trakie i wait and wait for soon to come, but when it does, it's soon gone, and i wait again. 991228
silentbob i will not cry
i will not cry
birdmad how_soon_is_now 001015
The_Engineer|GAM soon the rain doth come and wash over what was once their most precious piece of nature.
soon will the rain come again once all that is good has come to an end.

soon will i go to bed (3:30am)
abraham lincoln Soon i shall laugh and never stop laughing and then you shall cry and never stop crying 010731
grrlake too soon we will all be crying 010922
Freak Sometime soon I will have the courage to speak.

The only thing that scares me more than my yours.
~gez~ soon i will own the world. it will be mine for controlling, wishful_thinking never done any harm 020826
Mahayana as in [11 days soon]
if not [soon'er]
giddy girly storm eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 020826
HL you&me 020827
endless desire innocents blooms in my general direction
yet you pull the petals off one by one
and laugh
because soon i will be just like you.
HL I see you smiling down upon me from my moniter and it makes me feel like everything is right with the world. I'll see you again, hopefully soon, and I'm sorry I'm the way I am. 030822
IZID After now but before later. 031205
fairbecca closer to then
than never, though.
I would know.
I waited for you at the bus.
You never showed.
How long is a long time?
How soon is soon?
It was then. Much closer to then
that I liked the best. Yes, it was.
pete just a few more hours... 050714
AK Soon life will be better. 091219
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