deb jen and i decided
we need to
record our daily
seeing how amusing
it can be

we speak eloquently
as though our words
spring upon some golden page
blank canvas meets the palette
of our coloured minds
and always, something beautiful
when we part
jennifer idea one

mount that new camera I'm going to get from sol's (when I hock the cat) in the back of my car
deb no cat hawking...
she/he/it's my kitten too
so you best not get rid of her

but yes, let's mount the camera in the car
i'll sit there and laugh my ass off
when i'm watching it later

you know we'll forget that it's on and
start talking about shit
nobody should know about....

ah well... such are the sacrifices...
jane & werewolf werewolf: i almost dropped my beer!
jane: can i call you werewolf?
werewolf: only in the heat of passion would be my answer.
jane: what do i say?
werewolf: if you don't know me by now, you will never never never never know me.
jane: you put in an extra never.
werewolf: emphasis.

to be continued....
deb It always comes to
the inevitable conversation,
wondering which way
it will go this time...
The outright terror
that accompanies,
and worries
that I know
are unfounded...
Getting scared &
running away, no...
Wanting to fix
the broken pieces
that no longer fit,
Constant worry
you might hurt me,

All I know is
no matter how
I hate this talk,
having had it so many
times before,
it must be done.

How wondrous it would be
to not be
what's it to you?
who go