dallas I am never wrong.

But I do make exceptions to everything I say.
Rainer Krauss Actually my tea pot stands right of me. Towards the window. But I cannot look outside, I lowered the blinds because the sun was shining onto my monitor making it impossible to see what I'm supposed to work on. 990208
shaheen what makes you think you are right? what makes you think that i think that i am always right? i don't always think i am right. but i know you are wrong. 990208
Paul Look here. Nothing is right. Nothing is wrong. There is only the choice of direction. Just don't alter my path when you make a choice, please. 990209
alyssa for once I love myself enough to know that I'm right
for once I don't think it's right that you try to please everyone else before me
you are not right for making a year long mistake
you are not right
you are wrong
you are WRONG
valis it's all right. 991208
deb it may be, but depending on where you stand, of course 991209
troy well deb; -I stand in the Right :P 991220
deb ::smiles and shakes her head::
doesn't everyone, troy?
troy deb:
everyone? ...hmmm...
-at least some of the time, I guess?
(Well, except for the people that have had an opinion contrary to mine, of course!)..
..hehehe (just kidding!) *winks*
tuiviq Having chosen the right path I am told, I should feel delighted - Funny how I feel like it is the left path.
Maybe I'm just walking backwards - Left becomes Right, Right becomes Left.
Or is it just my critic that's looking in the Wrong Direction?
universal cynic Hey! I was just doing what I thought was right!...Is it *my* fault my idea of right is everybody elses wrong??? 000123
amy people are right sometimes...
blather is mostly a release. of energy.
each person does their own thing, for the most part... slighly less indulgant but more creative than writing in your journals. freedom. although, lots of people seem to say surprising little things i never knew before... focus with lots of headings. all-you-ever-wanted-or-will-want-to-know-about...

everyone has these little similarities but everyone is different. just like we all always knew, just like you can have an interesting time of it while you figure that out all over again.

of course i'm talking to myself. but i don't think i mind talking out loud (sometimes).
weird vulture. how to really live not maintaining the illusion of continuity or principles, or what truly seems to be right. that, plus love, is life, as far as i can tell. you are half way there (like i really know that) - it's no wonder that i care. perilous and painful. i know that, vaguely, for you. and keenly, for me. 001228
Tank hey weird, that was cuntabulous... meant a lot and the great cunt within me stirs with a new passion...

someone told me the other day that in greek, tank means right...

needless to say, my friends are pissed at this suggestion...

i however, absolutely adore it!
euclid starboard
not left
subjective truth
Agent008 i know, right 010118
melvinwang we're never right, but at least we're never wrong, either 010504
yummychuckle my friend, Nick, is ambidextrous. His handwriting sucks no matter which hand he uses. I grip my pencil or pen with myright hand, and i have my fingers kinda twisted all strangely around it. I haven't found anybody that holds a pencil the way i do yet.
i can only dream of them, hehe.
Righteous I am to your right. I am right infront of you. I am always right. That's right! 010604
darren two wrongs dont make a right.

but two rights make you turn around.

kx21 Right + Wrong = Wrong + Right ?

Right - Wrong = Wrong - Right ?

Note: ? = Q_As
phil You can turn around in a full circle, to the right. To an outside absorber it would appear a circle would first go right, and then left, and then right again (or down then up up then down or whatever). But how would someone running in a circle see it as? It's seen as distance, not direction. Equidistant single-directional motion. Or like my teacher showed me with the "directional-force" arrows, one pointing towards the sun and then another pointing in a constant direction, the arrows moving around, ironically, like clock hands...which would be going either clockwise or counter clockwise depedning on how you were looking at the orbit. It would feel funny.
Is right more like left, or is it more like straight ahead?
(I wish I could provide illustrations)
The Truth In a curved reality, there is no such thing as straight. Well, there is, but if you go straight for long enough, you'll end up back where you started. 010719
Juuitchan If it is not 90 degrees, is it a wrong angle? 010830
jestification the confusing state that we all seem to claim at one point in time while remembering our violent conditioning causing us to swear up and down that we are it...we are right. 011204
angie i have a thing about being right
i like to be right
all the time
never wrong
but not really
just sometimes
reitoei a pretty word for things we like 020110
kim what is right?
what is wrong?
personal values
making it everything
reenz right can be wrong
left can be right
left can be wrong
right is never right
think feel hope
it will stay forever
in my existence
MaiaSus if i was living it right
would i ever know...?

because if I wasn't
i know you'd tell me.

if i was living it right
would i ever want to know?

am i living it right?
blown cherry not when the need is little
and the craving for closeness
so great
delial I hate when I pour my heart out to someone,
& the only reply I receive is "right,"
when in fact everything is wrong.
Eowithien nothing is ever right. at least when i say it, its always wrong. being wrong isn't all that bad but sometimes i'd just like it all to go my way... 030220
River Right, wrong... it is all a judgement of your own heart. Follow it. 030923
clockwork left, right
black, white
up, down
smile, frown
cold, hot
maybe not
rivers freeze
burning trees
Eowithien Sure...

Why is it that you won't let me be right? Its always you.
Eowithien The way everything feels right now. 040428
hsgatincamail right

in new jersey
Blink Is your right hand always right? Mines sometimes wrong. Did you ever notice you can't say anything that's right? Right now is the sun on your right or left, are you sure? I doubt if you're right. Conecptual discussions... People walk because then they can concentrate on moving... 040621
Blink I mean conceptual... 040621
tiny dot star isn't it strange
how everyone thinks they're
absolutly right about something.
i mean, even the most humble
think they know best
about one thing or another.
the thing is, when you're
proven wrong
what do you do after that?
what do you know
when you aren't right anymore?
belle de jour There is no hell worse than orange flavoured vodka in June. 040902
belle de jour I suppose that was the wrong thing to say. 040902
Syrope you did keep the nightmares away 040922
Syrope you did keep the nightmares away 040922
technathene the vector (1, 10) acted on by an implacable force straight right means that the slope has decreased.

probably for the best as if d/dt stayed at 10 I don't know where we'd be right now. probably'd've climbed inside each other's skin.
emmi last night i was looking at my boyfriend and his friend staring at the computer screen and started comparing their profiles. i let my mind wander off a little and was thinking, who would i have cuter kids with? and at first i was a bit thrown off, because admittedly his friend did have smoother skin and.....but i came to the conclusion that you never really know how cute your kids will be based on what the parents look like. you don't know how the features will merge into one face.
then i thought, how would i feel if my boyfriend were comparing my profile to another girl's....
that night he asked me if i want to spend the rest of my life with him.
i said i hope so. he took it as a yes.
krupt ...as opposed to left? 050130
illusionary_reality i am always right. the epitome of perfection, the queen of all queens.

just in the privacy of my distorted reality.
just in the shallow waters of my mind.
andru235 http://www.asdf.com/ 051021
Staind_And_Souless I just read your post. What I did was wrong. I was forced to lie in public. I will make it right. I am sorry.

You're on my protected list. Read me.
Isaac Absolute or relative, still a standard to live up to or be punished for lack. 071221
GTony When right is wrong,

what's left?
phil hu 100209
what's it to you?
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