Quintessensual Warning!

You better be wide awake when you blathe.

There's no chance to review and absolutely no way to correct a mistake.
Quintessensual awake was here 991114
Allison check me out. i'm still awake. I've been up for hours, waiting for nothing. up because no one else is, and that is why i want to sleep. no, I want to be a ihop with someone i love. ordering nothing but oj. 991209
deb suspended in the air,
wondering how i got there
but knowing it doesn't really matter
i realize i am awake
and i can't help but laugh at me

why is it we think dreams are only in the night behind closed eyes?
Fly Im awake and nothing seems right.
To much nothing to sleep.
to much pain to stay wake.
twiggie much to much that needs to get done. but yet i'm just here. doing nothing much of anything. i want to sleep, but i know that there is all of this that needs to get done. so i stay up, still not doing any of it, until i can't keep my eyes open anymore. ahhh behold the power of procrastination. 001217
domingo how many people awake everyday only to got to work to dream of what they wish they could do. 010102
Mr. Mojo Risin shake dreams from your hair, my pretty child, my sweet...
and choose your day, choose the sign of your day,
the days divinity.
first thing you see...
power through passion I'm not always certain that I am
yet I'm sure too often
sometimes I wish that I was not

When I'm in that place
right after I awake
I feel so desperately empty

for I was dreaming something
can't remember what just now
it always recedes
loses cohesion and disintegrates
but it was so good, so lovely
I was so happy
bliss so pure it must have been distilled for me

my life fulfilled
people I love around me
supporting me like a raft
on the clear blue sea

so you can probably see
how I might feel profoundly sad
when I awake from this
rising to meet the demands
of a far more challenging world

one where I can sometimes rise up
as master of all I survey
but often I am but one cog
in a great machine
still looking for the elements
that make make my dreams come true

so that when I awake
on some future morning
I'll be even more glad
to have awakened
than to have been away
with eyes closed
in my world
birdmad if i could throw this lifeless life... 010719
kamara sometimes i take a moment
and smell the white and
green music i feel
the beuty of beeing

doors close doors open
in my head i look
and something
who are you?

how is it that
we are apart
never and
Toxic_Kisses I am -so- freakin awake! I mean I could walk for miles and miles (whats the name of that song?) not get tired! I have all this energy and nothing to do w/ it! Sh!t I don't think I've been this -fully- awake in months! man this feels good!!! I can actually think ClEaRlY, my thoughts aren’t all muttled and mushy! I wish I felt like this all the time! 020228
blasco I can never get as happy as when i´m sleeping, but someone told me yesterday that sleeping more than 8 hours a day will shorten my life. It is clear to me that someone is fucking with my mind. 020228
zenfishsticks not being able to afford the angel-sweet synthetics, you stay awake for days in a desperate attempt to reach a reality not your own. i ignore your mindless chattering as i take carefully planned naps, not willing to walk your path, just wanting to be there when you finally collapse.

it is painful to look at your eyes, screaming red from lack of relief, no quiet retreat behind eyelids. you tread a path from caffeinated beverage to bathroom and back again, with detours through limbo and chaos. you are chanting, fetal position, mouth wet.

let go.
little wonder i have no intentions of going to sleep anytime soon.
it gets lonely at night.
my eyes are sore from all of the crying and i just wish i could clear my head of everything that's happened today.
god christ 020408
ho ho ho I saw you eight hours ago
heading home,
and now Imiss you more than seems possible
wishing we were sleeping late together
I must accept that cannot happen
every night

laying in bed with my ceiling and cats
I can bridge moments
and tell myself how it works.
but the feelings still whisper
and my world still feels half-empty

I am glad in a greater sense
through the unconventional extras
we have closeness that gives me strength
but right at the moment
as I think of the empty space
with no smile or sigh or shared thoughts
wishing you here to bask in
I miss you
blown cherry that wasn't me (ho ho ho)
but god it sounds like it could have been

a precise torment duplicated
at least someone knows how it feels
jane i am awake
for something

can't sleep
till it comes

i am waiting
for it
and i am haunted
by the darkness
that surrounds me

waiting for you
niska dreaming of you, when i should be getting some sleep.

i miss you.
chris dream yourself awake :) 040206
u24 good advice right up the top there. 040315
boey awake is the zone between sleeping and smoking 040531
blown cherry I wish I could wake from this and find it all one of those really bad dreams. I wish I could wake and find my life was back to the way it was a few weeks ago, a few months ago, at the start. 040531
pete awake and waiting for the night to come... oh what a way to spend the day! 040531
Borealis I am falling awake
barely perceptibly dreaming between thoughts, between dreams
waking to what?
a cloud
a mist

