sannyasi Perception is motivated wholly by ego. If a pickpocket meets a holy man, he sees only his pockets. A saint sees God in everyone and everything.

He who wears shoeleather thinks the earth is covered in leather.
dfitch realizing what is, without having to dip into realism 010227
Miner Perception is probably the greatest part of each of us. How we perceive things is key to what makes us be the people we are, how you see yourself, friendship, life and everything else that goes with it is central to who you are and how you act and react to life. Everybody's perception is 'fine tuned' through their experiences in life, giving each person a unique perspective on the world, and as such a kind of individuality that would be missing if we all saw everything in the same light. Your perception dictates how you live your life, while at the same time being shaped by your actions in life.... a living paradox in its own right. 010425
lasthought makes your problems seem small
makes everything seem small
Ahmad how do u know that what you see is the same as what sombody else sees?

what if u see somthing like a red carpet, but sombody else sees a blue carpit but has grown up calling it red. wouldent that be freeki, what about eye transplants?......
SymmetricChaos perception is shaded triangles
(what about body transplants?)
~gez~ i didnt plant my body, and im hoping nobody else did. actually, how are babies made? i want to try and make one. they're so cute. *corey* [no i dont fancy someone called corey no im not homosexual. thank god. no offence to homosexuals. do what you like] 020826
*nt* corey mcgarry has a very nice ingto it, dont u think lol. hehehe. 020826
*nat* corey mcgarry has a very nice ingto it, dont u think lol. hehehe. 020826
*nat* *ring to it, durrrrrr i cnt spell, wot hope does corey have 020826
~gez~ mcgarry. that means two surprisingly nice things that havent been said but are implied
1. i going to marry nat YEY
2. i going to have a child with nat YEY
3. better get practising... YEY
User24 perception is very important to me, I think that people rely too much on perception; as the magician knows, what you see, is not always what you get. 030624
User24 perception.
stupid concept, really, why can't I trust the evidence of my own eyes? Why do we all percieve things differently? Well.. actually, it's because as soon as external stimulus is received, it becomes more a task of relaying the information throughout the brain, and less about preserving the accuracy of the information... or is that just how I see it?
User24 now that's interesting; I hadn't read the blathe before I posted to it, so didn't know that I'd already blathed to it.. it's interesting to see how my opinions have, or haven't changed. 031027
Sanctuary It can be noted that if you were taught that YOUR perception was wrong you learn to completely doubt yourself. Second, third, maybe even fourth opinions are required or you chalk it up as dreaming/hallucination/delusion. 040201
u24 true. I think it was misstree who said somewhere hereabouts, "I'll try anything once, then usually again just to make sure I wasn't mistaken the first time"

Good plan.
villain daydream you can not perceive something the same way anyone else does -- it is an impossibility -- and therefore no one else can percieve anything as you see it 041119
() (see: consensual_reality ) 041119
andru235 why is 'villain daydream' one of the few whose understanding of perception ISN'T villainous?

after six thousand years of people claiming, "No, it is *I* who sees the true reality" hasn't it dawned upon us that the reality we perceive is our true reality?

for a reality, as perceived by a wholly objective, bias-less thing, wouldn't be reality at all: it could never be real. it would only be an 'ity'.

thus, "trust yourself"
and, "to thine own self be true"
stork daddy well i guess it's a reality then that marilyn monroe does talk to me through my cat. and i've written her off for so long! forgive me norma jean! forgive me! 050308
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

Phenomena are all impermanent;
Thinking originally comes and goes.
Since cause will ever differ from effect,

the element of perception achieve perfection?
- - 081015
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