W.C. I am proud of myself, but I am proud of myself only for pride's sake. I have little to boast for, and I have much for which I am ashamed. Of the things that I can be proud, I am excessively so. I order myself after a devil of a man to be as such, and I loathe and love him as I do an idol. For those which I am ashamed, I bear witness to their existence but not their specifics. Perhaps it is my apprehension toward the admission of my sins that gives rise to such self-resentment; as though my conscience were an unwilling accessory to every trangression. In truth, my conscience is an unwilling accessory to every trangression. For that, I am justified in my self-resentment. O feeble self-reliance! You send me to hell. There I stay forever to dwell. I am the imp of a thousand needles. 070316
fix yes butt...

life is hard..

and past is past...

its now that counts.
what's it to you?
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