amy rationality is relative. 000309
amy rationality is relative to all the rules or beliefs we base our reason on. a mode of thinking.

reality is something that won't go away when you stop thinking about it. so once you start thinking about it, you're back into your modes of thought again.

which is not to say that we are all just lost in thought and have no grasp on anything or anyone or any process... not at all. that would be like not believing in science! we have devised methods to communicate about and discover reality- spirituality and rationality- being the two biggies i can think of right now. from what we can tell, so we believe, these realities are the truth.

however all these methods are built on bases, like assumptions or histories or situations and pretty elaborate ones at that. so all or rationality or spirtuality or other methods are grounded in the human condition, which is relativity.

relativity is irrelevant because it just blows everything to pieces and gets us nowhere (unless we're einstein)... we wouldn't want it- but it holds up the light to fairness...

we break and lose ourselves with a top-down approach. all the peoples of the world will not likely benefit from any one rationality.

but i am just the one who believes
"there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, mercutio"
Brad E=mc squared 000310
marjorie relativity is my favorite mc escher print. so many worlds. different planes of existence. all moving without seeing eachother. isn't it lovely. 000310
Dosquatch Theory of Relativity, West Virginia style:

"It's legal. That sheep is only a cousin."
thieums My vodka glass is at the same time half-full and half-empty.

Barman ! Give me another, this one is too relative.
unhinged relative_vs_absolute

i try to keep all sides in mind but stay direct in a way all sides can understand. i am very aware who i am and how i react. i am striving to be gentle and open in presenting my true face to the world.

(is this what my dad meant by 'being a responsible adult'?)

he thought i was ridiculous for basing my desicions on what the possible karmic fruits of those desicions would be. i did not beg or fight when he dumped me.

my liberation is the liberation of all
my suffering is the suffering of all
my pain is the pain of all
my enlightenment is the enlightenment of all
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