kx21 Scientific Measure for Smartness? 020309
misstree I.
makes great patterns for medieval stuff. *shrug*

meself, i prefer the complex things with lots of pretty shiny things that jingle and loads of buttons to push.

girl_jane has been all but forgotten 020331
dondeestanlosjaguares there is no way to get around things that are monstruous in appearance if you fear them. looking at things through different perspectives is the easiest way to approach the situation, because you can see which path is the best. many things must be broken down, made simpler, like some horrible trigonometric problem, just to get to the point of it. even geniuses know this, it is the principal that they follow, so why wouldn't you??? (don't believe me, try einstein's "theory of relativity" 020714
or should I change The measure of beauty, forgoten inside the infinite realm of details, and ignored in lieu of the promise of greatness. The first solution to all problems. The end result of living. Ultimate simplicity. 020727
phil today 020729
(z) the ideal of minimalism. the reduction of the unneeded. that quality so often ascociated with grace. essentials. 050920
emmi i've always respected simplicity and resented those who can't see the value of it. maybe it's a culture thing 060512
H. L. Mencken "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." 081130
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