frankenfistkitten bounce muthafucka bounce 010627
nocturnal I think I'm getting one friday. sweet. 010627
Ry@n Check this out - it's from God. 011209
otab checkin the chicken one morning I found she had gone

but it was okay, I got another one
black hunter We pimpin our hoes
So quit blowin dros
While I tell you bout a nigga
That lost a big figure
While tryin to play
Like he was reapin in pay
He was lookin for tricks
To fuck some his bitches
To get his fuckin ice
So his wrists would look nice
But what he didn't know
Was that a fuckin hoe
Couldn't pull in shit
If she had to go and spit
Cause if you gonna suck a cock
And go around the block
You gotta take it all
Like you just havin a ball
So he ended up broke
And tried to sell coke
But even hustlin weed
Just wouldn't fill his need
So he tried to bounce back
To livin in his track
But he couldnt find the goods
So he crawled out the hood
And quit creepin nights
Just tryin to act white
But he got no respect
Cause he always just slept
Out on the street
And he couldn't barely eat
Until one bloody day
He finally got his pay
Some spics caught him slippin
While he was kinda tippin
After havin a drink
So he couldnt even think
And he woulda bust a cap
But he didn't have his gat
So he pulled out a shank
Though his style really stank
So the cats fucked him up
And put him in the truck
Then they took him to the lake
And just dumped to him fate
He was left just to die
Without niggas to cry
Or even know he's gone
Cause hed been absent way too long
So I hope for his sake
That there's some kind of place
For cats lost and alone
To sit on a throne
And for once have his way
And to finally get his pay
Cause life can be a bitch
So next time you get that itch
Just remember the pimp
Whos life left him limp
what's it to you?
who go