Arwyn my best friend from High School... it's weird.. his name was James, but I called him Homer... I miss him so much. Found out this year that he'd been in love with me for almost 2 years. I'd been in love with him too, but timing had always been off. I often wonder that proverbial "what if" but I know thanks to our sense, we saved our friendship by not dating... I guess he's my "what-if" story. A part of me is always going to love him, but it's changed to a more sibling-esque love and respect... unfortunately i still have days where i wonder what could have happened... if he would have made me happy, if I would have made him happy. Our lives would be so different now if we had. *sighs* what if.... 020511
Marmaduke Blasted Philistines 030731
lydia i had a dog named homer when i was a kid. he was a beautiful black lab. i miss him. 040502
Jairus LOL hahahahah.. on the Simpons Marge calls homer, homie..hahahah

remohomer H O M E R

epitome of i The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Simpsons... 070815
:-) d-OH

thanks for the bread da da.
flowerock my dad calls me homer, because I always come home he says. It's been too long. hopefully I fly home to mn/wi soon and get a hug so tight I can't breathe. 140818
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