Only Me This is my word. I do not wish to share it. I am an individual. I rule this word alone. Sharing creates unity. Luckly, human nature does not allow this- unless I, the individual, should benifit. There are no bonds, only symbiotic relationships. We are each alone, hoarding what we can while we still exist. 011116
rip i dont like selfishness very much bc its all around you and you cant get away from it its like a disease almost 011116
t* how could you be so selfish
how could you not even realize what you are doing to me
how could you only think about the way things effect you
how could you just be
how could you not care after all that we've been through
how could you just listen to my voice on your machine and choose to ignore
how could you call a week later and act like you don't know- like you didn't hear the pain in my voice- act like everything is OKAY
how could you NOT realize that by me not walking away from you when i found out "the news" was my way of finally being able to tell and show you how much i love you
how could you just not see
how could you be so fucking selfish
when i am standing here so in love with you ready to give up my life for you and willing to put YOU ahead of ME
how could you not feel

how selfish of me-- to be so full of you.
jete I never said i would give you all of me
I just said i wanted all of you
the one you hate And I want you and nothing at the same time. I want what's yours and I want what's mine.
I'm allowed to do what you're not.
Girls can hit guys.
Guys can't hit girls.
It's nature.

I will take every single hit I can.
girl_jane is why I left. 030619
god but what about i? 030619
girl_jane You can be selfish too. 030619
Mahayana not wanting to be [around] anymore
knowing damn-well all the while you are responsible for an 18 month old...

:but all you can think about is not wanting to be here: anywhere but here... you want to be out driving fast, with the music loud, dashed with a little bit of carelessness b/c you are not in possession of caring anymore -about anything- b/c they dont care to care anymore neither

[fuck this hurts, and i dont even have that old familiar release of composing at blather ... everything that has ever mattered is gone ... even my infrequent successful flirting with the right words]
gnat i loath myself for my selfishness at times. other times i realize that it is simply human nature. 040514
uow i'm not feeling very hot i'm thinking of going to bed i'm scared of sleeping and not waking up i haven't been feeling very hot i'm thinking of going back to bed sometimes when i wake up the world is dark and i'm not feeling very hot i'm thinking i should go to sleep september is colder than it's ever been and i am concerned about my actions 040910
FloydianSlip I have to bite my tongue real hard to not laugh when your sister says she's not selfish. She's just like her mom. Your mom doesn't think she's selfish but when the world isn't revolving around her she'll throw a fit until it does. Then she'll sit back and say she's not selfish. I have to laugh hysterically on the inside at both of them. 040910
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