Q For U

oh, the touch
of that sweet hand
with mine
is electricity

here's the key
step right in
for you

Copr. 1999
zavyman The key to a new realm
Of mystery and delight
Or rather a place
One special at that
Where dreams materialize
And your mind is set free

So blather away
This is the key
A way to redeem
A way to renew
The Truth Self Discipline is the key to success 010412
alegra what is the key to you? what makes you melt? what is the first thing you think when you wake up? what music do you have on right this moment? quick! what color are your socks?? i need to know these things. all of them. and there are some other things i want to know too...eventually...but i can wait.... 010416
The Truth Love is everyone's key.
Your intense passion makes me melt.
I always think of sunlight when I wake up.
There is no music on right here, right now.
I was wearing black socks, but now I am barefoot.
freakizh i locked myself in me.
and i swallowed the key.
Fire&Roses I locked the keys in the car, but you can help me get them out... we can do it together. 020419
the girl with nothing to say army green socks
it must be nice to first awake and think of the sun
i think of turning on heat lamps
i was listening to soundgarden
someone like scott must be around here
girl_jane Everytime I'm there, I spend the night. He gave me a key last night. So I could come over anytime I wanted-even if he wasn't there.

I think-Holy shit. If I had a toothbrush and food there-I wouldn't be that for from pretty much living there.

Am I overreacting?
somebody found one in the lost and found wonder whos place or what it goes to 040401
girl_jane The door has two locks. Last night, Luke and I had a contest to see who could get their lock unlocked faster. I won. I had the doorknob lock, he had the dead bolt-I kicked his ass...:) 040403
minnesota_chris you seem so fearful, girl_jane, like you're doing something dangerous with your feelings. How do you feel about it all? 040404
story of eau a few nights ago I dreamed of you and an underground... lair of sorts, to which you had given me the key. you were exhausted and above ground in a room somewhere collapsing on a bed. when you handed me the key you asked me to retrieve something for you. you told me that if I find anything I'm not supposed to see that I should remember it's in the past. I retrieved an old paper bag from a chest of drawers without looking at the contents of the bag or the drawer. I brought it to you.

this is all I remember, but you haunted my dream world the whole night through. it's always been this way with you. that strange fated feeling. neither good nor bad. not romantic or platonic. just -something- I can't describe.
Teraphn to wisdom
to knowledge
to it all
the following
Keyboard (ButtonBoard?)
The Key to the keyboard are the keys
what's it to you?
who go