*Colleen* DIE!!!!! 010121
pat sajak am i dead yet? 011128
blank not quite.... almost 011204
pSyche oh well it's just a minor mista- 060228
superchick lack of sex can make u die, i must be dead 060228
auburn This word has been on my mind for several weeks now. And it has been accompanied by several other words. Here they are in their rightful sentence forms.

Turning on the radio during rush hour commutes, is normal. Listening for traffic information, is normal. Hearing about car accidents, is normal. Hearing about fatal car accidents, is also, normal.

Hearing about a fatal car accident...and knowing the name, and the face, and the children of the woman who was that particular 'fatal'--the nameless, faceless, lifeless, non-associated woman to all the other commuters except for yourself--this, will change you. And from then on the sound of that tiny, two syllable word will mean the difference between a beating heart and two children at their mother's funeral.

And the written word will never look the same. Because the f is not an 'f', it's an m. And the a is not an 'a', it's an o. And the t, and the other a, are two more m's. And the final l has become a y. Because for you, fatal isn't just a word that obstructs you on your drive home, but it's a word that stands between a father and his two little girls. A word that is no longer a hand to hold, a kiss on the forehead, and story goodnight. It's a word that signifies the loss of something irreplaceable. And to those two beautiful little girls it means the loss of 'Mommy'.
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