miniver Control is easy.
Figuring out what the hell you were controlling and why you were bothering in the first place is the difficult part. The unfathomable part, actually.

But we still keep doing it. We can see a 'bigger picture' every once in a while, but the rest of the time we just allow ourselves to be carried along by all the little things. Not that that's bad, I guess. It's

We should probably consider ourselves fortunate that we keep forgetting and distracting ourselves from the ultimate subjectivity and lack of greater, universal purpose in life. That's the way we evolved, though, as well. That's the way our brains were built to think -- ultimate-purpose-to-life sort of thoughts are just a nifty biproduct of our very basic, order and control-seeking brains.

I guess everyone already knew this.
gwin Fact remains, we exist 000824
that remains to be seen.
sarahafi stay, be here, don't leave
but we are powerless to whatever denies us this
altair do. i heart you so hard. 031110
misstree or move forward. 031110
sylphide and i remain

*looks at her shoes*
sylphide and so do you 031110
Death to Hose leave some essence 031110
err0r remain within the confines of that which you know is true. don't! wander into the abstract and the subjective. know what remains til your death, and invest in it without reserve, you are not what you own or accomplish, but who you are a part of. 040715
z i like that. 040715
x twisted x without me. 051112
(_) inertia 051113
might or dont 070126
what's it to you?
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