emma but hugely, shudderingly real. 981026
amy trying to say what hasn't been said and not doing a very good job. 990214
luminescence different, unreal yet identifiable by some. 990426
daxle she is abstract and bored 990427
ceorl without form or function, but an undeniable presence. 990427
clundicus i am beautiful, in an abstract expressionist sort of way 991202
s not specific enough to be wrong 000317
tarin a fleeting glimpse of the almost-void. 000509
gregg everything is abstract, if you think about it. Even if you don't think about it, it is... 000521
MollyGoLightly I like to read concrete things written by people who think extremely abstractly. 000521
ubliss What is the most abstract Thing, Thinking, Tao, ... in our Universe (U)?

U + U = U
U - U = U
U + You = U
U - You = U

You = Nothing?

Sound abstract, but familiar...

You = Everything?

Sound good, but abstract...

Note: + means Plus
- means Minus
= means Equal to
kx21 Whole instead of U!!!

Given that U is just like a mote of dust, a droplet of water, a flicker of fire, a gust of Wind of Whole...

Copyright 2001 kx21.com
Toxic_Kisses Plastic squid in the
Vortex of time squirting lilac
Hairspray and cleaning out
There ears with a cork
Screw forever
Changing the history of Cotton
apples in stereophonic mnemonic
emotion is a mime pressed against the air
choking in a sea of lime
see? The subtle systems resystemized
a spray that strays transistorized
coughing out the air between their ears
The seed of abnormality
Grows ever more devouring
The imagination of the
Asocial dead 80's cartoons
stuck in the crack of eternity
There only escape depending
on the green Skittles
under the bed
guarded by Mystic's
Stuffed Leopon, a cross breed
of Lion and Leopard given to
Her by her Great Aunt Delusion
From the 3rd Solar system
selling insurance on the dark side of the cheesecake
the side that turns away like a black raincoat
flung over the sun creeping under the door
as hong-kong-phooey is lost in the tumult
Of the bummper cars
Foot fungus and toe jam make a good sandwich
for Koala Bear Care-e-ok-ie singers
Why must the Voices mock me so?
But none must know
That it was I
It was I who wrecked your Saab
and phased your fax machine
intelligibly into a radios will of toiletries
I retreaded the retired trees
with a moth balls overcoated caress.....
Undressed in electricity of lace
facing awful fountains from the accident of space
Charlotte sometimes shakes a guess
While Horton hears a... what?
I'm in the midst of another, here...
And I've no time for electric penguins
Who Criticize my sanity
while I try to stay
Inside the lines of hebephrenica
bit truly if you
had to eat a crayon out
Of a box of 64 which
Color would it be?
64 chances to paint your teeth
Agony straight from the rainbow
but where's my 'Institutional White?'
DE-eep in the Ajax
and a courtesy cup of water
the color of Sonics is nots hydphonics
the static phonetics have all been used
clueless blues blues clues
what I choose is youse
Bottles full of monkey snot
Softy spewing atmospherics
pyrokinetic genetic lyrics
of simian soup on the floor
pick up your shoes and stick
open wide while awake
a wild wide opening door
The tomatoes close in
On the vegans
What once was dead is now alive and thirsty for revenge!
Night of the animatronic living dead nuclear mutant veggies
Snickering with sinister delight
Meanwhile, back at the ranch,
Fresh retorts hang on my lips
As I paint them violet
And make sure
my psychedelic hair is in place
in the toasters reflection
portraying instead snow white
lost in Wonderland
While the Big Bad Wolf
Huffs and puffs
on top of a mushroom
crammed with color blind eyes
and barks a swarm of sour gnomes
and infected flowers splatter
spittle hustled by ten rows of teeth
gagging impossible velocities of air
into the retchings of a worthless wall
as something swims the weather
Far iron bars dilute the mood
Of that fair stranger's smile
While raindrops pelt the acid coat
Of Rancid Baby's pal
'The bombs! The bombs!'
Cries Scatterbark
On far developed hill
drawling thinslim lives of aluminum
through highway leasing grants
and a leaflet custodial newsletter
though the bones we found tell a different tale
a tale of murder and white chocolate
'Not that!' you shriek, so much dismayed
'Anything but white chocolate!'
Yep, was white chocolate what done the deed
listen....as waterbugs flip with oak mines
on the carpet side of a fly
capsizing tailspun Popsicle stunts
as the subway grins in barbecue green
and twelve john maddens reply...
innocent dream become true nightmare
telestrator madness!
Light sticks and words of fear
and squishy, squeaky cables
the fireflies are light
like an echo
But the darkness is vivid
and I ponder
While flying my kite
But the mutated ants don’t seem to care
as they sneak off w/ your cheetoes
to make a time machine
caustic words our only defense
though paradox is fun
but what do you do
with cheeto debris on your antennae?

This is a poem I just stumbled upon that some friends and I wrote a while back and thought I'd share it w/ yall
devalis my least favorite form of art, my favorite form of thought. 020818
Fire&Roses If I could be an sbstract... by this I mean anything that can not be seen held felt touched wahtever... I would be Tomorrow, or Infinity... 030708
scorpion heart are my thoughts, fleeting
kookaburra how the hell do you compare an ugly abstract painting to a book????
why must english torture me so?
Ladee D Window with cracks in the glass
Silence broken in gasps
Blisters climbing slowly
abstract distractions
infract the flowing mind.
Social Window Dancing under the stretlights in the moonlight, behind the diner, isn't it time for the clock to melt?

No, nevermind, I have nothing to say.
sirflaccid I have one moment where I want to sit back, figure out what the hell I am thinking, and you are concerned about my emotional stability.


I have stuck with these feelings for quite sometime, and through some pretty deep stuff. If I haven't been able to prove some kind of emotional loyalty, I don't know what else can be done.

To be honest, I am waiting for the day you figure out what's worth it. Not for my sake, but yours.
no reason i think i'm becoming more abstract
and hard to see

there are so many more confused faces
oldephebe yeah

i get that
what's it to you?
who go