jade the essential expression of light. a lifetime is a measure of the duration of the glow. 980904
amy long and short all at the same time 980913
angie we should enjoy every moment, for we may not wake up next sunny day 981011
dallas It's a really great game where you play these little pegs people that get to sit in little plastic sedans and drive around this crazy-ass weavy maze thing and then you spin this big wheel that's embedded in this big mountain thing... oh my. you can't miss it! 981114
emma and on top of that, in the Game of Life, having a child doesn't cost you a cent. 981114
Danny why fight it? Its bigger than you, it'll bash you to bits. 990209
adam the only thing in the universe that everyone is afraid of. 990211
velouria depends on existance. neither existance nor the desire for it can be denied. 990302
kat life is beautiful 990405
daxle is what you make of it. 990416
amy sometimes, it's like toothpaste and orange juice 990501
mareberry A road that seems endless, a path that will never let us choose. 990505
daxle dreamlife of angels or chiapas documentary...cry or headache...either way I'm going to leave the theater convinced that life is hell...but I'm going anyway 990508
Zed Of course life is hell, honey.
Didn't your mama tell you that?
Lisa There's nothing like it. 990511
jordan is a game that everyone is forced to play,some choose to end the game and others choose to continue and finish no matter how much hell they had to go through to get to the is hell on earth 990709
Lothaine Life is a degenerative and fatal venereal disease 990720
jared_d Is always better than the alternative. 990923
ricmariem i loathed it
saw it
defied it
hang on to it
looked at it immaturely
didn't like it
but loved it
Colleen Remember when you couldn't wait for your life to begin... and then, one day, it did? 991111
braincells blindfolded riding a rollercoaster of low highs and high lows 991114
DINO gratitude, forgiveness and appreciation 991130
lynn a series of choices and prayers with laughs, heartbreak, orgasms and disappointment thrown in. 991215
R.A.I.N. KORN say life is peachy
furry and moist.
Excuse the expression but i think
life is a cunt too.
bob That is not dead which can eternal lie,
and with strange eons even death may die.
nullspace this can't be my life.
my life wasn't supposed to turn out like this. where did my life go?
gaudior in some cases, this may be the only fate worse than death.

a blessing:
may you live.

a curse:
may you exist.
hahaha goes on and on and on and on...Then it stops! 000114
Tess or so they say...but math applicable to life is not discontinous, so living isn't either? 000114
ac Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

-John Lennon

now imagine Amsterdam, standing along the canal as a car drives down and around the block, blasting the song out its windows. it's a moment of beauty and hope, because you are standing just outside the Anne Frank house.
Fucked won't leave me alone. One chore after the other, one pain before the next. won't leave me in peace.

Life is killing me.
amy life is sad, and so is love. (kate bush)
do planets think this way? -drifting in and out, they pass each other by, keep orbiting and orbiting around the sun. there's nothing they can do about it, but smile and wave. is it gravity weak or strong that makes the difference.
anastacia if i ever live
i want it to be loud
the bricks beckon and the yelling is gross
all i can do is laugh and cringe
Leann see it with eyes wide open, and live in a state of constant amazement! 000320
Daniel says fuck all this mamby-pampby is fucking hard, that's all you need to know...and oh yeah, don't sweat the fucking small stuff, morons...self-help books have turned us all into middle-management 000322
angela my life is dedicated to thunderstorms on hot summer nights. to the sound of walking through fallen, crunchy leaves. to very light snow that kisses the surface of naked trees. to the first flowers of spring. my life is dedicated to the stories that my grandmother didn't live to tell me. to the kids who i will never realize look up to me. to my mother who will try so hard and still annoy me. to my father who will do such wrong and still have my worshipping adoration. my life is dedicated to punk rock. to songs with unforgettable words. to shows when you wanna jump on the stage and kiss the band because they don't know how much you love them. my life is a huge rambling weed. it grows free, and unclipped it will wander where it pleases. that's why my writing sometimes forgets to have an END. 000329
me if life is like a box of chocolates, then i must be the piece nobody wants. 000330
joc who ever said life was ment for the living 000511
kitti death is soooo much sweeter
to live is to die and die we all must
gregg an illusion that we agree is real. 000521
moonshine Life is the first light. 000523
frippy A cinnamon-y breakfast cereal kids will love.

A board game.

A concept unfairly singled out for countless metaphors.
Tommy Is like a lowblow to a blind man....It suckes and you never know when it is comming 000621
josie Life is only ever going to be what you make it.
Life is only ever going to be YOUR OWN hell on earth.
Life is only ever going to be YOUR OWN heaven if you make it so.
Take a hold and grasp it with two bold hands. Don't be afraid, I'm here to hold you up when you fall but remember you decide who lives or dies.
abulia is merely an outward
man-i-fest-a-tion of energy
emanating from the celestial
of existence,
or some happy bullshit,
Mary Life is so weird.
Is life worth living? Yes.
Is life confusing? Yes.
Is life a blessing? Yes.
But mostly, life is just so weird.
Zoe Life sucks 000717
Wayne not 000724
whocares Life is boring and stupid and it sucks.
If you don't want that then don't sit back and watch. Get involved, your the boss of yourself. DO something with what you have. Thats why we have a body. To walk around and do things with it. Thats what life is. If your not doing anything then you already died the day you became lazy. So come to life and use that hunk of skin and bone you have. And you suddenly realize you are alive and exist.
claudia is bullshit. all your friends are assholes. you put up with everyone else's shit, then you say one word and you're the devil. i don't believe that. you're always alone because no one treats you like you want to be treated. and then you die. so why not kill yourself? because we were born to suffer and that would be cheating, no? no one likes a cheater. but if you don't like anybody else, why in the world should that matter? 000802
claw is what you make of it. a constant circle of highs and lows. stop your complaining because it will not get you a refund or better service. life doesn't listen to your joys or keeps on going.

heaven, hell... who is to say
psycho insomniac mabe it's me... but this life isnt going anywhere. we're born, we grow, we reproduce to make new life, we work to earn money to live, we die, and maybe even be reincarnated...just a big endless circle... will it ever end?
as long as your having fun, it's all good to waste energy...then again, if your having fun, nothings a waste
Q love laughing liveliness loneliness 000831
Q If that's what you say. 000831
SaMaNtHa life is just a long dream you have before death...nothing ever seems to turn out right...why am i so tortured? why am i so neglected? why me? why is my life like this???




i hate living, i hate me...
psycho insomniac i suggest you see a shrink. they help you if your willing to help yourself.
no one or no thing should ever take the will of living away from you. you have a right to live, and if you chose to take the short way out, well thats just weak. you are stronger than you think. things have a way of working themselves out.
energy stop trying to know what it's all about. stop trying to dominate it. ride on its back and go where you will... 000907
Seth An interesting mix of chaotic, entropic, and static energy. Some people are guided by stasis, conforming to the all, content to observe. Some are dynamic, chaotic, and these are the doers, the actors, the people who can't sit still. Some, like me, and quite a few of those who post on this board, are guided by entropy, the beginning and end of all. Where chaos and order meet, where all is destroyed, and where all is created. It's hard to tread this path that I've chosen, but ultimately rewarding. Some, though, take it to far, and then they trip over the line, becoming pure nothingness. A truely enlightened person is neither entropic, chaotic, or static. They realise the need for all three, and work to achieve a balance between the three primal essences within themselves, thereby achieving a balance within themselves. Life. 000911
pink panther "the journey continues..." right, Seth? 000912
Seth The journey continues... Damn straight!!! :o) 000912
DJAshton Hi, i am 19,
all my life i have been put down,
all through school i had no friends,
i thought life was a bitch and not worth living,
so i used to live in a daydream and think about what life would be like if things where the way i wanted them to be.
i would sit at school and dream all day, it's a wounder i got right through.
i would come home and lay on my bed and think what it would be like to have people i could hang out with, my brothers did not even want to hang out with me.
i had no one to talk to and no one to be with, and my parents wounld not understand.

life now is still the same.
maybe one day it will change,
till then i will see you all in dream land.
DJAshton by the way,
Life will only lead to Death.
have fun waiting to die.
ubliss ***ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss

Subject: Life & Choices

Life is about choices.

In your past life, you had chosen your choice:- That is to leave your FATHER and attach to your MOTHER.

In your present life, you have unlimited choices:- from NO choice, possible choices to impossible choices; good choices and bad choices, right choices and wrong Choices ,
... , ; and
a choice for your future life:
1. Do you have a choice?
2. What is the wise choice?