I've taken my dreams for too long.
but for now, they'll have to do.

where else am I supposed to find you?
to tell you for the thousandth time, that I love you still.


let me sleep..
andyg i have trouble being it when its early 041012
Syrope the minimum i can guarantee right now. not happy, not excited, not alert, but awake

i have a feeling this concert is going to end badly
Evilair I hope not to be in a few minutes.. but it will probably last longer than that, since I still have to brush my teeth. 051203
Evilair amazing
56548 words
and I happen to land on the same word within 5 minutes.

perhaps something is trying to tell me something eh?
Evilair yea.. anyway..

that was almost an hour ago..

sleep, here I come.. (you know, liszt is really nice to listen to when you're going to sleep)
[:T_o_x_i_c___C_y_b_o_r_g:] Something I hate doing 061115
[:T_o_x_i_c___C_y_b_o_r_g:] At least early 061116
f you forgot to water me,
and you forgot to open the curtains..
theres a bit of bright pink on one edge of me that helps me get these words out
but my wilting head is getting heavier.
s It is 2am and I want to be outside under the sky and trees. I will not go because if I did someone might notice and then they would worry and think that I'm mad or up to no good.

I love the night because it is quiet and everyone is asleep. I don't understand the sleep-wake cycle anymore. I used to have one, but it broke when my last relationship broke. Which is over a year ago now. Which is quite a long time to be operating on some weird 48ish hour cycle. It sucks.

My brain comes alive from about 8pm. No matter how early I woke and how tired I was a few hours earlier, from 8pm I'm increasingly more and more awake.

Not all the time, but usually.

I would like to be done with this. I would like to like the days more.
hsg the sound of raindrops drumming on the overhead. there is a not so great storm & i long to see clear sky.

the sunshine once warmed me in a way that keeps me calm under the storm.

to see the sun(sh)in e different light, to appreciate thiSidea of sky perhaps all i need is to learn to dance to the drumming drops.
hsg dancing raindrops

Naomi Your breath
is the best
sound without a melody
its quiet intensity
keeps me awake at night
everything is alright
for the first time
and I'm
completely content
I mean it more than anything I've ever meant
now I can fall asleep
as deep
as I
want, and open my eyes
with eagerness
for your caress
each morning
wanting everything and nothing
blown cherry de ja vu I wish I could wake from this and find it all one of those really bad dreams. I wish I could wake and find my life was back to the way it was a few weeks ago, a few months ago, at the start. 091211
TK Can't sleep


also cant seem to drink enough water
dry mouth persists

brain feels full of molasses again


It's 2:38
I'd very much like to be asleep

I'm in need of sheep
coco dodo very deep breathing
like 15 second inhalations
counting sheep
counting waves
imagining sheep leaping into waves?

eye mask
pandora relaxation radio
warm shower
lavender essential oil
chelated magnesium
liquid chlorophyll

i've been having trouble sleeping lately as well, those in various combinations tend to help. you CAN sleep and it's inevitable you will sleep again.
unhinged take some melatonin. it shuts your brain off so that you can sleep 140731
TK wow

ppl care about my inability to sleep

yall make me so happy right now!

I'm absolutely sending warm lavender scented fuzzies your way right now!!
fa I've been having trouble sleeping recently
I'm waking up nervous for tomorrow
I quit my job
Gave up my security
I'm taking out my insecurities on those who have enough worries of their own
I know this and
I panic more for this realization of who I am
I'm going to see a doctor

...As soon as my health insurance kicks in
epitome of incomprehensibility A trick that helps me for some reason is thinking of an animal and an adjective for that animal that starts with the same letter. In alphabetical order.

For example, antisocial aardvark, bellicose blowfish, candid capybara...

For me it helps focus the mind - usually my thoughts just sort of drift off into sleep, but when insomnia hits my thoughts drift around as if they're skimming the surface of sleep but afraid to dive in, so some kind of mind-focusing technique helps.
e_o_i (It also has the advantage of being goofy, which for me often helps diffuse anxiety.) 140731
flowerock kava_kava can helps sometimes, but it can be a little strong for me these days,

mother_wort tea is wonderful

valarian root tea too (valarian and kava can be a little taxing on the liver though)

tire yourself out, run, skip, walk, clean, read until your eyes hurt...

vaporize_flowers is my method as of late.
unhinged (yeah, when my anxiety is bad the melatonin doesnt really work) 140731
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