djdown with the first day. 980826
marjorie when you wonder where to begin
remember that the beginning
is never really the beginning
time is not linear
a circle doesn't have a "start"
and even if you choose one very very special place
you will not be at the beginning
and you will never
ever finish
camille Our beginning comes when we can bury all our mirrors,then see if we can find ourselves. 000129
Christy at the beginning is what he said, but the beginning is so far from today.
I told him I'd start in the middle and work my way to the edges. He told me I should never write if this is how I go about telling stories.
I told him my life isn't a story or even a novel. It's a breathing entity.
He laughed in scorn and my reality swallowed him whole.
god preek dubois carmentine uneven. screntoo oon plonto krill plankton whole. spree of unseen realities beyond perception. vote for joe walsh. 020306
cOldmeshach Q:How can this begin if there is no ambition in our hearts?


Q:Grow Up

A: Thats not a didn't even use any punctuation.

Q:Thats not an answer.

The Questions begin to turn into answers you Ambitious bastard.

The Questions begin to turn into answers you fatalist Bastard?
PlasticJesus The darkness in the sky begin to very slowly begin being consumed by the rising sun over the mountain. The rays of light broke through the clouds like giant tankers breaking through vast layers of ice to move on. The pale morning was now coming to full dawn, the crimson light made the land glow so beautifully. The dew on the grass, was being carefully drinken by nearby wildlife. Everything seemed in perfect harmony as the proud sun presented it's majestic beauty across the lands.

Then I woke up, and realized I was 15 minutes late for work, I called in, my boss was in a really bad mood, he freaked out on me, and fired me. So I gave up on the sunshine stuff, I'm gonna just continue to live in grave yards until my demise.
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