Copyright 2000
PiRho alive and well without the fear of leaving the subconcious undisturbed. freedom from social duty. fulfilled and ready to find the sun upon your face ...the freedom to live from the heart no disgrace for truth but embracing the love of all that is. all that exists.

tourist Life is just one damn thing after another. 001101
SnAkEyEs I sent my soul through the invisible,
Some lessons of the after-life to spell,
By and by it came and answered,
I myself am heaven and hell.
chanaka she whines, "that's not fairrr...."
life ain't fair
but it's all we have
so stop bitching
kx21 from Doing Nothing to Everything:-

Talking / Listening
Acting / Reacting
Reading / Writing
Playing / Working
Cat ^.^ One man died so that we might live...but first we must LIVE!!! 001215
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO life is great!but it is what u make it... look life straight on and go in positive ... have yaself a good time.. y sit and bitch about it when there is soo much to do and so much u can have?!?!to loose life u have to have had one first! 001231
kx21 A state of Perfection, Forever and Eternal:-
Life without Past, Present & Future or more precisely, Life without Time?
moonshine A pretty illusion within our heads we all share. 010109
moonshine Sharing the same existence, divided by the flesh. 010115
kx21 Experiences of various SHIT(s) and STAR(s). 010116
Bell R Life is a bitch and then you die. 010116
Relex Life is what you get when you mix a man and a woman. The result is never the same but the outcome is predictable. 010119
Carnby Is life but a pit of hell where the abberations of self consciousness torment a person to a cell of loneliness and pain. 010121
ares is life what happens after you wake up and before you go to sleep, or is it what seems to happen after you go to sleep and before you wake up? 010121
... is what we * should * feel. but pain is what we get. 010121
Carnby Life can be called joyful, life can be called jubilant.
But these are names and are lies.
For the real life if is of pain caused by the same lies and the suffering caused by the nature of man kind.
... Carnby * is * life. 010121
ares is life something that is wasted when you ask for its meaning?
and if this is the case have i just wasted a part of my life?
Assume that Change is the Only Constant
in the Universe so as LIFE.

Sucess in Life: SHIT to STAR
Failure in Life : STAR to SHIT

LIFE = Concerto of SHITs and STARs.
Carnby Life is the endless dream of cruelty. 010121
... is not worth living today. 010122
kx21 Life is the endless chain of surprises:-

Yestarday's chaos, problem or mistake;

Today's reasonings , actions or resoluations; and

Tomorrow's uncertainties, consequence(s) and dreams...

copyright 2001.
alex311swim its just a bunch of complicated equations with on answer to be obtained at the end... 010203
... String of yestarday, today & tomorrow; And Superstrings of past, present and future... 010203
kx21 A SYMPHONY of STRING(s) / Superstrings... 010204
kx21 Vibrations of STRING(s) / Superstrings... 010204
kx21 Surprises on STRING(s) / Superstrings...


It is none other than M_Theory,
Mother of all THEORY...

Copyright 2001.
ruzi dont remember where i was
i realized life was a game
the more seriously i took things
the harder the rules became
i had no idea what i'd cost
my life to pass before my eyes
i found out how little i accomplished
all my plans denied
ruzi dont remember where i was
i realized life was a game
the more seriously i took things
the harder the rules became
i had no idea what it'd cost
my life to pass before my eyes
i found out how little i accomplished
all my plans denied
kx21 Change is the only constant in U, so as LIFE, and

M_theory, the Mother of all Theory, which is the function of LIFE.

It implies that all theories are subject to changes now & then...
god right on 010210
trazlo ~constant grey mist sitting over me, around me, in me. it chokes and slowly kills and yet i stay.
~a dream that i don't quite know how to wake up from.
~all-consuming ever-present nothingness hinting vaguely at something we must attain.
~a quest to answer unanswerable questions leading only to dispair.
~a game. there is a reset button once u die but why i ever started playing i have no idea. sometimes it is better to kill the character and start fresh.
~a big fucking bother.
unhinged hold me up when i fall?
carpe diem bullshit?
no one has ever been here to hold me up when i fell. i survive every day alone. somehow i don't think that's the point of this. really i don't. if i died tomorrow, if i just ceased to live, i wouldn't be disappointed. sure, there are lots of things i could have done. accomplished something in this life. but there are times when i want to squander it all away in a petty minimum wage job, living the life of the nameless middle class. i want to be a failure, a joke. it's the only way i feel i can get back on what ever is holding me in this state. if god shaped me in his image, i feel sorry for the sick bastard.
paradox does not begin http://
and definately does not end .com

air is for breathing.

florescent firefly Life is Beautiful. 010224
No Bod - E Life, it's what's for dinner.

Hm, no, scratch that.

Life is what happens between birth and death. It's one part shit, one part sour sauces, one part 'blah' with a pinch of happiness thrown in to keep us all wanting to eat the cake that we think is at the end. Well, what happens when there is no cake? What happens when after life... there is nothing?

Easy, then you realize that life is precious and you should hoard it. Instead of suicide; the ultimate cop-out, why not actually decide for once to live life.

That's what I do. For the most part, I please myself. I take life one day at a time, I look up every now and then to see where I'm going and learn where I am but, not enough to become attached to it all.

No, life isn't what's for dinner.
Life is the short time that you get to be on stage, eventually your scene ends and you must walk offstage. Till then, why not act up the part?
focus i'd hate to live life in the midwest. with ravers. 010314
monadh yet lived
the sweetest song
Dafremen Life is what you got, good or bad.

Don't deny it, why would you want to, you need it.
Why don't you try it? Baby you want to, believe it.

Give it to me, gimme that sweet that nasty that good life.

Now don't you bullshit me.

Cmon gimme that sweet that nasty that good life.
jeremiah messiah is like a simile.
Life is like something that is like something else??
Oh, most definitely.
What, you doubt?
mikey life is just a series of twisty roads....with no map. 010314
lost life sux sometimes freindships turn to LIES!!! of hatred in disguise. It brings tears to my eyes. I can see the truth from the nutral side in my mind confusion cripples me into my element of control unsureness... emotional times I'm just fine... NO!!!!!!!!!
kx21 Life is just the twists & turns of MIND.. 010314
ChriSt always look on the bright side of life,
always look on the light side of life,
when life ssems jolly rotten,
there's soething you've forgotten,
and that's to smile and joke and laugh and sing,
when you're felling down the dumps,
don't be silly chumps,
just pout your lips and whistle, thats the thing...
mmm i live most of it in front of this screen 010324
retartedkidnameddamian utterly meaningless 010325
kx21 The soup of Meaningful & Meaningless connections, interconnections and relationships... 010325
kx21 Learn from ?
Knowledge of ?
Dafremen Don't forget:

Die from?
Pass down to?

These and many more questions will be answered in the next installment of:

kx21 like shit, string, symphony, SURPRISE & Star;
so near yet so far.
Refer to TOE for the answers...
hoodrat life is mine, and I'm doing my best. 010405
Chrity go to:
The Truth Life is a gift. A chance to participate in an elite sect of energy.
The cycle of seed to fruit, to seed again. It's beautiful.
As humans, we get distracted. As we seek to take for ourselves.

There is one condition for this gift. Whatever we are given, we must in turn give away. For, whatever we take for ourselves becomes a weight that holds us down. But if you give away all that you are given, then when you are released at death, you will be light enough to ascend.
no one ascend? dogshit. 010410
elisabeth i want to get a hold of mine 010411
Denna "Some will die it hot pursuit in fiery auto crashes,
Some will die in hot pursuit while sifting through my ashes,
Some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain,
that is pourin' like an avalanche comin' down the mountain."

-Butthole Surfers
Roybeast One cannot, CANNOT fully appreciate sobriety in it's entirety without an extended vacation from it. 010502
Casey I feel I have lost mine. Almost like that one sock that gets lost after doing the laundry. So there you stand with one single sock and no matching one. The sock you still have is your body, clean, fluffy, but with a bit of lint on it. And the missing sock is life and soul. And, well, I have no fuckin clue where the hell it went. 010502
kx21 New Thought on Life from
Stedman Graham,
a best selling author and entrepreneur:-
Build your own Life Brand...
kx21 or New Shit(s) on Life? 010503
Enigma Life is a funny thing. It seems like everything happens to someone else.
You can spend your life waiting to be that someone else. Waiting for your turn. Does your turn ever come?

We'll have to wait and see.
User24 "Life"
I’m a pawn in a game
I’m a tired out shell
and I’m going insane
In a living Hell

I’m a weak child
I’m a silent bell
and I’m feeling wild
In a living Hell

I’m a lost voice
I’m an empty well
and I have no choice
In a living Hell

I’m a shadowy reflection
of what I was before
and the constant misconception
will slowly close the door

--Howard Y. (in other words, me )
Ditto no you won't.
I'm serious,
you don't just walk away when things get bad, you know that better than anyone.
mandin6o star spelled backwards is efil
which sounds like evil if
said really fucking fast
jaded n faded life can suck me - it's more trouble than it's worth 010611
Dafremen Attention ingrate known also as jaded n faded:

This is the Existence police. It has come to our attention that you do not appreciate your existence and are therefore in violation of Apparent Reality Code 65435-J Sections II-IV

Your claim to existence has hereby been suspended as of 4:30 tomorrow evening Galaxial Mean Time.

You will be expected to report back to the nothingness from whence you came prior to that time.

You will not be eligible for existence privileges for a period not less than one lifetime and not more than an eternity.

If you feel that you have been unfairly charged, you may file a complaint with the Universe, be aware however that due to a backlog your complaint may take as long as TWO eternities to be processed, which must take place before a hearing date can be set.

This is your one and only opportunity to go peacefully. Should you choose not to cooperate, your existence will be taken from you by force.

Thank You,

A Big SOMEBODY also known as
Crelm Farnstark
Chief of Existence Task Force Operations

Note: The NO-Bus leaves limbo PROMPTLY at 4:45 GMT, punctuality is appreciated.

