jennifer the difference between dennys and village inn:
I finish my cigarrettes at dennys
andrea i walk through my day
a blank faced body, simply going
through all the motions just right
the wax lips on my face are turned up
in a smile to please the world
i walk with them, laughing at
all the right times and reciting the
lines i know they expect
& all the while i find myself
aching to be somewhere else
in different clothes
letting my hair down
& be nothing more than myself
the difference between them & me
is that i know the truth for all
it's worth while they remain clueless
& uninformed about the newest
development in my life
the most recen transformation
i've so painfully gone through
& what hurts the most is that they
are totally blind to it all
these people, the friends of my former self, cannot possibly be so unfeeling
so inperceptible to the charade i hold
if they supposedly know me so well
how can they not see the way my eyes
no longer shine & instead are tormented
with all i am terrified to say
our relationship would be absolutely
altered with my simple utterance of
the two words that have fought to
escape my lips for some time now
i think of this day
it rules my thoughts
& that is the difference between
them & me

copyright 1999
aaroni with differences between people everywhere, why do we bother trying to "fit in"?
why can't we just live without worry of being rejected by what we wear, or do or believe in?
there is no dominant race.
there is no certain way to dress.
we should express what we believe in, rather than what we are told to believe in.
the birdmad will find work for idle hands to do so what difference does it make?

it makes none

mow you have gone

and you must be feeling very oold tonight
MollyGoLightly so what's the difference between me and you? its all in the caderas. 000709
speaknoevil the mind is something that cuts,
that separates and distinguishes,
measures and judges,
splits... makes differences by
conceiving of them and becoming
different. it is its own cause.

difference is the hallucination
that creates consciousness.

consciousness thrives on
difference the way a river
thrives on water.
dB The difference is negligible. If you could see yourself as others see you, and that's not in a Looking thorugh their eyes" way, as you would a mirror. But if you could step outside and SEE yourself as others do, wwhat would you make different about yourself?

Copywright dB (C)2000
dB Me no likes keyboard. Bad Medicine. 010211
sim it´s the_difference that makes the difference 010915
Matt Making a difference is a hard thing to do, but that's why it's appreciated...try to change the way people look at life, and even if you fail, that person will love you cuz you tried...the best thing a person can have is a best friend to talk about shit with...there are friends that say "feel better" and friends that say "feel better because...." and make you feel worth it...people make a difference...its a hard thing to do, so when some1 says "i love you" know that their trying to make a difference....yea 011228
ClairE If the difference is zero, their sum is in the kernel. I think.

I don't want it all to fly out of my head.
birdmad what_difference_does_it_make 020310
unhinged it's the same difference; a unique situation that makes a unique personality that none will ever know. i sat there in a different place and he listened. he always listened. we listened to each other. it's a startling thing to realize that so much of the way you are is based on someone else. not much difference. my success is based on his disappointment. do i have dreams? that isn't that different. i want to be my own fuck up. i thought i was yelling but it was just my voice echoing in the molasses in my inner ear. i want to be my own fuck up. if it was up to me, i would be a single drop in the mass of buzzing american capitalism. but his children aren't average...different. i thought i was screaming, but he could barely hear me. what a big difference. 020327
stid what a difference
a little difference could make
Syrope i think i like them not knowing

what difference does it make?
they couldn't appreciate the difference if it landed in their laps
dream psychoanalyst closer than a similarity, for those who know better.

I pity those who do not.
z difference engine 051118
snook What is the difference between quitting everything and getting a new start? The difference between floating and not making decisions. The difference between not caring about anything or just not finding what you care about. Nothing's got it's hooks in me yet. I try not to snag things but it seems it's too late for that. 101004
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FA113N There is a difference between hope and imagination.

I can imagine a million scenarios, but I do not hope for them to happen, and I do not think that they ever will.

Having a vivid imagination sucks, but at least mine is balanced by intelligence and the ability to reason. Sometimes I wish it wasn't, but it's what will save me from getting hurt.
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