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Free An individual is a whole person, indivisible, undivided, independent. complete. 000418
unhinged such people do not exist.

no one is free from everything. we all hinge on one thing or another.
rollins You will get your custom made hell.
if you blame anyone but yourself, we'll all know that much more about you.
nn thats me 010421
majel. simply putting. who thinks they are an individual. are we all individuals!? hah. i want to think this...but then i see that i am seemingly human like the rest of the dirty smelling/thinking homo sapiens stepping on each other's toes. can i feel anything that you havent or wont felt? but perhaps it is what i do with these feelings that causes some kind of separation from the masses. or maybe i am stepping inside and outside the circle so fast and so quickly that soon i will be a blurr of - one-of-many and one-of-a-kind.
i just want to sleep all day. i still think of suicide as sometimes unavoidable. i have mood swings all day long. i cry because i have no control over my own mental condition. and cry as i cry for crying.
does that make me an individual? or just like you.
maybe if i were cold and hungry i wouldnt be such a brain in a jar.
MDogMA is a real person one who stands up in perfect time with the rest of the brittney spears youth and screams be your own person in unison 030109
identificationless no such thing 031221
whitechocolatewalrus pretending we are all special. 031221
misstree you show me another who is like me
and i'll show you how they're not.
nick we are all individuals, interconnected in a vast web of families, cultures, and nations. As a species we have to exist both independently and in concert with one another if we are to survive, individually or as a group. 040122
xyz we are all special.
we are all unique.
but so are snowflakes.
andru235 i am destroyed by this place
which results in my rebirth
entailing my certain destruction
until i am yet again born
a divided individual reunited divisively

tedious, really
quit with the slow neutrons, dammit
what's it to you?
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