Message delivered c/o Dafremen
congz // One way to see it......
nothing Life(everything);
Unfucked Now Life is getting better! :) 010622
florescent light I'm having a very hard time with life right now.

I have lost 5-10 pounds in a month- which is a bad thing, since I am already so small. My jeans are swimming on me.

I'm hardly eating, I eat probably the equivalent to one meal a day. I have no appetite, and it's so stressful in my house, everything is so hard here.

I am the sanest one currently in my family. I don't feel like I'm holding them together, but I am the only one who can see what's really going on.
I've always been the only one.

I have about 20 times more intelligence than my mother. And this upsets me. I want to be able to respect her, but instead I'm losing respect.
My Dad has more intelligence than me, but he is an asshole- so he uses it the wrong way- he uses it to manipulate and hurt people. He breaks everyone's spirit.

Anyway, all this home stress is effecting my eating habits, which in turn affects my brain. Causing me to have a hard time socializing. I don't feel like dealing with almost anybody.
I have no patience for people right now.
They just all bore me.
And I know it's not necessarily them, but it's me.
So when I do go out, I don't have a good time.

Since things aren't going well socially, I feel lonely. And when I begin to feel lonely, that is when I yearn for a romantic relationship. which is probably why I feel so insecure about Cliff, because I feel like I need some sort of romantic support, since my social circle is so small. But since my social circle is so small, I become insecure with my romantic partners, which will make them go away, and/or cause me to push them away.

And since I feel lonely, I don't feel like being productive.
I don't feel like cleaning my room, and am getting frusterated with the job search.

I keep trying to break the cycle, I keep trying to be happy. But it's hard when the thing that's bringing me down is an in-your-face constant.
Casey To me life is being happy. Life is doing the things you enjoy the most. Life is loving. Life is holding and caressing. Life is caring. Life is everything good in the world. Everything else is just reality 010705
Photophobe by that definition, Casey, I'm pretty much dead. I guess I still do soe things I enjoy, on occasion.

Are the heartbroken alive?
K. we sail away, sail away, down to Mexico with all of the king's goats in their sombreros throwing oyster crackers at us, it was just on the news- the Walrus got them in the end, that's what you get for partying too much, running around with the wrong crowd isn't going to get you any nearer to Oz, and the Garden of Eden went on hiatus- no one really wants paradise anymore, therapy is way too much fun, but check back next eternity, and have you heard? Penelope turned into a communist nudist schizo singing show tunes and living in a cardboard box with her poet son, see all those creeping perversionists thinking they're the center of the universe, their kids grow up and invent the sixties, she ought to be ashamed... 010714
kx21 Can life exist without virgin? 010715
Rblprncss17 Of course life aint perfect
if it was it would be boring and then we really could say that it was hell
life is a challenge and only the strong survive
yes its easy
but can you do it with your head held high?
kijima god's big cruel joke on the world 010816
Dafremen florescent - You've just described so many familiar things that I'm afraid I'm going to have to call "Libra!" and leave it at that. People bore the piss out of me too. With their He/she/they Did/won't/couldn't this/that/the other.

It's normal gab, but it just puts me to sleep, everything seems to be the same damned conversation with different subjects and verbs is all.

I wrote a poem about the pushing away thing. It seems the more I care for someone the harder I am on them. It's as if I'm testing their devotion or loyalty or something. It could just be a defense mechanism from my early childhood, that's pretty likely.

I love life though florescent and I think you do to, you just wish there were more to it huh? In the past 2 years I've started to become comfortable with the idea that I NEED to make decisions and plans alone. I listen to advice and opinions, but ultimately make my decisions my way based on all available input. I never used to be that way. When I was younger I was constantly seeking opinions and advice. I almost always regretted not having followed my own advice.

The social thing is hard. We need to be alone, but we also don't seem to function well without a partner of some kind. (I have a hard time motivating myself unless someone is there for me.)

We're all different and have different "ideal" surroundings, so don't be too distressed by the isolation florescent dear. The loneliness is bearable and somewhere down the road you're going to find that loneliness can be your best friend.
kx21 Whoever will be will be...
Whatever will be will be...
Whenever will be will be...
Whereever will be will be...
However will be will be...

What's left?

Norm Life is deadly! 010901
walrus we'll understand it once we're dead 010910
Skalar the energy that holds the universe together. 010910
kingsuperspecial mistakes, orgasms, bills 010910
melvinwang sucks sometimes 010913
melvinwang is funny 010913
gwyllynne they say a rose is a flower and that it is wilts......and then it is dead....... 010914
stars Don't it make you sad to know that life.. is more than who we are... 010922
tom cochrane life is a highway, and i wanna ride it all night long, but the cops took away my license for driving under the influence. 010923
Nerb Life Everlasting is my name,
A force to be reckoned with.
not something to be taken likely.
I have a brother...
Death Evermore.
Which would you rather be.
Rather, which one are you.
Matt life is waiting for you 011004
ouch (wheres my KY?) life_keeps_fucking_me 011004
futility the journey back the place where we came from 011013
kx21 karma...

Stings of Actions / reactions...
kx21 Spices of Actions / Reactions... 011014
rei toei begin twist turn fork wind bend crawl through time. stop wait watch wonder why. breed offspring grow you again breathing living. one way street. no uturns here decide. fork. eni-meni-mini-moe-i pick you! walk the path of life twist stop and smell the flowers. don't look back, you can't go. wonder why? why die? why live? squeal, crash, blood dripping. no life 011020
lost i hope i can catch up to it. i think maybe i have been sitting on the sidelines tooo long. 011020
yufap there is no meaning. there is no feeling. It all just floats around. I don't want to live this life over again. I want it to be over. There's no goals. No purpose for me. Strive. Strive for nothing. Live life to the fullest, but what's the point? It'd evaporate all in a moment. Everything you ever felt is watered down the moment it passes by. As another moment goes on, it fades even more. Life will never be the fullest, but it can always be empty. Life, that one glow. That one spark, harvested, yet given no purpose. It lies there, harvested for what reason? For food? There is no life. It's all made up. 011028
Norm is there nothing better? 011028
kx21 The Power of life = Politics, Wars & Terrorist_acts 011028
kx21 The Power of life = Politics, Wars & Terrorist_acts... 011028
gravy gurl is like a game of chess: either make a move or resign 011105
umpbumpfizz any entity which creates disorder in its environment in order to slow its personal rate of entropy 011109
ares life is what we make it
but only if we stand up first
to make something we must be a part of it
we cannot sit back, waiting for life to make us
for life is what we make it
and i'm not letting it make me
ClairE it's all we have.

shhiva life is a magic spell.

a fucking cycle with a mystic start and a misterious unpredictable end.
Merry life is like a game of cards... its how you play... its about opponents and teammates, and getting and holding onto the cards you need... and want... even though the deck will always be full, your opponent may get the card you've been waiting for right when you take your eyes off it... 011230
reitoei another year has slipped by. how many more times will i smell the summer flowers, the autumn nights, how many times will i dance through winters snow.
every day passes with little things not noticed, thinking we can always stop and smell the flowers tomorrow, tomorrow. and one day there is no tomorrow, and you wonder what a rose smells like, how your footsteps fall, what color your best friends eyes are. life is short and not always sweet and it comes with a fatal price.

Did you see the sunset?
The golden rays glinting from marble stones
Yellow leaves falling from the tree of life
Watching the end come near until you disappear
How much longer shall you dream
Until eternity is yours?

Did you smell the flowers
Or did you trample them into the ground
Where you now reside
Will you remember life
Or make a fantasy
Maybe it was never even real
Were you even alive?
Or Just a zombie rising from the ground
Senseless sleepy unthinking

Don’t be sad, your heart must be a feather
Osiris is here to judge for all eternity
Watch the scales falling down down down
No star for you

Who will remember you
Whose tears will water your soul into the ground
Who will remember what you did, what you said
Not I

You are nothing in our minds
Nothing in life
Nothing in death
So why be?
bittersweet Damn you and the way you always cut in. What do you know about my life? You say my grades aren't what they used to be ... I don't really care anymore. I'm drowning myself within ... in a dark pool of questions and anguish. Notice how I'm always depressed? It's mostly your fault.

Let me live the life of a teenager, let me be who I am. You have cut me off from basically everyone and everything that had mattered to me ... I'm sorry I got those two Bs ... I'm sorry that you had to have me.

I'm sorry for not receiving the perfect on the PSATs. I'm sorry for not being the perfect child you always wanted ...

I'm so lost ... so very lost ... and yet there's no one to turn to ... hell no I'm not going to talk to you ... why should I bother? Let me die now ... after all ... my life is essentialy over already ...

Why do I envelop myself with all these clubs you ask. THe answer is simple--to free myself from this family and all the pain it represents. All the bitter tears I've wept will never be wiped away.

God ... let me live through this ... let me live through this and prove them wrong ... let me prove myself to them and the world once more ...

I'm not what I used to be ... but I don't regret that.

