dallas blowing, the trees, the leaves, the shutters.
... leaving me cold when I walk to class making me wish I could bring my down comforter with me everywhere. 980819
jade beneath your feet stretch the stout planks of the deck. behind and above, swell the sails as you look into the eyes of those on the bank, among whom you were lately standing. even as the sun races the ship for the horizon, now tossing alongside you are they who share your current destiny. 980904
sage can
kat the answer my friend is blowing in the wind... 990405
Joana My lover... he comes whenever I feel sad... he brushes my hair and kisses my cheeks... we are one. 990715
miniver Autumn floated in the air
and made his whistling wind way,
or easy breezed around ankles and bare knees
toward the creaking stair.
Autumn sighed; or hummed soft and lowly;
slow tuned a slow tune for leaves,
and great gray skies,
and rain, sometimes,
there between the bus stop
and the greening-dirty tinseled grass
to the death of time at the town's pass.
Autumn floated down, maybe,
to mingle with the town of sleepy walkers,
and dusty dusk -- he listened
to the Listeners,
and the Talkers,
and floated, unaware,
and took his place to rule the bony harbour,
and keep the peace of great grey skies
from throne of wicker chair.
amy this a quote from a perceptive friend,

"Cry. Cry like the wind told you to, and make the wind never forget it.

Tell someone else to cry today."

amy see: abyss 000108
marjorie the wind was never quite so bad when we were there together to lean into it and lose our footing 000203
valis the air getting restless,
trying to speak.

a sign to be moving on.
Ireland he always lifts my hair,
finds the spot on the back of my neck,
leaves a tingle in my spine
and a smile curls my lips
after his gentle kiss
el chorizon like many things, once broken, can never be fixed 001005
Elemental As I walk down the dusty path she playfully swirls around my hands and nuzzles my face. She runs her small hands through my hair gentle as a lovers touch. Her soundless sound echoes through my head. Yet I know that the smallest spark of anger could ignite her into a torrent of rage but in the end it is only her gentle love that I will remember. Wind. 010919
distorted tendencies Hold all our secrets, thoughts, emotion and actions. It is a nature's sexy art.

A wind called perfection always seems to be able to sift through the golden locks of your hair. And softly kissing your soft skin.
Fire&Roses It flies
A wingless bird
It whispers it song
And longs to be heard
It ruffles the trees
And draws back my hair
Alas the beautiful wind
Is but moving air
monadh it was a small_child sat and wondered at the sound
softly walking through the_night
o'er the cold and rainswept mountain_fields
a song in the trees a_whispering_sigh
the wind of a cool september's drifting lullaby
ClairE ha, like gas!

Wind sweeps people off feet,
turns umbrellas inside out.

It can be divine.

Always running?
Always keeps the PEOPLE running,
on their toes.
aaaaardy Idiot Wind, blowin' through the streets. 011209
ClairE Why are you getting all blustery today.
Sarah and Crystal woke me up and I'm all sore and naked.
I'm sick of waking up with a weird_pain in my side, and I'm sick of waking up when the sun is about to go down, and to top it all off, I know once I go outside you'll push me around, too.
Get your own damn kite. I have things to do today.
ClairE You're shaking the car. Are you some Mercury messenger, telling Jon to turn back, turn back, don't cross that bridge?

It is the middle of the night and I am cold and thinking of him and have him on top of me and am hot for him and shivering and scared. Not just because the wind is shaking my car.
zenfishsticks before you claim that the wind is promiscuous, remember that it touches everything but is never touched in return... 020127
? the moon, tides, rotation, orbit

the wind kills, and nothing more.
phil rolling from head to toe
my shadow

it insulates me
it escapes to space
it burns in flames
it drags heat
it distorts sound
it blisters ears
it creates desert
it carves holes

ripping away sight & sound
Re?vo "hang it up now or never.
hang it up again."

longdstance drunk.

you say your cheeks whisper red when you've had too much to drink.
steve ancient rivers of wind,
gyrating through the darkness,
seek you out, and one day
your paths
will intersect.
god the leaves are blowin', but there's no wind. 030620
a thimble in time The Wind

By Cat Stevens

I listen to the wind,
to the wind of my soul.
Where I’ll end up,
well I think only God really knows.
I’ve sat upon the setting sun, but never, never, never, neverI never wanted water once
never, never, never
I listen to my words,
but they fall far below;
I let my music take me,
where my heart wants to go.
I’ve swam upon the devil’s lake,
but never, never, never, never
I’ll never make the same mistake
never, never, never
a thimble in time Love’s windless voice
softly whispers:
Love on a blanket of dusk
Ride the songbirds
Enjoy the tide.
Aimee + can be a gentle kiss scented with roses and lilacs
+ can be hot dry breath almost too thick to inhale
+ can be a refreshing caress when it's too hot out
+ can be a cold shoulder and an ugly face
+ can be a slap in the face when you expected a kiss
Nihility so strong... destructive...
what we do?
conrad I dunno, a thought like that fellow who ripped one across the universe with little trouble was imagination. I don't know the fellow at all though. 031117
pete the world wakes up
and percieves again
this light we claspe so close
in our sheltered arms
peace and life take flight
from here
and again we are free
in the wind.

down it falls,
snow oh more
again the winter comes.
in this dance of life
fragile worlds move
together and without
motion in the wind.

and tell me that i'm safe
from the torrents
tearing at threads of existance.

can we see again
now that the land is cold,
buried deep under the lake.

i am done,
feeling the drunkness pass away.

can our cries
to the sky,
wake up the sleeping angels?

oh the wind,
it speaks to me
and again i ask for
the sun to shine
and the winds to blow.

again the world weeps
in its frozen prisons here,
safe from the wind
alone atlast
wanting to never ever
be alone again.

fly away,
like peace and life..
into the wind,
please come back
Zsiga the dog barks and chases the wind
he's never felt wind before. and he believes it is a spirit. a ghost.
on a warm day he will appreciate wind,and how refreshing it is.
technathene makes me think that maybe

sometimes I think I want

I know

in the trees, and you beside me
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

If meditation is on the element of wind,
Motion and stillness are a false duality
From which Supreme Bodhi cannot develop.

wind serve to achieve perfection?
pete i'd like to open my arms, my mind, my heart and fly away on the winds, going where they'd take me and soaring among the clouds, a lightning lord in my own right, and a lost helpless boy afraid of where he may land, scared he may have forgotten how to walk 050701
camille found a notation in my notebook...a thought

the wind blows hard and so does every mysterious thing...
olive i think wind is louder than people give
it credit. its louder that whispers and
whimpers and what have you. its got more decibels than concerts and a full blown coup.
hel wind it up
already wound
twisted tightly onto the spindle or stretched suspended between the points

topple or snap?
what's it to you?
who go