undeniable evidence that there was logic at some point in history
doggy function. threshold. void. tectonics. typology. surface. Not a big surprise when the Bilboa eplodes and the titanium scraps pierce the parietal lobes of the well-dressed onlookers. 000325
silentbob my 8th grade english teacher would always say this word. constantly.
"I can't function with you two talking"
"We'll see how you two function together"
"I don't believe this group is functioning very well with all that talking going on"
she seemed to think that humanities primary source of communication was something to be anyway
valis baby, i'd sure like to show your form my function ... 001129
chanaka i am functioning at mimimum capacity
(as is my computer)
good thing function is relative
amy valis: i got an ovum in my pocket. 001129
dcam to whom it may concern. i want you out of my head. i can function just fine without you, perhaps with some effort you can do the same. perhaps when trying to give an education you should be fully educated yourself. all i need is simplicity, harmony, and monotony. thank you. 021228
x then what are you doing here? 021228
SO who are you then, 'dcam'? 021229
somethingmadeup If one were to take this blathe personally, whomever might be concerned, you know... they would have this to say:
1) it's your fault if you can't get someone out of your head. if they're in there because they keep contact with you, then you should tell them DIRECTLY that you would prefer they didn't anymore
2) I'll assume that despite your dubious grammar you meant that the person should function without you. i have a feeling that they can in fact function perfectly fine without you, but are not heartless and uncaring considering the role you have had in their life.
3) Speaking of random mean comments out of nowhere, the person you're speaking to is probably quite educated, both in school, and more importantly, LIFE. It's possible that this person has made much more progress in their lives than you have, which is why you are all stuck and bitter.
4) life isn't any of those three things. blather is even more rarely any of those things. if you really wanted simplicity, then you probably should have just spoken to this person directly.
ferret hmm interesting theory somethingmadeup. i agree entirely.... i think. no actually, someone thinks. anyway

as the pultany lays stretching her glotta,
the sun goes down upon the land of turnips
she looks around the yard and whispers sweet something to her dead wassypug
and then goes to bed only to wake in the morning and stretch her tentacles again in the moonlight of day
she then has porginilus morphine
and is content with her pummplum
p2 "conjunction junction
what's your function?"
- school house rock
hsgatincamail structure 040701
Boingalawoingy Boingalawoingy 190918
what's it to you?
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