Let me be ... let me be ...
kerry well
i don't want to be a zombie
i don't want to be nothing
so where does it leave me?
i'm not a raver
"who should we talk about now?" she
and i feel
sick and dizzy,
taking all my dad's neil young albums,
because they're a soundtrack
to my childhood,
along with
joni mitchell
jackson browne
lyle lovett
bob dylan
the doors
i get so sad when i hear it all
i start to shake
when i'm trying to stay still
i feel stupid compared to you...
why do our parents
feed us lies?
they tell us
we're so beautiful and smart,
we have so much potential...
i don't believe a word.
i don't write a word of sense lately,
i have 1 or 2 talents
just like everyone else
and i look average,
nothing special,
but that's okay, i promise.
i'm smart but not a genius.
it's alright.
stop lying to me.

stupid fuckers. life is good. don't fill it with shit.

color it with crayons if ya want.
Micah the kiss of life is the gretest kiss of all. 020115
Syrope Thank you Jiminy Cricket 020205
NearPerfecTheory There's two ways.... keep talking in hopes to define it.... or say nothing at all. 020307
you Life is emotion;
filled with a plethera of things.
You can percieve it as a terrible thing or blessing. If you feel like shit than it is truly your fault. Suck it up.
Live for yourself.
Don't count on others to help you. You are independent.
Don't turnaround.
Lend a hand when in need.
Be the bigger man.
You are dead already if you aren't truly living.
Life is what you percieve it to be.
glenn life is everything and nothing
it has no meaning
there is no point to it
or is there?
life is to love
life is to be loved
life is a moment
lfe is an eternity
Syrope bittersweet i think you took words out of my mouth...

"I've dealt with my ghosts and faced all my demons
Finally content with a past I regret
I’ve found you find strength in your moments of weakness
For once I’m at peace with myself
I’ve been burdened with blame, trapped in the past for too long
I’m movin’ on

I’ve lived in this place and I know all the faces
Each one is different but they’re always the same
They mean no harm but it’s time that I face it
They’ll never allow me to change
But I never dreamed home would end up where I don’t belong
I’m movin’ on

I’m movin’ on
At last I can see life has been patiently waiting for me
And I know there’s no guarentee’s, but I’m not alone
There comes a time in everyone’s life
When all you can see are the years passing by
And I have made up my mind that those days are gone

I sold what I could and packed what I couldn’t
Stopped to fill up on my way out of town
I’ve loved like I should but lived like
I shouldn’t
I had to lose everything to find out
Maybe forgiveness will find me somewhere down this road
I’m movin’ on"

(college here i come :) 5 more months, baby!)
brandi "In the game of Life, we're all Pawns."-moi 020311
me is nothing but a story book 020313
HeatherBrock Come to me, my immoral sin. Believe in the part we have come to play. Look in the guilded cage and here is the key. Unlock the mystery that is what I am. 020507
Erin Driving
Driving so far
For our dreamlike destination
We expected to come across
Unloading the van
We dust off the sand
Not a care for miles and miles
Peach noses and sun stained hair
Are clearly seen on each of us
The balmy breeze leaves just enough moisture
For an entrancing palette bon fire
Stars puncture the slate black sky
warm waves glimmer and roll up to our toes
we sit around the fire
I peer around the circle
And see faces of my youth
All in the same state of mind
All bringing me different memories
Feeling this night will be added to the collection
As the sky turns to a rising orange array
We are faced to seize the melancholy day
We pack up the van
Forget to wipe off the sand
As smiles of perfect bliss fill our faces
Life is worthwhile
If you live it the fullest……
never turn back and keep on going……
Patty i will never look back
i am who i am today, not who i was even yesterday
i am change
life is change,
yet we seem to change in circles, always the same, always different
i am tomorrow
Jack R. Ouji the universe choose to bring upon life,
its patern is to be born, to live, to die, then repeat.
It choose to be that way.
Being alive is being part of that choice.
Bugs live, dogs live, people live.
the pattern of life is what was given to us.
it is in us all.
we are life.
we are god.
the bugs, the dogs, the people.
all god.
Patty a god without gut
a god with sin
a god without answer
a god of whim
Jack R. Ouiji To be alive, is to be apart of life and godhood.
So, to cause chaos, trouble, and death, would that not be denying life and order, so in a sense "sinning" ?

denying life, and your godhood.

so to love would be to promote it.
So life and love would be of the same.
And hate and death not so.
Life death. Love hate.
The pattern.

we are god.
we are love.

Till you decide otherwise.
me sorry yyour site confuses me, help me understand? 020527
me sorry yyour site confuses me, help me understand? 020527
screwing for virginity dying for something is easy, its living for it that is the difficult part 020623
blaber mouth life trys to break you in the way you think but you keep it going till the end no matter how short it is life is just an emmotion and a thought 020706
blaber mouth Life hmmm is a true subject that everyone needs to talk about is it real or is it just fantacty is it a dream or are we just liveing! 020709
phil everytime I get it, I get it 020709
Ahmad life is to know the defenition of life 020826
lo usually never recognize its happening cept for those surreal moments you just look up and are say oh shit! yeah, ok, life. 020829
viciousmissfit the thing you hold on to
what cannot commit
doownosiop .emocrevo ot ytinutreppo eht 020908
Gnos Yidari
"What is the meaning of existence?"
The meaning of existence- is existence; or rather the perpetuation of it.
Gnos Yidari "What is the meaning of life?"
Life is it's own meaning.
buddhist idea? Life is definitely the goal. There's this big game, this race that everybody's in, and all anybody wants is to live. Sad how all that trying to live usually just makes them want more. Where's the time to stop and smell the roses? Who out there really just wants to live by being an observer, a genuine optimist, a contented self sufficient entity? I do! 020918
cnxn is a constant state of death, things always being forgotten, experiences being removed, cells dying, the passing moment eternally forgotten 021008
tourist (living too long and showing it) Soon You'll Attain the Stability You Strive For
In The Only Place that Its Granted
In a Place Among The Fossils of Our Time

Life Is Change
How It Differs From the Rock
New Worlds to Gain
My Life is to Survive
And Be Alive
For You
Tom Life is a beautiful, long room with a door at the other end. Its full of amazing and gripping things, filling you with the most extreme emotions and inspiring thoughts. You walk through it admiring the objects, the sounds and the smells, As you reach the handle of the door, you look back and you wish you just walked that little bit slower, and looked that little bit harder. It suddenly hits you that you knew that the door was there all the time 021015
blown cherry It just keeps going and going.
Sometimes it astounds me and I just don't understand it at all.
And sometimes it doesn't matter and I just let the vastness of it fall away.
The Devil Himself my house? 'that's real easy.

.:dad:. stupid worthless no-good goddamn freeloadin' son of a bitch retarded big-mouth know-it-all asshole jerk!

.:mom:. you forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful

.:dad:. shut up bitch!! go fix me a turkey pot pie!

.:son:. what about you dad?

.:dad:. fuck you!

.:son:. no dad! what about you?!

.:dad:. fuck you!!

.:son:. no dad! what about you?!?!

.:dad:. fuck youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!'

-The Breakfast Club-
candy corn candy_corn 021017
kx21 N, O, T, C & H:-

me what is life to me
to you it new
to me it is past
and never ending moment
but that is to me
and not to you
so what should I do
when I want to live something new?
florescent light life.

life, life, life, life, life.

what the fuck is my life?

a hoax?

I am a fake.

I just want you to like me, that's all.

I 'll do anything.

like me, like me, like me.

but once you insist I cross my limitations, I just don't care anymore.

instead I wonder what's wrong with me.

I wonder everyday.

