typhoid nothing is true
all is permissable
katie i am - he is - we are the same way that we were in the beginning at that time that i was but then

i found myself in images

and through angles of reflection

that distorted the me i once knew and so now i know how to tell when i am false to him
Whitechocolatewalrus Have you ever felt that we aren't real? That we are just images of somebody's imagination or somebody else's dreams? That our lives are false and that our hopes are hopeless because we have nothing to do with them? 031108
oldephebe "nothing is true..all is permissable" can we all agree that there is an objective empirism that we all experience even in this simulacrae of sentience or delusional dystopia..whatever..label you want to acribe to it..what we all can agree on a superset of stimulus experienced by all despite this "falseness".. okay so given that ..in this falseness since we all agree on the capacity to cause and experience pain then that is a truth..and then we all are endowed with an inate sense of what is just..right..even beyond the codification of law..or the rubric of civic pieties..governence and such..okay so if we all to some greater or lesser extent within this simulacrae..this projection..erzats or not..if we who are sentient within this construct can cause pain and experience pain and by extension..or out of that core set of "human" attributes we can characterize objectiviely certain acts as just, or compassionate..or its antithesis.. unjust.. cruelties.. innately evil acts against the very grain of what the consensus by empiric and resonating sympathetic ascription (i realize this is reductionist..but permit me the expediency and limited latitude to complete the syllogism..) would agree to call appropriate human behavior then isn't it kind of facile and disingenious to make such a general statement out of the insular and existential..and by that diaphanous pretext sanction or reconscile the misanthropic stirrings in one heart to be vented upon others simply because one has decided that all is "false" thefore any act in any excess of either end of the polarity of human behavior is "permissable"? ..so then out of desolation or the death of innocense all gradients of what is good or evil is permitted in all contexts..?

i dunno..we really must listen critically to the things we are saying to our selves and one another..and sure the blithe and the disassociative malise mixed with the ironic pretty much constitutes the meat and marrow of our modern syntax..out of the dim and diffracted the attenuated soul speaks..but we are nearing the end of an age where such blithe and facile pretexts can no longer constitute what shapes us..we must begin to answer desolation and attenuation with something more..we must begin to be restored to our former selves .. not so much transformed or changed but restored to what we were .. bore we slipped from the Source's or God's or Allah's or Jehovah or whatever you choose to call the perfect Love that perfects all of us..
oE okay so many mispellings, malaise not malise for one..my bad 031108
Hal Incadenza "(...)" 040312
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