jennifer your keys
your wallet
your patience
your mind
your temper
your socks
your shirt
your money
your train of thought
your life
your way
your footing
your heart
Grendel in excelsis deo your inhibitions
a few articles of clothing
your religions
the attitude
the need to believe in anything but yourself
Glory Box this wanting. Shed these wings. What's worse than a grounded angel? 000728
ellen cherry charles lost his hat, broke his watch, 2 rolls of black and white film, all in the space of a week.
he better not lose my elephant necklace.
or my middle name, that would be bad.
unhinged i have lost so many things lately
i lost my keys and i.d. awhile back but both of them are back in my possession
i lost my bowl
i lost the paperwork for milwaukee with the dates on it and i have to buy a plane ticket
i can't stop losing things
blaber mouth Lose is to have some thing in your life and to change completly difrently to some thing new to maybe a better start from what you did have 020706
trixie hopefully all this losing will eventually make me win. people like a good loser who loses well, and who only loses because other people are assholes. but that loser can only win if he keeps losing because people also like you to lose so they can win. 030430
Marjorie I lost you in the store.
You weren't holding my hand.
You flitted away to look at the books
And one of them reached out
And the spined beast took you
And now you reside on page 32.
A head and hands on grainy paper.
Your face a mask that says,
"It's eternally starbucks."
I tell you, "I will save you."
(I know I can't though)
Rachel lose yourself
in the infinite void
the cold night is nothing
compared to you.

A whisper in the night
I could lose myself
in those neverending eyes
so blue...
nonlucid I could lose myself in you... become a subset of yourself

keep me far
mindless my mind is lost. i only saw it the other day and now its gone, forever. People say i'm crazy, but i don't understand because my minds gone. I would miss it, but instead i feel only emptyness. Maybe i am crazy. Theres a thought, but hang on, i shouldn't even be thinking without a mind........

the squalid apartment fills with blood. now theres a crazy thought. o dear, i'm gone. lost my mind and lost my soul
me the point 060518
Emptyness Alive my heart
my soul
my reason
Emptyness Alive key's
stephshine weight. gain ribs. 070219
what's it to you?
who go