yup thats me `only a game, if it had been anything else it would have come with is confusing, and carson is cool and should not die~ 021112
Destination? It is not the large idea of who you could be or what you could be doing. It is not the world you want to be apart of, the world to save you from this. It is here, now, the people you meet, the words you say, the ideas you concieve, the interactions you experience. It is taking the mundane and making it extraodinary. It is the love within the pain, the forth within the back, it is the calm before the storm, the want within the need. It is here everyday, and as you sit waiting for it to come you have missed a little part of it leave. 021112
wish~ Life is a moment between two eternities. 021113
phil oldlquestion
hi lifes like this, you fall, you crawl, you break, you take what you get and you turn it into honesty now promise me im never going to find you faking 021221
me do people actually read all of these things? i dont think that they do so it doesnt really matter what i say. life can be so terrible and yet life can be so wonderful. at those times when you are sad you feel like you'll never be happy again but you'll stay like that for the rest of your miserable life. and those times that you're happy you think, it doesn't matter what i do because i know that i will always be as happy as i am right now. but that is never true. life is not consistent. life is like a rollercoaster with many ups and downs. you can't control it, it controls you. sometimes you can't stop things from happening but they are destined to happen. you cannot control who you fall in love with but you can control who you will marry. you find love in unusual places...places that you wouldnt of ever suspected to people that you would rather not acknowledge their existence. and what is with this whole world being totally shallow? they try to look the right way just so that they can be accepted in this world. and they look for a partner that is good-looking rather than for their personality and what they are on the inside. the inside is all that counts. beauty fades but personality doesnt. its surprising how much i have learned in my 16 years. it makes me look forward to the rest of my life so that i can experience more things and tell people about them ...bye 021221
telir Life's an odd thing. Is life truly odd in itself, or do we, as high-thinking beings, make it odd? Is some cosmic force giving each of us something trial, or series of trials to give us the strength to succeed, or are all choices and tests devices of our own creation? Can we be happy without the belief that there is some cosmic force taking interest in our lives? I, likely, don't have all the answers, simply questions and ponderances that my mortal mind has created answers for. I think most people are like me in this. They create answers to make themselves feel safe. Without these personal answers the common man would feel helpless and hopless. Unsure of what point life has. That thought worries me. There is so much more to life than what someone, anyone, else says there is. This is a world of nearly infinite possiblitiy, if one chooses to look around. Dreams, goals, love and fun are all wondorous things to have. Pain, sarrow, laughter, light, good and bad, the simple feeling of emotion is a truly great gift. All feeling, all emotion has its place and can be a great tool to help one thought life. Without those adverse feelings everyone attempts to avoid or deny there is no way to judge the good. Happiness is sweeter when gained after sarrow. This is my thought at any rate. The sensation of feeling, something most take for granted, is not the curse most would make it out to be, but is and should be a way to prove that you are alive and everyday that you are alive is full of possibility and wonder just waiting to be descovered. Once that wonder is discovered then the day was worth living. If that wonder is not found, then it simply means that something else could have been done to bring it and a resolve should be made to find it. The gentle way one you love breathes when he or she is embraced in the arms of sleep is a wonder, if you just open your eyes and look. Anything can bring wonder with an open and openned eyes. Simple pleasures are as grand as riches. The smile on someone's face when you do just one thing for them that you didn't have to do. Just knowing that you've pleased someone. These are the pleasures of life. This is what life's about. It is not a game with who has the most to show for it at the end. This is not Monopoly. The openned mind is life freshly turned earth, you just need to plant the right seeds, give a little care, and beautiful things will bloom. 021223
Chilly D isn't as hard as people make it out to be. Just need to know how to move the pieces... sorta like chess, but not that mindful.. can't really expect or win anything... it's not a game... it's not a competition. Just have to take your time and think things thoroughly, ya know? Be optimistic ... it really gets ya somewhere. Haha, then again I hardly practice what I preach... what am I saying... maybe I should more.. 030110
michelle j what is life when your told you wont amount to shit what is it when people jump on you day to dayfor the way you are and the things you do how do you go through school when people contiunosl flip on you teachers cant even begin to put away the slips of detions with your name on it all of this because your diffrent all of this beucase you dont want to play thier games think about it is it fair no is this life yes is like fair no is life fun ? only when you end it 030120
Chilly D Like I said, you have to be optimistic about all the bad shit that goes on in your life... or about any of the lives that you see that surround you. Where will being morbid and all that shit get you? Nowhere. You can complain about how shitty you have things and no one really wants to hear it, you know? I mean sure people will listen but they get sick of listening if it isn't a mutual thing... and if it is, then why would you be sad in the first place? People don't shit on you because you are different. People shit on you because they are insecure. Everyone is insecure though... do I have to question that twice? I honestly think not. And what is life, right? LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT. 030120
phil life is what life is 030120
phil the dirt never dissapears 030120
doug walp the most basic human instinct is to survive.
the most basic human drive is to reproduce.
the most basic male motive is to care for.
the most basic female motive is to be cared for.
if a person does not fit these ideals and instinctive social values, society naturally eliminates or isolates. what we see in our society are detectable usurpations of our social interactions by our instincts, however, these instincts are inhibited (neurosis) by society, so we have a preservation of our weaker members, thus weakening our race.
The Spork Okay, Adolf, back in your bunker. 030129
Black Argonaut in ancient roman city-states, they would take all citizens deemed imperfect (mentally retarded or handicapped, those suffering psychoses, etc.) a distance no less than half a day's ride from the city. Here they would slice the Achille's tendon on both feet of every person and leave them to die. (The Achille's tendon allows the foot to be able to move back and forth, therefore giving us the ability to walk. Without it, the foot simply hangs, and we are motionless). This was considered socially acceptable at the time, yet today would be considered horrible and inhumane. I dont know, what do you think? 030129
will lifes is to short so dont get cought in all that shit that you know would be hot dont spit a ryme if you dont know crime cuz you could die in this world or be doin the time so i dont rap ryme i spit shine to every motherfucker who be be supplying on my rymes fuck yaa 030209
cube Some society in the future will judge us inhumane for electroshock 'therapy'...
Eowithien something that I have not yet encountered. 030220
butterfly life is what you make of can be good or bad...sometimes it throws things at you that you aren't expecting, but it's life and that's just how it big rollercoaster, and you can choose to enjoy it or fear it. 030222
mo bummer...i hate rollercoasters 030222
me such strange curiousities run through her head. they only sound good in her mind. clumsy words on paper or in her mouth. But perfect in that piece of flesh they call a brain. is there really such a thing as a mind? Susanna Kaysen wrote about Brain vs. Mind in Girl, Interupted. That was a good book, she thinks. starring blankly at the Pivot program women outside on the sidewalk, smoking cigarettes. she likes to watch them. talking like they do. She likes wondering what they're hiding. what they're thinking. she's glad no one knows what she's thinking. they'd probably be too confused by her thoughts to follow them anyways. Her recent episode runs though her mind breifly but she tries not to think of it. no one noticed how dizzy she was or her panicked breathing. no one noticed anything important. it doesn't really matter, any of this. But then, not much does if you think about it. She thiks about everything. this is her main fault. 030301
zentrist energy applied chronologically 030320
Michael isn't the time when your making plans for it, but the time stolen within the lack of awareness 030418
Hurricane Eye how can you protect yourself from...yourself? let me know, cause i have not yet found a way. 030420
m.j.k. I choose to live and to
Grow, take and give and to
Move, learn and love and to
Cry, kill and die and to
Be paranoid and to
Lie, hate and fear and to
Do what it takes to move through.

I choose to live and to
Lie, kill and give and to
Die, learn and love and to
Do what it takes to step through.
thomas covenant these are the pale deaths,
witch men miscall there lives:
for all the scents of green things growing,each breath is but an exhalation of the grave, bodies jerk like puppet corpses,and hell walks laughing-
ferret isn't it irritating that it takes so long for us to realize that the theories of everything around us are wrong? we are blinded to other theories because we base everything on an imcomplete/ not entirely true THEORY and some of us take everything as much more than a theory. what if God never really created us? what if we are a theory in process? hmm? interesting thought. Xeno's paradox, fun stuff. prove it. there are so many paradoxs in math alone that nothing we KNOW can possibly be right! did you know that it's been proven theoretically impossible to shoot an arrow? so i conclude that based on science alone we cannot truly understand life. and we MUST have a soul, becuase without one, we would just be a walking, talking, pile of cells, which are made up of "non-living" things. so according to science alone, life is nothing but a series of unchangeable events. if there is truly no soul and only cells, then we wouldn't be able to make "choices" our cells would just react to things around us the best way they know how. a person with a learning disability is limited by his/her cells. in society, they can't do as much as a person who has no mental disability. i shouldn't say can't, how about, aren't as likely to. but in the mind, in the soul, i believe that there is much more going on than we can "see". i just wonder how long it takes scientists to realize that. bla, if that made no sense whatsoever, then i appologize, i'm getting my thoughts all mixed up. 030517
ferret have you ever seen someone you know just suddenly CHANGE over the course of a week? and wonder what could have caused that change? has that ever happened to you? i know i was never this calm before 2 years ago. 030517
Impressionist71 32 years..."normal" in society's eye...but not in mine. The life I have lived, formed, not mine. I don't understand. Any of it sometimes. I don't want to live, marry, breed and die. Is that our fate? I refuse to believe it, there must be more. We pass each other in the malls, streets, subways and we all know it. What are we doing? Is this it? We must know, don't we? Do we settle because of what we are taught? What is more? How does one achieve it? There must be more like me out there. Insight? Anyone? 030519
boy2003 Life=born-death. Life is virtual, everything is virtual when they begin and end. 030605
User24 test 030626
/anon maybe has a fundamental incompleteness in there minds, a void and the void is the source of all fear and anxiety?

im just spitballin here. but maybe all of our accomplishments stem from a false hope of filling that void? religion would be an example. without that we have a fear of what will happen when we die. and all entertainment is used to momentarily distract ouselves from any pains we may have. that may have als been where humor spawned. but is it a false hope? can we really fill all the voids in our minds so we can be completely sure of our selves and erase desire? thos who survive are those who have the will to survive, that is known. the will must come from something (the fear of death) so without that something we would have no will to survive and would perish so maybe we need the void for a source of will. i dunno these are just theories not to really be taken seriously. a soul is something that cannot be explained by chemicals or cells. it is our core. but that theory may have just been created to exlain what we dont understand. like god. science already explaind a lot about the brain. feelings are just chemical reactions thats why we can make drugs for 'em. memory is also chemicals and what we cannot explain is getting smaller and smaller.

ah oh well...
Johnny J Life by its very nature is cruel unkind and unfair. Shitty things happen to nice people and nice things happen to shitty people. Dont take it personally, lifes a bitch!!! 030710

Dismal gray skies frame silhouettes of souls past.
Mooncalf in a moribund state; reality cannot last.
Nihility plagues the mere mortals of the world.
Velvet black roses in paper lace, its edges torn and curled.
Creaky swings and rusted slides, their structures long forgotten.
Spindly trees with blackened leaves, their fruit bitter and rotten.
Floundering in oblivion, we’re blind to life’s artless things.
Conflagrant hues of a sinking sun; birds without clipped wings.
A cloudless sky; black flecked with silver lights,
The scent of earth after rain; and silence on warm nights.
Why is everything compared to dreams?
And nothing ever as simple as it seems;
Why must laughter morph into cries?
And everyday life be tainted by lies;
How come so many people desire only what they haven’t got?
And go through life like they’ll live forever,
Never realizing that they cannot.
Every soul has a song of time; of life entwined with land;
So let the music ring clear,
And dance barefoot in the sand.
plastic? i find comfort in knowing that i don't have to do a damn thing. i am in control of the world and it's my choice if i become that associate employee contemporary or that goddamn self-destructive fuck. and i LOVE it that way.

i know that if i cared to, i could live everyday sprawled on the bathroom floor-cheek to the tile, limbs extended. i could barely budge/breathe and i would be ultimatly unproductive in every way. but yet i know that in it's entirety it would still be life. that with every breath i am STILL alive, not just alive but still the fucking center of life.

the sun rose today as it did yesterday and will tomorrow and i have every reason to believe that it did so solely for me. because thats life.

