sweetly loving wanting more

i am not me
i want to be you
i want to have your someone's something loving sweetly wanting more
marjorie he calls himself jennifer ever.
likes the smashing pumpkins.
and he has some things to say.
but nobody pays attention anyway.
they're too busy becoming polygamists
Aaron i knew this jeniffer.. she was a really cool chick... we used to party together.. i met her in this club.. i loved that club.. me and my ex had a wicked threesome with jen.. it was great.. then rinne got jelious.. so i stoped sleeping with jen.. and rinne stoped sleeping with jen.. and started hating jen.. well after rinne left me.. jen popped up in my life again.. she called me.. and like a week or so later we slept together.. it was great.. i really enjoied sex with her.. after a while we went out to a rave.. i spent about $500 that night.. we fucked after we got back from the party.. then after we got home.. she left.. next time i talked to her like a week later.. she said i was a bad influence.. and she couldn't see me anymore.. i told her i would get clean thats not a problem.. she didn't hear me i think.. . anyway. i never heard from her again.. i still miss her sometimes.. but thats long gone.. 011110
piercedjenny its the name i wear to face the world. jennifer jen jenny they're all one in the same but mean different things to you.
everyone has a story that involves a jen, some even have a story that involves me.
jennifer's that i know kick ass and are extremely sexual. when i broke off my wedding i dated a jen, she was my ex-fiance's ex-girlfriend. it was fun to see the look on his face when he saw us together. we were fun together.
eventually the sex stopped being enough and i decided enough with having a jen of my own, i'd rather be a jen to someone else.
Tyr White Wave
knees bent
sitting still
sandals of leather
with bandaids
picking up dog shit with surgical gloves
breathing deep against a wall
hanging from a rail
ass so tight
strung out
peyton Jennifer was the cruelest cut of all.


She let me love her, and then fucked her ex-boyfriend less when I was away for less than two weeks. She was so masterful at taking my heart, and filling the space with deceit.

That was Jennifer, in her angelic beauty.
cresentwhench I hate my name. 021104
MyFigureFemale Jennifer: i still think of the little girl i remember in ohio, playing the kidnapped princess with all the neighborhood kids trying to find me
Jenn: still feels like a little girl, no longer a princess, just a grown up dyke wishing someone would find her
smurfus rex jennifer love hewitt makes me shiver. especially in jeans and a baby t-shirt. i don't care what commercial she's in or what tv show she's in or what movie she's in, just as long as she's in it.

jennifer aniston reminds me of my best girl-friend who i want to be my best girlfriend. and that was not meant to be reference to Friends. honest.

jennifer connelly made me want to work for Target when she starred in Career Opportunities. and she also made me want to be a Hoggle when she made Labyrinth. And Beautiful Mind was good too.
Glory Box I miss you like crazy and I love how well you keep, like canned beans you last forever even if all I do is move you around from shelf to shelf.

I want to rush home and save your life from crumbling and I want to take your face in my hands and charm you asleep while I build the world solid before you wake up.
jenny enny dots did you know that jennifer was once a popular name for boys? I never met a jennifer with a penis... 040117
white_wave so many jennifers that have been loved, hated, and all spectrums in between. you hear someone in the mall call out "jennifer!" and about a dozen people turn around. reading each interpretation of jennifer. it's like almost but not quite meeting your long lost twin. 040418
minnesota_chris your name is jennifer, white_wave! If only the other Jennifer, of the blathername niska, were here. You're sort of the anti-niska.

is feeling perceptive
minnesota_chris not that being the opposite of niska is bad, mind you. We need both sunshine and storm clouds in the blatherworld. 040418
white_wave am i the sun or clouds? 040418
minnesota_chris you are sunshiney, very very sunshiney, and sometimes people will complain about that.

white_wave warm, smiley, and giggly me. that's me walking on sunshine and on water. the sunshine is real. the water is in my imagination since I sometimes fear drowning. 040422
farewell cadance dear jennifer,
you are a nice name, why are you associated with so many terrible people? i love you and i hate you. But, bottom line, there are too many of you. i can no longer take you following me around where ever i go. Please stop breaking my heart and maybe we can continue being friends.
manny This is my lady 040925
Zoe my sister whom i have a love hate relationship with. jennifer is perhaps the most social person i know, i've never met anyone who did not like her. she is friendly, funny, and intelligent. she also is very immature, uses sex to get her way, and very hypicritical. i get so mad at her when i talk to her on the phone, but i get upset when she doesn't call. i feel like she'll never understand me, but i can't make any decisions without her imput. she's someone who i love to hate or hate to love. 040925
dipperwell If you are more than a pair of low-rider jeans and a thong, then this is the place to prove it. 060205
. how_do_you_prove_your_existence ? 060205
dipperwell Hey, I never said anyone had to exist. 060205
dot dot dottie existence.
such a cumbersome word.
what's it to you?
who go