eric pity is a shitty place to wallow... 981116
emily I love sitting on my pitty pot. 990130
greg shitty indeed...
...so why would one desire pity, as if it were love?
meli Giving pity is the same as giving a bitter piece of your heart.

Some turn it away because it's not good enough. Some want it, because they know it's all of your heart that they will ever get.
pity is a privilige i'll leave to the righteous.
andy pitty may be the only attention you get 020421
phil have pity on my poor soul, have I not read enough? 020421
ear parcel pithy pity 020422
sigma Meli is right.

Nobody wants pity, but if that's all they'll get from someone,

then they would be fools not to take it.

And sometimes we do things just to see who will pity us. And sometimes we try to be loved, but that rarely works out.
User24 it's a pity dallas doesn't blathe any more, like me and my many projects; I tend to complete them (or at least, get them working) and then move on to something else straight afterwards, the enjoyment is not in the finished product, but the development. 031012
Death of a Rose sigma has a good understanding.

pity is something wanted but not want uttered, change pity into understanding and then we are getting someplace
kermits_perfect_rainbow_/^\ my biggest fear is to either be pitied or laughed at. those would be some not good happenings in my life. 040229
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