_flies in the vaseline, we are_
niska well, until we get hit by a truck, anyway... 030802
phil wasted my life
living time
any way you live life like
is a waste of time
life is free

live the life
like you like
go on living life
like you like
(like you like)

anyway you like (your life)
your life might want to live

wasting your time
living life
is a way
of life

living life
just any like

a waste of time

your life

like you have a life

to live


anyway you like
live your life live your life
live your life live your life

so go ahead and live your life

anyway your life's
a waste your time

anyway you
live your life like ev-
ery living life

live your life


life is like

leave me

like you like
every living life
your life can live

it can live a life
giving life like a lifeboat
floating on a light
like a life force died
living out your life
phil rich 030808
MnGirl it sucks sometimes, other times its totally awsome! but most of the time its just blah. And i hate blah, i want to to be like WHEE! or BAM! but its just blah. The best part is if you have a friend, they can make the blah seem not so blahish anymore, but only if they are a super cool and awsome friend.. The true kind!
:) :)
sublimestar life is just one of those words you use to describe the everyday meanial things that come to you and you have to complain so you just say life sucks...well it does 030907
ice its 4am im sleepy but still awake the wind is blowing i can tell by the curtains i feel low but that is to be changed soon im thinking of todays run and yesterday's night my bed is on the ground i dont think i deserve to sleep on a bed i dont know why that is just looked through the photo album. memories of days gone by some good some depressingly bad of how time moulded me into what i couldnt imagine and here i am now sitting in my room 16 years of age feeling like 40 030909
lifes victom life can be described in few words. "the process of being screwed over repeatedly, untill death". why is life so evil? then again... why not. whats the fun in being nice? well, while life screwes me over again.. i shall find someone else to screw over. 030912
High Energy Drink Is vibrancy. Of thought, of body, of soul. Motion, always. Not like in a car...your butt gets sore...but like running. Running hard and loving it. Cos there's not "perfect life". There's no "normal life". Nobody has a "normal life". Hence, what WE have IS normal.
So run. It hurts, it's tough, it requires effort. The one living is the one who actually enjoys it.
reue Keine Sorge. Keine Reue. 030929
reue i wish it was just as easy as typing those words 030929
distorted tendencies all the feeling, the emotion, everything..

I think it's fake.
Sam Vaknin I. The Right to Life

Generations of malleable Israeli children are brought up on the story of the misnamed Jewish settlement Tel-Hai ("Mount of Life"), Israel's Alamo. There, among the picturesque valleys of the Galilee, a one-armed hero named Joseph Trumpeldor is said to have died, eight decades ago, from an Arab stray bullet, mumbling: "It is good to die for our country." Judaism is dubbed "A Teaching of Life" - but it would seem that the sanctity of life can and does take a back seat to some overriding values.

The right to life - at least of human beings - is a rarely questioned fundamental moral principle. In Western cultures, it is assumed to be inalienable and indivisible (i.e., monolithic). Yet, it is neither. Even if we accept the axiomatic - and therefore arbitrary - source of this right, we are still faced with intractable dilemmas. All said, the right to life may be nothing more than a cultural construct, dependent on social mores, historical contexts, and exegetic systems.

Rights - whether moral or legal - impose obligations or duties on third parties towards the right-holder. One has a right AGAINST other people and thus can prescribe to them certain obligatory behaviours and proscribe certain acts or omissions. Rights and duties are two sides of the same Janus-like ethical coin.

This duality confuses people. They often erroneously identify rights with their attendant duties or obligations, with the morally decent, or even with the morally permissible. One's rights inform other people how they MUST behave towards one - not how they SHOULD or OUGHT to act morally. Moral behaviour is not dependent on the existence of a right. Obligations are.

To complicate matters further, many apparently simple and straightforward rights are amalgams of more basic moral or legal principles. To treat such rights as unities is to mistreat them.

Take the right to life. It is a compendium of no less than eight distinct rights: the right to be brought to life, the right to be born, the right to have one's life maintained, the right not to be killed, the right to have one's life saved, the right to save one's life (wrongly reduced to the right to self-defence), the right to terminate one's life, and the right to have one's life terminated.

None of these rights is self-evident, or unambiguous, or universal, or immutable, or automatically applicable. It is safe to say, therefore, that these rights are not primary as hitherto believed - but derivative.

The Right to be Brought to Life

In most moral systems - including all major religions and Western legal methodologies - it is life that gives rise to rights. The dead have rights only because of the existence of the living. Where there is no life - there are no rights. Stones have no rights (though many animists would find this statement abhorrent).

Hence the vitriolic debate about cloning which involves denuding an unfertilized egg of its nucleus. Is there life in an egg or a sperm cell?

That something exists, does not necessarily imply that it harbors life. Sand exists and it is inanimate. But what about things that exist and have the potential to develop life? No one disputes the existence of eggs and sperms - or their capacity to grow alive.

Is the potential to be alive a legitimate source of rights? Does the egg have any rights, or, at the very least, the right to be brought to life (the right to become or to be) and thus to acquire rights? The much trumpeted right to acquire life pertains to an entity which exists but is not alive - an egg. It is, therefore, an unprecedented kind of right. Had such a right existed, it would have implied an obligation or duty to give life to the unborn and the not yet conceived.

Clearly, life manifests, at the earliest, when an egg and a sperm unite at the moment of fertilization. Life is not a potential - it is a process triggered by an event. An unfertilized egg is neither a process - nor an event. It does not even possess the potential to become alive unless and until it is fertilized.

The potential to become alive is not the ontological equivalent of actually being alive. A potential life cannot give rise to rights and obligations. The transition from potential to being is not trivial, nor is it automatic, or inevitable, or independent of context. Atoms of various elements have the potential to become an egg (or, for that matter, a human being) - yet no one would claim that they ARE an egg (or a human being), or that they should be treated as such (i.e., with the same rights and obligations).

The Right to be Born

While the right to be brought to life deals with potentials - the right to be born deals with actualities. When one or two adults voluntarily cause an egg to be fertilized by a sperm cell with the explicit intent and purpose of creating another life - the right to be born crystallizes. The voluntary and premeditated action of said adults amounts to a contract with the embryo - or rather, with society which stands in for the embryo.

Henceforth, the embryo acquires the entire panoply of human rights: the right to be born, to be fed, sheltered, to be emotionally nurtured, to get an education, and so on.

But what if the fertilization was either involuntary (rape) or unintentional ("accidental" pregnancy)?

Is the embryo's successful acquisition of rights dependent upon the nature of the conception? We deny criminals their loot as "fruits of the poisoned tree". Why not deny an embryo his life if it is the outcome of a crime? The conventional response - that the embryo did not commit the crime or conspire in it - is inadequate. We would deny the poisoned fruits of crime to innocent bystanders as well. Would we allow a passerby to freely spend cash thrown out of an escape vehicle following a robbery?

Even if we agree that the embryo has a right to be kept alive - this right cannot be held against his violated mother. It cannot oblige her to harbor this patently unwanted embryo. If it could survive outside the womb, this would have solved the moral dilemma. But it is dubious - to say the least - that it has a right to go on using the mother's body, or resources, or to burden her in any way in order to sustain its own life.

The Right to Have One's Life Maintained

This leads to a more general quandary. To what extent can one use other people's bodies, their property, their time, their resources and to deprive them of pleasure, comfort, material possessions, income, or any other thing - in order to maintain one's life?

Even if it were possible in reality, it is indefensible to maintain that I have a right to sustain, improve, or prolong my life at another's expense. I cannot demand - though I can morally expect - even a trivial and minimal sacrifice from another in order to prolong my life. I have no right to do so.

Of course, the existence of an implicit, let alone explicit, contract between myself and another party would change the picture. The right to demand sacrifices commensurate with the provisions of the contract would then crystallize and create corresponding duties and obligations.

No embryo has a right to sustain its life, maintain, or prolong it at its mother's expense. This is true regardless of how insignificant the sacrifice required of her is.

Yet, by knowingly and intentionally conceiving the embryo, the mother can be said to have signed a contract with it. The contract causes the right of the embryo to demand such sacrifices from his mother to crystallize. It also creates corresponding duties and obligations of the mother towards her embryo.

