kate I guess I'm thrown by your worries all of the sudden.
I don't really know what it means or where we are that you are worried.
Maybe I'm just worried so I think you are more worried than you really are.
Maybe I can't think or type right now. Or today. And probably not tomorrow.

Thank you for calling me today.
amy hey, don't fucking worry, OK?

savor the moment, puppy. :)
kate puppy. that rocks. :)
i'm all about the moment, but maybe that's a bad idea.
jennifer please don't worry
I've stopped
but now I worry about you
but I think that's ok
that's how it's supposed to be
Joana. I am haunted by the anticipation of evil
When the wind knocks on the door
And invites itself to stay
Foreseeing what can be
Suffering with what will not happen
A mental self-flagellation
Like this magnanimous whisk
In a grim and delicate dance
Of crawling illnesses of the ego
Tripping on the splinters of storm
And losing clarity and sight
Under the impetuous strength of this threat
I suffer with what I cannot see
Thread carefully
Fleeing from what haunts me
But I know that inevitable will be to find me
And lose myself in this spiral of collisions
That push themselves of illusions
Dedicated to the privileged luxury of passions
And forever falling in preoccupations.
amy . 010207
Joana. Sitting here unknowing still
Plagued by the figments created
Surrounded with strangers
Gleaming yet as the break-through
A light that comes from outside
Through a breach over the carpet of this sky
I find us here with me
Among the fragments of some vortex
The ones we met there
Those who we relied on
And are nothing but words now
Nothing but empty signs of what was
Yet you remain with me
As I have remained with you
This gleam pulsing through our souls
Clings us together
And turns us whole
I sit here not knowing
If this exists
If this was ever mine
But the figments roll upon me with glee
And even if surrounded by strangers
I smile like this bleary light.
Claire For some reason:

It's strange that I should think of

Worries. Creased brow. Money.

Parents. Single mom.

Worries are so much more but
the word contains no passion.

No worries.
See, it's seen in the negative.
what's it to you?
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