User24 computers are telepathic.

or at least, if their capabilities were transferred to an organic form such as a human, they would be.
mon my dad was just saying computers everwhere are having sex
and then my mom said the whole universe is sex
heh ,
TK ppl I meet, exspecially guys teel me that thay feel this inner conection w/ me, and then some wear in the conversation they'll say "I've never told any one but you this" and then tell you some story about when they were younger and what not, most of the time I feel like they just say that sort of stuff just to get into my pants, as if they have a pre-pra-paired speach in witch they direct in my direction as they speak and I cant help wonder as they speak about how they feel this inner conection, this oneness, this melding of the minds and their secrets how many other ppl theyve used this same speach on, and I wonder how many of them fell for your words? how many believed you? how many pants have you gotten into? bc you shure as hell aint gettin into my pants 031229
mekeria Oh yeah.... believe in the interconnectedness of all things, but don't let him share your insight when you sense a pants-scamming. 031230
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