We often find ourselves in a situation where we do not have a given right against other individuals - but we do possess this very same right against society. Society owes us what no constituent-individual does.

Thus, we all have a right to sustain our lives, maintain, prolong, or even improve them at society's expense - no matter how major and significant the resources required. Public hospitals, state pension schemes, and police forces may be needed in order to fulfill society's obligations to prolong, maintain, and improve our lives - but fulfill them it must.

Still, each one of us can sign a contract with society - implicitly or explicitly - and abrogate this right. One can volunteer to join the army. Such an act constitutes a contract in which the individual assumes the duty or obligation to give up his or her life.

The Right not to be Killed

It is commonly agreed that every person has the right not to be killed unjustly. Admittedly, what is just and what is unjust is determined by an ethical calculus or a social contract - both constantly in flux.

Still, even if we assume an Archimedean immutable point of moral reference - does A's right not to be killed mean that third parties are to refrain from enforcing the rights of other people against A? What if the only way to right wrongs committed by A against others - was to kill A? The moral obligation to right wrongs is about restoring the rights of the wronged.

If the continued existence of A is predicated on the repeated and continuous violation of the rights of others - and these other people object to it - then A must be killed if that is the only way to right the wrong and re-assert the rights of A's victims.

The Right to have One's Life Saved

There is no such right because there is no moral obligation or duty to save a life. That people believe otherwise demonstrates the muddle between the morally commendable, desirable, and decent ("ought", "should") and the morally obligatory, the result of other people's rights ("must"). In some countries, the obligation to save a life is codified in the law of the land. But legal rights and obligations do not always correspond to moral rights and obligations, or give rise to them.

The Right to Save One's Own Life

One has a right to save one's life by exercising self-defence or otherwise, by taking certain actions or by avoiding them. Judaism - as well as other religious, moral, and legal systems - accept that one has the right to kill a pursuer who knowingly and intentionally is bent on taking one's life. Hunting down Osama bin-Laden in the wilds of Afghanistan is, therefore, morally acceptable (though not morally mandatory).

But does one have the right to kill an innocent person who unknowingly and unintentionally threatens to take one's life? An embryo sometimes threatens the life of the mother. Does she have a right to take its life? What about an unwitting carrier of the Ebola virus - do we have a right to terminate her life? For that matter, do we have a right to terminate her life even if there is nothing she could have done about it had she known about her condition?

The Right to Terminate One's Life

There are many ways to terminate one's life: self sacrifice, avoidable martyrdom, engaging in life risking activities, refusal to prolong one's life through medical treatment, euthanasia, overdosing and self inflicted death that is the result of coercion. Like suicide, in all these - bar the last - a foreknowledge of the risk of death is present coupled with its acceptance. Does one have a right to take one's life?

The answer is: it depends. Certain cultures and societies encourage suicide. Both Japanese kamikaze and Jewish martyrs were extolled for their suicidal actions. Certain professions are knowingly life-threatening - soldiers, firemen, policemen. Certain industries - like the manufacture of armaments, cigarettes, and alcohol - boost overall mortality rates.

In general, suicide is commended when it serves social ends, enhances the cohesion of the group, upholds its values, multiplies its wealth, or defends it from external and internal threats. Social structures and human collectives - empires, countries, firms, bands, institutions - often commit suicide. This is considered to be a healthy process.

Thus, suicide came to be perceived as a social act. The flip-side of this perception is that life is communal property. Society has appropriated the right to foster suicide or to prevent it. It condemns individual suicidal entrepreneurship. Suicide, according to Thomas Aquinas, is unnatural. It harms the community and violates God's property rights.

In Judeo-Christian tradition, God is the owner of all souls. The soul is on deposit with us. The very right to use it, for however short a period, is a divine gift. Suicide, therefore, amounts to an abuse of God's possession. Blackstone, the venerable codifier of British Law, concurred. The state, according to him, has a right to prevent and to punish suicide and attempted suicide. Suicide is self-murder, he wrote, and, therefore, a grave felony. In certain paternalistic countries, this still is the case.

The Right to Have One's Life Terminated

The right to have one's life terminated at will (euthanasia), is subject to social, ethical, and legal strictures. In some countries - such as the Netherlands - it is legal (and socially acceptable) to have one's life terminated with the help of third parties given a sufficient deterioration in the quality of life and given the imminence of death. One has to be of sound mind and will one's death knowingly, intentionally, repeatedly, and forcefully.

II. Issues in the Calculus of Rights

The Hierarchy of Rights

The right to life supersedes - in Western moral and legal systems - all other rights. It overrules the right to one's body, to comfort, to the avoidance of pain, or to ownership of property. Given such lack of equivocation, the amount of dilemmas and controversies surrounding the right to life is, therefore, surprising.

When there is a clash between equally potent rights - for instance, the conflicting rights to life of two people - we can decide among them randomly (by flipping a coin, or casting dice). Alternatively, we can add and subtract rights in a somewhat macabre arithmetic.

Thus, if the continued life of an embryo or a fetus threatens the mother's life - that is, assuming, controversially, that both of them have an equal right to life - we can decide to kill the fetus. By adding to the mother's right to life her right to her own body we outweigh the fetus' right to life.

The Difference between Killing and Letting Die

Counterintuitively, there is a moral gulf between killing (taking a life) and letting die (not saving a life). The right not to be killed is undisputed. There is no right to have one's own life saved. Where there is a right - and only where there is one - there is an obligation. Thus, while there is an obligation not to kill - there is no obligation to save a life.

Killing the Innocent

The life of a Victim (V) is sometimes threatened by the continued existence of an innocent person (IP), a person who cannot be held guilty of V's ultimate death even though he caused it. IP is not guilty of dispatching V because he hasn't intended to kill V, nor was he aware that V will die due to his actions or continued existence.

Again, it boils down to ghastly arithmetic. We definitely should kill IP to prevent V's death if IP is going to die anyway - and shortly. The remaining life of V, if saved, should exceed the remaining life of IP, if not killed. If these conditions are not met, the rights of IP and V should be weighted and calculated to yield a decision (See "Abortion and the Sanctity of Human Life" by Baruch A. Brody).

Utilitarianism - a form of crass moral calculus - calls for the maximization of utility (life, happiness, pleasure). The lives, happiness, or pleasure of the many outweigh the life, happiness, or pleasure of the few. If by killing IP we save the lives of two or more people and there is no other way to save their lives - it is morally permissible.

But surely V has right to self defence, regardless of any moral calculus of rights? Not so. Taking another's life to save one's own is rarely justified, though such behaviour cannot be condemned. Here we have the flip side of the confusion we opened with: understandable and perhaps inevitable behaviour (self defence) is mistaken for a moral right.

If I were V, I would kill IP unhesitatingly. Moreover, I would have the understanding and sympathy of everyone. But this does not mean that I had a right to kill IP.

Which brings us to September 11.

Collateral Damage

What should prevail: the imperative to spare the lives of innocent civilians - or the need to safeguard the lives of fighter pilots? Precision bombing puts such pilots at great risk. Avoiding this risk usually results in civilian casualties ("collateral damage").

This moral dilemma is often "solved" by applying - explicitly or implicitly - the principle of "over-riding affiliation". We find the two facets of this principle in Jewish sacred texts: "One is close to oneself" and "Your city's poor denizens come first (with regards to charity)".

Some moral obligations are universal - thou shalt not kill. They are related to one's position as a human being. Other moral values and obligations arise from one's affiliations. Yet, there is a hierarchy of moral values and obligations. The ones related to one's position as a human being are, actually, the weakest.

They are overruled by moral values and obligations related to one's affiliations. The imperative "thou shalt not kill (another human being)" is easily over-ruled by the moral obligation to kill for one's country. The imperative "thou shalt not steal" is superseded by one's moral obligation to spy for one's nation.

This leads to another startling conclusion:

There is no such thing as a self-consistent moral system. Moral values and obligations often contradict each other and almost always conflict with universal moral values and obligations.

