sillyelly along with understanding comes power and control. qualities admired by many in this world.
the ability to understand is the ability to reason with others and yourself.
df its when i know it 990805
torch if anybody ever really has it--and i mean *really* understanding something, knowing the complete workings, purpose and being of something...please let me know. 000123
brad i understand the complete original recordings of charlie parker... misterioso is monk, monk is parker, mingus is monk is powell is parker... 000308
Quill and BoofPixie is Molly,
michelle I'm abovesitting when I should be understanding. I wish I had a friend to help me understand the things that hurt me so. Instead I understand why Stevie Nicks dumped Lindsey Buckingham and why The Jam wrote a song called, "Away from the Numbers". Sigh. Won't you be my friend? 000625
Merigrace Yes. I will. I'm not kidding. 000713
Chrity go to:
Miner Understanding my mind, my sanity, or insanity, generally who I am, and why I am this person, is something I will spend my life trying to achieve. I wonder if it’s reasonable to assume I will ever come close to working myself out. Or if this is just something life gives inquisitive people to keep them out of mischief while they are making their journey. 010508
Laura There are ³ sides to me.
There is the side that everyone sees, the fat cow, the role quite like that of Lolita's mother; before she ran into the street.
There is the side that he sees,
my love never-ending, the perfect happiness between us that will flourish eternally; he loves me even though my belly is not perfect, but why do I think he is perfect if he doesn't see me that way?
Then there is the side that I see,
hollow, not respectable, I see myself as someone no one else would aspire to be. I don't even want to be me, let alone continue to be all ³ .
ferret laura, do i know you?
understanding what i cannot have
that is the greatest hurt
feeling emotions i'll never get to express
please, try to understand, i love you, but i can't be with you
why not?
i just can't, i don't understand
(i do)
i'm sorry
angie i think i need to improve on this quality
i am selfish...
my thoughts...
Nathan88 that even though i came looking i know whwere you are...mindy keeps asknig me what im doing for you and its makin me really nervous becuz i stil feel like it is more of a big deal than u say it is ciuz that is how she fronts it....i miss u wish u were here to talk to me too...bubye happy v-tines day 030213
.:. in a car crash 030214
GibbyPhD An understanding you say, a conflict does lie,
I thought we both agreed to let that aspect Die?
To keep the closeness and kinship we know we share,
But leave those temptations which go no where.
Although this choice was not an easy one to make,
It is the higher road we both must take.
For I respect your divine, wayward and compassionate self,
I wanna be there for you thru the good and bad of life and health,
I did not forget and I still do dream,
Of all the things for in my heart which you do mean,
It’s a pain in the ass sometimes, I know
But in the end true friendship will grow… ;-)
niska phahaha!
i think we've been reacting to a misunderstanding from the beginning, but i'm not really tempted to explain... is that so crazy?
a thimble in time The key to understanding is to grasp that small joint which connects the amorphously abstract with the utterly mundane. 030615
Andrew Good to understand means to love
when you truly understand someone this means that you truly love them
love is a powerful thing
it can conjure up emotions never imagined possible
conciousness helps create these things
have faith to understand and understand you shall
Pirate Delco understanding is the basis of all compassion. Without understanding, one cannot feel empathy which is essential for true love in this world. 050118
Will This is insane. I don't know what's going on. 050313
sad_bitch i don't get it. 050314
songes-tu? and i'm hating this. this ever-shifting equilibrium between blissful ignorance and brutal knowledge.

you think your impression of someone is right. true. then slowly_slowly, other factors shimmer to the surface, rendering any previous thoughts inaccurate.

so you have hopes, which are shattered by human fallability. and when you come to understand that no matter what, hope will always remain, you will always believe that things will turn out differently this time around.

but of course they never do, it's just a different means to the same end.

and personally, i find myself retreating further into my protective shell, these strong walls drawn around me which attempt to prevent trust_without_scepticism.

and once more i detach myself from you.

it's strange, this unravelling suspension of understanding.
DannyH Don’t fall into the trap of believing anybody really understands you. Only liars and emotional retards have such a low opinion of human existence as to believe that such a thing is possible. 070811
kuffsleeve you are replying to a very old blathe,
and what "such thing" are you talking about?
i am not a lier so maybe i have the capsity to believe in what you are talking about, if only you would just tell me.

The problem with the human race is that they think that they are intellegent, nothing will deter them from that. The fact is that they only want to test and proove rather than love and cherish.

i wish i weren't associated with "humans" because they are selfish mother fuckers.
DannyH I was not replying to anything. Merely offering general advice. I must have expressed myself very poorly if there is any ambiguity about what I'm referring to. I can only apologise. 070811
DannyH You are right to say we are often too easily satisfied with our own intelligence. You will find precious little generosity among the animal kingdom, however, and inanimate objects are notoriously ignorant so I recommend you stick with humanity, imperfect as it is. 070811
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