pete these two words are properly separated, but do they not just call out to be one and whole? we are together with eachother, not apart from each other. together they should be! 040401
. youme 040401
ethereal us. 040401
pete bodies entwined, untouching 040819
coolsoundingme i'm starting a propaganda campaign to end the separate-but-equal clause holding them apart. if y'all and bling can get in the dictionary, this can be too. 070514
tim YES I agree! I keep writing it as one - I'm good at grammar, but I was shocked when spell check underlined it. I think I've always written it as one. And I am NOT about to stop.

Y'all is in the dictionary?

Janine Rutsch I completely and utterly agree. I am also good with grammar and spelling and I cannot stand it when I am told I have written it wrongly. 090216
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