jennifer she has the mental depth of a pancake 991205
marjorie shallow breathing helps you avoid their eyes that might want to increase the chances of their conversing with you. it's so much easier when you're shallow. 991231
who me? superfical shallow little bitch 000114
MollyGoLightly Am I? A good seventy-five percent of the time, yes. And that's a conscious decision. 000515
Brad The end of the pool into which one should not dive. 000515
MollyCule But I thought you were the good, sweet Molly and I was the bitter bitchy one 000517
MollyGoLightly I wasn't the one who said that, Molly. It was those silly boys...heh heh heh...;) 000517
flyingreddeath like a bridge over shallow water
that's not how the song goes
if you were wondering
Brad We never said she was good, nor did we say she was sweet. We only said she was happy, and that is quite true. hehe. 000517
The Schleiffen Man can an asshole hippie be shallow and deepa t the same time? just ask kerouac... 000517
MollyCule i'm not unhappy. It's just that, 98% of the time I'm posting things on here, I'm listening to Radiohead and thinking about my ex . . .

awwww, the tragedy! poor lil' Molly . .

silentbob I never farted in front of Renee, not once. Then last week i let one she dumps me.
C'mon, she's not the shallow type brodie.
She was going down on me at that time.
Shut up!
What? What can i say? i was feeling very relaxed. when i'm relaxed...I squirt.
OH man, if all she did was dump you YOU GOT OFF LIGHT!
moonshine No Diving! 000618
jamie The depth of ones heart in relation to the width of their mind. 000724
hm the water in the tub
that she dropped her hair dryer into
(still plugged in)
when she broke a nail
trying to complete a thought
knot meat sometimes i'm just so tired. tired of having to explain. i see somethings sometimes, i see something that matters, and i try to explain it by pointing to a piece of the sky, or to the look on someone's face, but they can't see it, they don't know the stories. They don't know why this month matters more than most, or why the turn of one day can be meaningful to you, can unsift memories like sand. They don't understand that i don't like to laugh, that i laugh out of defense, that i laugh because i have to. They aren't jokes to me, they're moments of stolen peace, a skin forming on an open wound. I can't pass that out frivolously. People wonder why i'm's from diving headfirst into shallow jokes all day. i drown myself because for some reason i think their esteem is deeper than what they require of me, i think it is meaningful, i cannot quit the vision i have of them smiling at me, or better yet, of them being so that i don't ever have to notice them, so that i don't even want to pay attention because they're just there and i'm just here and it always works out, without any of the strategy, without any of the illusion i put over myself that i'm in control, of the way i express the rage that builds slow, and ends up looking like eccentric sadness, that ends up an ineffectual walking off into the dark night, a statement that is a non statement. I hurt. But it's okay since i'm silly. I say silly things all the time, it really is my fault. Silly things like, hey...take me seriously. or hey, just give me a look, just let me drop the pretense. 020526
TalviFatin pool. shallow end. 020528
phil a wide pool could have just as much water as a skinny one, and be shallow.
I really think this matters, it's important. I think it should should be brought to the attention of everyone so they can see it. Just everyone seeing this one statement, would make the world so much more relaxed and thoughtfull. Bring together people in a way that hasn't been felt for a long time.
Snaggle boys are shallow when all they care about is how the girl looks to their much they can show her hot she is...they dont regard personality or intelligence as a factor...they are just shallow 021129
nomatter and so we met. and I basically ignored him. he persisted and i didn't seem to have the heart to bluntly reject him. i gave him my email. we imed. he called. we talked. he was incredible "nothing special" the pure nice little boy. never smoked. never drank. still a virgin. mommies boy. hilarious. good music. most everything you could ask for. A nice little boy. But I couldn't get over the fact that he looked like Nelson from the Simpsons. 030928
reue my hidden scars
just under my skin
DropAndRiver I'm so shallow, so overmade, so stripped and scraped, so down a letter grade. Barely feeling, is this how it is, and crazy as sin. 050826
emmi i was proposed to at the bus_stop 051220
(_) breathing
just enough to beat the heart
into little scared pieces
blood scattered so much
better than these translucent
pockets of fear
push my way out
with a deep breath and a sigh
sometimes it's not so
easy visible unexpected
to me but shallow breathing
and then the sadness
a moan-hum
to keep things away
Soma I feel empty lately, but not in the hollow way. I feel shallow. I am a deep pool going dry.

Is this what "they" call growing up? My priorities have shifted, but when did that occur? I can't tell things apart much anymore. Your feelings. My feelings. Selfishness. Anxiety. Greed. Love. Concern. Aren't they all the same now? I'm so shallow, and it's all just muddled water.
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