Dafremen R.Dafremen

I feel the time must come to run
But I cannot run alone
Will you run with me?
Will you come with me when I run?

Bow down deep to your heart’s desire
And listen a moment there
For the echo that defines your emptiness
For the partner that is not there

It’s a raw wound that you hide
A sick pleasure at times, to be sure
But wrapped around a nightmare
That festers inside
While you pine away the days
Waiting for the one
Craving the one
That will make you whole

The one who will hold you
The one to console you
The one to believe in
Who believes in you
The one who adores you
The one you adore too
The one who has waited for you.

It’s a long shot
It’s Disneyland after midnight
Bleak is what it is
Without a someone that matters
Cold is only cold, but solitude stings
With a chill that hits that tender spot inside
That genuine piece of you inside
That you’ve been saving for a rainy day
That’s been waiting so long for a partner.

Mine waits there too.
god i left my partner at the mall. i think. 030417
phil It's always good to have a partner in crime.

I may have jokingly said howdy partner or been called pet names that revolve around the idea.

I like the way partners fit in, think of your best friend or the Blues Brothers.

Partners never forget eachother. I had a cat. I know some of you may dislike cats.
niska they send him away for four days at a time, the only time we should have together, and it's been hard on us both.
he calls incessantly, at the most inopportune times, yet i love knowing he's thinking of me, and not forgetting i'm alone here.

we have never been apart like this, and i think it will take some getting used to, if it is to continue.
the game I always used to hate being refered to as someboby's "partner." To me that always made a couple sound like cops, not lovers.
But Amy has changed all that.
We ARE every possible way. She is teaching me every day how to be a better partner. Could never ask for more from her.
ferret run the gauntlet 030714
Doar boobies dafremen 031114
Nikki one who is there whenever you may need or want them in life. 090401
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