jump jump
up up
jump jump
down and over.
through it all,
we see it through,
Tank i do a lot of this cuz i am tigger too... 000906
miniver Bad boys,
and open bellies.
Here we go,
and here we stay.

For a while, anyway.
moonshine bouncing on me bouncing on you 000907
silentbob so we're driving around, me and evan and suddenly these girls pull up next to us. they see us bouncing our heads to Bruce Lee Band and they make fun of us, bobbing their heads up and down like they got some kind of problem with the way we enjoy music or something. So we drive around with em for about an hour. phone numbers and everything. 001118
Persona Jump I up and down I fall 010608
baby satan voulez-vous touchez mes testes ce soir? 010608
TalviFatin Fabric softner. I did the layout for pantry this past week during the graveyard shifts. I'm so sick of Bounce and it's damn shelf slots...grrr... 010730
ShnizelCheese I do this all the time...

off the walls... off people...

Always to and fro...

niska i'm reminded of a Simpsons episode, where Homer acquired that trampoline... every time he tried to get rid of this thing, it came back. in my intoxicated brilliance, as he pushed it off the edge of the Springfield Gorge, all I could say was, "BOUNCE!"
Sure enough it did.
And really, throughout the entire episode, its 'coming back' to Homer, WAS it bouncing, in a way...
Maybe I thought on it too deeply in that fraction of a second, but John got it too. It couldn't just be me - we were all fucked up.
blown cherry I go from absolutely wasting desperation to complete numbness and total indifferance.
Slow is the crawl back to feeling human.

And harsh are the walls off which I bounce.
u24 bouncebouncebounce
looks up expectantly
em fat jiggles 060313
oren My_wife and I_have found that you_can cut those Bounce sheets into fourths. One quarter of_a sheet will still eliminate static cling in_a full_load of laundry.

Now, if you're really into the softening aspect of_the product, use the full sheet.
what's it to you?
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