In the examples above, killing (for one's country) and stealing (for one's nation) are moral obligations. Yet, they contradict the universal moral value of the sanctity of life and the universal moral obligation not to kill. Far from being a fundamental and immutable principle - the right to life, it would seem, is merely a convenient implement in the hands of society.
OracleVIII life is not so fun
it has its high points and lows
savor the moment
gad life is inexplicable
therefore this page
is 100
we cannot even understand it
so how do we describe it
we describe factors which relate to life
not life itself
Magic Pie Life is what happens when we're busy making other plans 031111
Magic Pie here's a good line: "times short your lifes you own, and in the end we are just dust n' bones" - about the only decent line Axl Rose has ever come up with 031111
tyger They put me here but they forgot to leave the manual and the map... 031116
grindmath heh

i just got a mental image of
a timeline with a dot that
says You are here.
oldephebe hey man..when i figure it out i'll have something real pithy and filled with nice and tidy aphoristic the dot timeline illustration though..i guess at some point i'll have to actually read this thing..

we're all being smelted out on this anvil..enduring the endless hammer blows..learning and growing and seeing glory in our depths..seeing redemption and the path out of our darkest desolate experiences..our molding time..i have to keep reminding myself to live my life in bite sized peices and not become overwhelmed by it's staggering totality, finality..perhaps that is the seed of hope, giving yourself an oppurtunity daily to be redeemed, to try answer the inexhaustable vein to mine for the soul that is cast down..
to acknowledge the agony within us and yet to know that there is a comfort for our agony..whatever faith or belief system we feed from

every day presents us with a choice and the potential for trajedy, serendipity, and yet if we can anchor our beings to something constant and not dependant on the vicissitudes vying to shape our lives and emerge from the penumbra of potentiality then even though our initial metabolic and biochemical proclivities/responses we can answer our bodies and souls pain and transcend the initial provocation that informed our emotional/bio-chemical response.

a hole is gouged..and i fill it in with something..sometimes it's with something that makes the whole bigger and deeper..the agony more acute..sometimes though the metaphysical can impact profoundly the physical and emotional state profoundly..but it must be renforced daily, hourly until it becomes the reflex instead of the ineluctably spiraling depressive state..i'm just a guy ruminating..i have no trainging in theology, medicine, psychology and pharmacological response to symptomatic/bio-chemical profiles. I slip every day and need to remind myself as i pirouette on the poets overtly indulgent precipice...

oE i meant to say i liked the timeline dot illustration.. 031116
oldephebe okay what i meant to say is we can transcend those initial metabolic/neuro-chemical responses that inform our recognizance or characterization of our emotional state/response to the stimulus or provocation that are consistant with the diagnostic profile of acute depression or some other psychologically defined pathology.. 031116
magicforest "What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath
of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across
the grass and loses itself in the sunset." -Crowfoot
brandonL i hate life. it sucks want to stop cant though pushing through the confusion i will move on hopefully tomaroo will be brighter maybe if not fuck the world and all that is contained within 031203
marvin the paranoid android life.... don't talk to me about life.... 031203
Molly someone who is down about life should get off the messageboards, get off the computer, and stand in the rain for fifteen minutes. 031203
misstree there are times that i wish that suicides were easier to perform.

they really are easier than most people make out, but most people aren't putting forth their full resources when they're "trying to kill themselves."

there are times that i believe very strongly in survival of the fittest.

but another part of me comes in and lays its hand on my shoulder, and it gives me a stern look, and i remember that everyone has had bad times, and many people have dealt with it notsowell, and especially in these pages there's a lot of pain without a whole lot of the knowledge of how to deal with it.

cutting yourself isn't the answer. neither is killing yourself. all it does is hinder your progress.

the progress you need to make is evolving into the truest form of yourself that you can. it takes time. take it slow. but know that you have the capability to be infinitely strong, infinitely happy, infinitely wise and beautiful.

you are on your way. the thorns can't hurt you. look back at every step you have taken and be proud. nothing can hurt you. once you Know this, traveling becomes much easier. and once you meet yourself on the road, "alone" can't even hurt you anymore.
Spare Change the best joke I know 031226
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl life can be shit.
it usually is.
there seems to be no point.
i hate living.
i get suicidal mostly.
i don't want to exist, i never asked to.
there is so much pain.
no love.
i love someone.
they don't even know i love them.
everyone else seems to be happy.
why is there so much pain and anguish in my soul?
have i even got a soul?
every day i wonder.


what is the point of life?
ppl will say to reproduce.
but why do we all exist?
why should we even want to reproduce; the weak, spiteful and angry race that we are?
why should we keep on polluting the world?
it would be easier if everyone
was just



Don't you think?
misstree the point of life is entertainment.
you must be a self-entertaining unit,
because even when life does
provide the potential for entertainment,
you must percieve it as such to
imbibe it and produce a smile.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl maybe i'll go out and stand for 15 minutes in the rain.

iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl swings and roundabouts.

life is probably like that.

what does that mean, exactly?
ashley pollard i have something to say how can you go on this way never wondering about tomorrow never feeling the sorrow never wanting a chance hating yourself and your some what dance looking so pretty to who looks your way never forgiving and going away complicated i know i seems but this is life 040112
hannah life is an adventure,i dont know y im here but i am, im alive im concious,i can feel i can think, i can love and i can hate,read the Dao De ching. EVEN WHEN LIFE IS BITTER IT IS SWEET.taste it, feel it, experience it, ENJOY 040211
bethany life is existance.

what if this whole world is an expieriment by some aliens who are watching us from the other side of a fish bowl?
brandon another word for change 040223
Eowithien Everyone despises it at times, but everyone loves it sometimes too.

...There is really no accurate way to describe it.

And it certainly does seem like another word for change.
esperanto next step is uberlife
still i am locked and foolde
until then
look for life "intervenez appliquez"
cause something is doing,going
get closer
Ken S Only Defined By death 040416
Dr.shnugglebunny i hate life. 040501
i think im someone special life is beautiful, and i think you all need to realize it. there is every single reason on this planet to live. everyone has their own. would you like to know what mine is? well too fuckin bad, sit back and listen. i live for nature. i live for the way the sun comes up in the morning... and the way that it rains in the middle of the night. i hate people, i hate society but... i live for every day... i live to see the way that people interact with this beautiful, wonderful planet... that they just ignore and trash like a shitty motel room. whatever though. i speak truth, you just don't listen. be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. 040501
DR. Shnugglebunny LIFE SUX 040501
Junuh TheAntichrist The meaning of life is, to live, not worry about this or that, not freak out about this or say ur not goona do that cause its bad!, its all bull shit and everyone is full of bullshit so just get fucked up and have a good time , or else ull wake up DEAD and thats a place im sure u cant score a bag! 040502
kx21 * Scary_Parallels *

juni broken? I'm not sure how to fix it. It's not so much that it "sux", or that it is able to be defined by some other depressing adjective. I just doesn't seem to be working properly for me. I keep putting so much in and getting so little out; and the more I put in, the less I get out.

Maybe I'm not doing it right?
Deep I'm afraid we have to face up to facts here. The facts are very grim. The only meaning to the wonderful and varied lives we lead is death. Death is the one thing that keeps the great cycle of things moving along. I know it is grim, but it's true. 040524
shivers life is empty
floating through time
without purpose or destination
still an amazing waste of imagination although
witchesrequiem is a fucking joke! 040524
esloco it's like,
a box of chocolates..........
that you got with all the good
stuff already pick out!
so get your own chocolates and save
the best for last!
puredream Is it really mine for the taking? 040614
JdAwG It is yours. Take it or leave it. Make of it what you will, because you only have one, and when you're dead, you're dead for a long time. 040614
<> </LIFE> 040614
love & hate something that i cant survive without you. Without your love, without your touch, without my angel. My life has been given to you to do with it as you will. I love you eternally. 040615
Kai I play games i watch T.V i consume myself in the Perfect world rather than having to lif in this pale life. They make you believe the world was perfect when you were a child then movies and T.V, shows influenced how you think but nothing is really that pretty. Life isn't Although there are a select few who made it to the top celebrities and other rich people. Yet what do they dream about once they have everything? THe real world is cruel unjust greedy full of death and crime. Wars. Majority of people doing the same thing day in and day out to support themselves and their families. We become robots of society 040616

bottomline is,
even if you see them comming
you're not ready for the big moments
no one asked for their life to change
not really, but it does
so what are we? helpless? puppets?
No, the big moments gonna come
you can't help that
it's what you do afterwards that counts
that's when you find out who you are

you'll see what I mean
mockingbirdgirl makes me high 040713
mockingbirdgirl makes me high 040713
just me life-the biggest waste of time!!! 040720
life you dont look forward to life anymore.dont look forward to each new dae.each new day passes thru u like rain seeping into sand.wad IS der to life?wad is der to live for?nothing matters to you slash across ur chest.n u enjoy it.FUCK! 040720
hsg universal money 040721
suigvismax everyone trying to be something else 040731
bork What makes us human...? The fact that we can think? That we can feel sorrow and pain? Maybe... That we can laugh? I know that we can hurt or we can laugh and we know our past and our present, and in some ways, the future. Maybe what makes us human is that we know just enough to think we know where we're going? 040806
blue skies something you must treasure because you only have one chance to ever be something

after life there's death...and after death there's nothingness...
hsg and after nothing . . . . . 041006
michelle reborn 041103
keep breathing is a sexually tramsitted disease 041130
Fearless Leader too bad it will never have existed in the first place in a couple of years. 041218
Dozyn2 We tread down this path blinded by what we think others want. Escape and allow yourself to blossom into someting better. 041220
phil I looked up life; then I looked up corporeal; then I came here, and wrote this. 050124
sirflaccid Something I cannot wait to create.


I have to find the right person. I don't want to just jump in. It is a journey that both have to take.

I do not want to be stuck traveling with someone for the rest of my life.

I have been that product. I have seen the results. Even if we were not to make it, I want to know that I can stand having them around forever. And that takes a long time to figure out.
emem well. i have just read this entire page. i think it took me over an hour. but it was worth it completely. there are some interesting as hell things on this page. things that trigger the deepest thoughts and thought processes. hmm. life is just theories that everyone believes, but no one can see clearly. life is standards and expectations set way too high. standards that everyone wants to live up to, but silently knows that they will never be what they are wanted to be.

life is full of opportunity and choices. decisions. as far as i am concerned, there is no moral "right" or "wrong". people are going to think what