Tess dirt on the floor
have i seen it before?

before in my head
was i never not dead?

dead came by flower
did we miss an hour?

an hour replete
so when will we meet?

meet again by the moor
but where ever, and what for?
lokkust to fall into pattern
forever and ever
Aaron take that stright line your walking, TwIsT, procede to curl up into a ball and roll. 000808
sabbie and as you stood
lecturing me
i sat at the table
in another world
and drew in the dust
that lay at my elbow

and when you finally finished
and walked away, satisfied
i looked down in suprise
to discover
that i had drawn nothing at all
that the dust was undisturbed
but under that thick layer
ever so faintly
i could just make out
a weird grey spiral

and i wondered who had sat here
and been lectured at before
the devil! eat me 001111
lyn what goes around comes around (vicious circles) 010305
burden achingly simplistic
so soft for my sweet
at first, I thought this was a brilliantly constructed nugget of irreverence. Imagine my disappointment when I found that it was never intended for mine eyes.
I'll fold you up, my bumblebee, and put you back in your nectar.
Prying lips never took so much effort.
Skipping dusty across the savannah, trees occasionally melding with your glossy form and making you seem larger than you are.
A gentle drip not unlike clockwork keeping me awake.
Wind speaking in its characteristically hushed tones in some shielded dialect.
Frosted highways on which nobody stops for a moment not one freaking moment to see the grass.
How are your friends?
"Oh, they're okay."
That's bullshit and you know it.
Fresh rioting erupts in Cincinnati.
I'd really love to stick your face in it, but that's not my place, is it?
I nearly drowned when you suspended me.
Cracking it open is always the most taxing part, because everybody wants you to be a choirboy and go on with it.

Wrestled with destiny.

Painted a travesty in your name across the desert sky and washed it down with cancer.
Power down.
Turn off.
It is over.
I am crying with my face lashed to the outside, wolves spitting destruction at my windburned face, my face.
I would fly to you if you would let me.
I'll hold your piglet if you want.
Go on, blow your own trumpet. Send angels spiraling to muss my hair and halve my height.
Cleanliness manifests itself in everything, EVERYTHING, you do.
I'll cry a river while you cry a drought.
Porcelain actions founded on saline words.
You cannot force it.
Inspiration can never be contrived.
Hollow verse flags itself.
Humid heart, half-rotted, why so lonesome?
The Truth In our Liquid Reality,
this shape remains.
Repeating inside herself,
lost in the maze.

An endless container
surrounding infinity.
The secrets of math
Disquised as simplicity.
Gonzo Ever wondered if you were traveling down a spiral staircase and theres people right above you that those people are standing inches from your head... but then you'll be standing on someone elses head moments later. 011028
the clarifier Some of you are confusing spiral with cyclical.

A spiral is forever changing, either getting bigger or smaller, suggesting that something will be in a constant state of change.

One usage would be for a situation that is "spiraling out of control." This suggests an ever-growing spiral that will reach a point that it is too large to be contained. Another usage would be a "death spiral." This suggests an ever-shrinking spiral that leads to destruction.

In each of these cases, there is no cycle. Each turn of the spiral is different from the last.
the clarifier There is one other type of spiral that may need to be mentioned, although it still doesn't really fit the "cyclical" or the "ever-changing" meaning:

The "spring spiral."

Imagine a spring that is coiling on and on, never changing, always staying the same in diameter, but always moving forward or backward.

This would be like a forever-changing cycle. Sort of covers both of the aforementioned situations.
unhinged i was watching sharks have sex on t.v. the other day and an egg popped out shaped in a neat spiral (it looked foreign like it wasn't supposed to be part of any earthly reproductive system). it's shape was supposed to anchor it underwater until it hatched 9 months later. the ones that didn't anchor got washed up on the beach picked over by the gulls. i just keep moving farther down. 020416
yenaldlosi moving from the center outwards-burner on electric stove

outside to center-tornados and water down drains
m.j.k I embrace my desire to
feel the rhythm, to feel connected
enough to step aside and weep like a widow
to feel inspired, to fathom the power,
to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain,
to swing on the spiral
of our divinity and still be a human.
m.j.k. One plus one is two
Two plus one is three
Three plus two is five
Five plus three is eight
Eight plus five is thirteen
Thirteen plus plus eight is twenty one
Spiral out
the patient i'll ride the spiral
to the end
it may just go
no one's been
lokkust Uzumaki 030516
Strideo avalanche






petezilla the road to infinity
the road to insanity
ferret ___________________

i think that this is what you were getting at. and no, 13 is not the best # in the world.
terref hmmm, it appears that blather does not appreciate spaces as much as i thought it did. 030517
ferret ___________________
fibonacci 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34...
what do you know about that?
jane life is a spiral 030520
gleick its a fractal_universe 030520
Diane spirals in dreams lead to realms of nevermind, wherein truths smack you into bannisters of old paradigms.

on awakening, I have become transformed wood.
Fierce My mind is a spiral going Blah Blah Blah 040319






z dna = helix 040402
cozmosis i love soma.
spiral out.
:) Amend. 040623
One OM... 040623
:) Amen. 040623
hsgatincamail out. keep going. 040624
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